Gourmet cultural dinner at Chef Pía

San Isidro, Peru

Into enokonwatyelwa yenziwa nguPia

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In this experience you will taste different gourmet dishes from the Peruvian gastronomy. Going from a starter till a dessert and of course having a pisco sour (or two!) talking about the culture in Peru, traveling tips, restaurants and lots of themes depending your interest. It will be like being in a fancy restaurant but with the home love. Foodies, vegetarians, vegans and everyone are welcome!
Other things to note
Please after booking let me know about your food preferences or intolerance!

Oko kuqukiweyo

  • Ukutya
    Peruvian menu
  • Iziselo
    Pisco cocktails or wine if it’s choose


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For several years I was the executive chef of Gaston Acurio’s (most famous Peruvian chef with more than 59 restaurants) restaurants around Spain, Colombia and now based in Peru. I’m a Peruvian chef from Lima who loves to cook. I have studied to be a professional chef and when I was in Colombia I opened my own restaurant, which after a year I franchised. Now I’m offering a gourmet Peruvian dinner so we can taste and talk about food and culture in a traditional home.
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Our spot will be my apartment. I have a big kitchen in where I have my space for work and a great dinner table for all of us

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2020 Matshi
Amazing food experience. Pia is a professional chef. She has an immense knowledge and expertise about the food she cooks. She has quite a bit of traveling background and is very passionate about Peruvian cuisine. The food was delicious and was similar to the food served in an expensive restaurant. What stood out for me was that Pia had subtly taken into account the request and food allergies of every guests. Thank you so much for an amazing dinner and a delightful evening. Cheers!
2020 Matshi
This experience with Pia was a highlight of my trip. Pia is an amazing chef with world class experience but what made the night so memorable is her amazing talent to connect with everyone. I personally loved all of Pias stories of travel and adventure while she was learning to cook and working in Barcelona. All the dishes were perfectly balanced and delicious.
2020 Matshi
What a wonderful experience! Pia is very knowledgeable and experienced in all things related to Peru but especially it’s food. Most of all she is genuine and authentic—a rare individual. Highly recommended!
2020 Matshi
Pia is so wonderful. We loved learning about the food we were eating -- which never really happens in a restaurant -- and it was all delicious. This is a must do in Lima :)
2020 Matshi
We had a lovely experience at Pia’s. It was a several course meal and she explained every dish in detail. Was an interesting evening and felt like we were at a friend’s home! A wonderful way to meet a local and get to know their culture. It was nice chatting with the other American couple that was there too. A very enjoyable evening. Highly recommended!
2020 Matshi
What a wonderful experience! The food was delicious and beautifully presented. Pia is a delightful host, making us instantly feel like we're having dinner with long time friends. Highly recommended experience.

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