Panaji City Walking Tour

Panaji, India

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Panaji, the capital of Goa has a lot to offer. We start with a walk through the 18th century conservation area. The magnificent structures make you fall in love with them. End the tour with loads of memories and friends. Be prepared to be active and sweat, as we see the true face of Goa.

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    Goan Bhaji Pav & Buns
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I am a passionate traveler. I have lived in Goa since childhood and would like to showcase my homeland to the world. I focus not only on the historic aspect but also on local trivia.
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We start the tour at a very historic square , called the tobacco square. We then walk through the Latin quarter , which is a conservation area with heritage buildings. As we climb the steps of the temple, we get the magnificent view of the Mandovi river. The hillock houses several important buildings. We then take a traditional pathway to reach to the church square. The tour ends with a local snack.

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2021 Septemba
We went to this walk with blank minds not sure what to expect. But after completing the walk we felt glad having chosen this tour with Ramchandra. His communication skills are awesome. First time we felt history to be such interesting and fascinating. He thoroughly explained each and every event, monument, area as well as there significance. We would have been glad if the tour went on more. Also he guided us about places to visit and it was spot on. We would really like to engage with him in future and do more walks with him.
2021 Agasti
This was an absolute pleasure to walk with Ramchandran Salgaonkar ji , i recommend everyone whoever is in goa to please do have a walk with him it will change your goa perception ! It was just amazing.
2021 Janyuwari
Absolutely enjoyed the walk! The anecdotes alongside all the knowledge followed by some great breakfast made out time memorable! Totally recommend this to all.
2021 Janyuwari
The walk was a truly memorable experience, thanks to a very knowledgeable and passionate curator. Within a few hours, we walked through various contrasting landscapes : the Latin Quarters of Fountainhas, to the old unique connected houses to the heights of Altinho, offering great views of the city and to the new Panjim area. Through stories and facts, Ramchandra transported us back into history in a way that the routes, names and important dates (rounded to nearest century) got etched in our minds. We were fascinated to discover beautiful stairs all around the hill, that reminded me of San Francisco's stairs. The walk took us through a few, and we were explained the historical relevance of the stairs too! We are definitely going back to find the rest. We would highly recommend this experience to anyone who finds themselves fascinated with history, architectures and cultures around the world.
2020 Disemba
We immensely enjoyed this tour! Ram is a passionate and knowledgeable host and knows how to tell a story, weaving in several easter eggs and fascinating anecdotes about the history of Panjim. The tour was a revelation for us - we'd been coming to Goa for years and never seen this side of the state. The area covered in the tour was quaint and beautiful and Ram was extremely considerate of the walking paces of everyone in the group. His love for his home state shone through and he took us to several small pubs and bakeries which we would have never discovered otherwise. All in all, highly recommended to see a completely different side of Goa!
2019 Disemba
This should be a 'Must Do' activity for anybody who would like to explore Goa, apart from the typical perception of beaches and parties. Ram is an excellent host and conducts this 'Walk' through the heritage and conservation sites of Panjim and explains you in detail as well as easy to understand the long and deep history of Portuguese and Indian influence. Ram is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly in nature and will go the extra mile to treat you with the best of professionalism as well as personal touch. I would definitely recommend this tour along with Ram to have the best experience. Happy Walking!

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