Kayak the beautiful waters of Florida

Naples, Florida, United States

Into enokonwatyelwa yenziwa nguEj

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Into oza kuyenza

We will meet for our paddle, go over the basics of paddling and how to handle the kayak. Then we will embark on a roughly two hour excursion that will most likely be filled with amazing animals, beautiful plants, and plenty of photo opportunities.
Other things to note
We will be on the water, please make sure to dress appropriately. The importance of sunblock and plenty of water cannot be overstated.

Oko kuqukiweyo

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    We will supply life vests, paddles, and kayaks.


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Ungumbuki zindwendwe wakwa-Airbnb ukususela ngo- 2020
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I have spent roughly 20 years paddling the waters of Florida while studying the animals, plants, and history of all the sites I paddle. I have a passion for nature and love sharing it with others
Ukuze ukhusele ukubhatala kwakho, ungaze uthumele imali okanye uthethe nabantu ungasebenzisi iwebhsayithi okanye i-app yakwa-Airbnb. Funda okungakumbi

Aqala kwi-$75umntu ngamnye

Yi-$75 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$75 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$75 umntu ngamnye

Uza kube uphi

Paddle through mangroves and beautiful bays while taking in amazing birds, watching for raccoons, dolphins, and various other creatures that may pop in for a visit on our journey. We can even hit the beach for a little shelling if that is your pleasure. No experience is necessary and this tour is suitable for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

Ifumene 5.0 kweziyi- 5 kwizimvo eziyi- 35.

2022 Janyuwari
EJ gave us the best experience ever. He was so super friendly very knowledgeable & loves the outdoors. He was a great encourager & made this trip so much fun. We saw some beautiful birds, dolphins, and the secret mangrove tunnel was so worth the trip. Very peaceful & relaxing a great way to unwind & spend valuable family time. Thank you EJ we hope to be back soon we will definitely love to do it again soon.
2021 Disemba
Wow! this trip was awesome. We booked it for my wife’s Xmas gift and loved the small intimidate size of the group. Our guide was amazing at telling us about all of the local wildlife. We even kayaked through some mangroves which was a ton of fun and a great way to do something we wouldn’t have done without an expert guide!!
2021 Disemba
Going kayaking with EJ has been a blast since before it started. I booked this experience for my brother (we’re both in our early thirties) and my seventy year old dad. Ej got in touch with us days before the trip to check our preferences re: single or double kayak - and was then super flexible when we changed our mind, later on. On the day, after a quick but thorough explanation of the dos and donts, we spent two amazing hours of kayaking around the mangroves, in a mangrove tunnel, and getting to a beautiful beach, seeing all kinds of birds crabs etc and also two dolphins!— fantastic scenery and all, that makes you forget about the hustle of work and things, but, what’s more, EJ’s guidance was absolutely amazing. We’ve learned much more in 2 hours than in our entire trip — EJ being SO knowledgeable about nature & wildlife, local history, boating and pretty much everything :) that we just kept asking questions! He was also very attentive and made sure that he spent enough time talking to all people on the tour including my dad who does not speak English that well. We had done some kayaking in Key west and Islamorada but this was so much better! Have a look at the other reviews yourself — you’ll realize this is an experience not to be missed. Thanks so much, EJ, for this fantastic experience!
2021 Disemba
We enjoyed our time spent kayaking with EJ and the group. EJ sent pictures on our e-mails for the unforgettable memories as our first time kayaking.
2021 Disemba
Our kayaking trip with EJ was AMAZING! He was such a great + thoughtful guide and he took us through the most beautiful kayaking trails in the area. It was a very peaceful and scenic trip - we'll definitely look to do it again with EJ.
2021 Disemba
amazing time with a great host and guide. life long fla resident who now gets to do what he does beat.. being joy and knowledge to others.

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Izinto ezifunwa kundwendwe

Kuza kufuneka ube nefoto ehambelana nale ikwisazi sakho ukuze kuqinisekiswe ukuba ngubani kanye kanye oya kule nto inokonwatyelwa.
Iindwendwe ezineminyaka eyi-2 nangaphezulu zinokuza, ukuya kutsho kwiindwendwe eziyi-8 xa zizonke. Abazali banokuza nabantwana abangaphantsi kweminyaka eyi-2 ubudala.
Bonke abantu abathatha inxaxheba kufuneka banxibe into ekhuselayo yokogquma ubuso baze bangasondeli kwabanye abantu.
Kwenziwa into engaqobi kakhulu kule nto inokonwatyelwa.

Izinto omele uze nazo

Sunblock, bug spray, snacks, water

Umthetho ongokurhoxa

Ukuba urhoxa ukuya kutsho kwiiyure eziyi-24 ngaphambi kwexesha lokuqalisa uza kubuyiselwa yonke imali.