Food Forest & Garden Tour

Vista, United States

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When you arrive on my property drive in the driveway and park to the left, there is enough parking for 6 cars, you will be given a 10 minute tour of the 1/2 acre food forest garden. Then you can: walk the property, pick fruit, harvest herbs, mediate, relax, enjoy the butterflies, bunnies, birds or hold a chicken.
Other things to note
No Dogs!! Please wear shoes. There are chickens so there is the occasional chicken dropping. Fruit differs depending on the time of year! Spring and summer are best!

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    We will have organic green tea and water for guests. You can harvest fruit,...

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For the last 20 years I've been a back yard gardener. For the last 10 years I've been building a food forest garden on my property using permaculture design. Enjoy the amazing food forest(16 fruit trees) but more importantly the fruit you pick is delicious. The property is a great place to relax, pick some fruit, enjoy nature and/or mediate.
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The food forest has 16 fruit trees, 15 chickens, countless herbs and multiple garden beds. Our food forest is a sacred space we use no pesticides or chemicals. It is a safe quiet sanctuary; A great place to unwind from the hectic world around us...

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2021 Agasti
Jeff was an amazing host. We had to change day and time which he supported most thoughtfully. He was beyond informative (I learned a lot) while being very calm and considerate with our two young boys. The fruit was most tasty, the herbs smelled amazing and I was inspired to try planting some new trees. I look forward to visiting again in October to try the pomegranates! Oh!! And he shared some homemade bread with us that was fresh and tasty. My boys loved it! Thank you Jeff!
2021 Agasti
We had a great experience. Jeff and his wife were very welcoming. He does a great job of explaining the area. The feel is just like being on a hike in the hills or mountains. Everything is how God intended it be and you see that through the allowing of reusing of everything in it's natural state. He send us off with a bag full of the fruits and herbs available in it's season that we can enjoy. Will definitely come again when the pomegranates and white zipote are ready. Definitely recommend a stop through Vista.
2021 Julayi
Jeff was so friendly and charming. He talks about his experience using permaculture techniques for backyard gardening. He tells interesting stories. The food forest is a serene experience. It’s truly beautiful. Not to mention leaving with a bag of freshly picked fruits and herbs. Ask about the bread!
2021 Julayi
We had an excellent time exploring and eating our way through the garden. We swung on chairs underneath gorgeous peppercorn trees, held chickens, and ate the sweetest oranges, it was definitely worth it to get out of the buzz and hum of San Diego. Jeff was knowledgeable, personable and funny! He recommended a gorgeous beach to us after our tour, it was really a highlight.
2021 Juni
Awesome hospitality we felt welcomed by Jeff. Worm composting bin was interesting to see valuable soil. We got to pick fruits and herbs. We even got fresh eggs! Fresh baked bread! Will be back in September for White Zapote fruit.
2021 Juni
We really enjoyed Jeff’s personal paradise. The weather was beautiful, we stopped by right at the peak of Golden Hour and captured some lovely photos. I originally made a mistake with the date of the booking and Jeff was able to open up a day that worked for us. In the end, everything worked out for the best for everyone! Jeff was beyond welcoming, extremely friendly and kind and really made us feel comfy and like we were at home. We really enjoyed hearing about how he has grown his land over the years and really enjoyed seeing the science behind the magical forest of plants he has. He was very knowledgeable and had a variety of plants, fruits and herbs, including eggs! Jeff sent us on our way with some amazing goodies, berries, fruits and farm fresh eggs. He truly went above and beyond! I would love to stop by in the fall when there is a new harvest. He also told us he has a small bakery where he bakes and delivers a variety of fresh bread. We were lucky enough to sample some sourdough (my favorite!) and we will be stopping by on our way out of town to purchase some bread to take home! This was the Airbnb experience I didn’t know I needed. Thank you so much Jeff for your hospitality and conversation.

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