Truffle Hunting with family of Tartufai

Barbaresco, Italy

Into enokonwatyelwa yenziwa nguRiccardo

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You will join us in a common truffle hunt. Take good shoes: you will not look, you will help us and the dog finding white truffle.

Hunting truffle means walking, breath good air, discover the local traditios and culture. It means discover the piedemont by a not common point of view.
You will dig truffle directly from the soil.
Other things to note
Digged truffle is propriety of the truffle hunters. it can be bougth at alba trade price.

The place of hunting could change basing on the season.

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    Tired walking... and starving!
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We are the National Association of Italian Truffle Hunters, an association that has several regional offices throughout Italy and that represents truffle hunters at the truffle supply chain table established at the Ministry of Agriculture and Woods.

Our national president, Riccardo Germani, has been hunting truffles for generations and has represented Italian truffle hunters for over 10 years. He do his best to be
always present and personally takes care of truffle hunting tours in Piedmont.
Ukuze ukhusele ukubhatala kwakho, ungaze uthumele imali okanye uthethe nabantu ungasebenzisi iwebhsayithi okanye i-app yakwa-Airbnb. Funda okungakumbi

Aqala kwi-$113umntu ngamnye

Malunga nombutho: associazione nazionale tartufai italiani

L'Associazione Nazionale Tartufai Italiani, no-profit, is born to share experiences and go truffle with new people. The Italian Truffle Hunter Association is constantly talking with the department of state about wood preservation and truffle quality.

Le yinto onokuyonwabela eyenza umahluko ekuhlaleni ibe i-100% yemali oyibhatalayo iya kwi- associazione nazionale tartufai italiani.

Uza kube uphi

We will move trough the "LANGHE". That italian word means hills in the local language.
Not every tree gives white truffle.

We will show you some of the most generous and incredible valley.

It's not so diificult to walk but when it rains you will need good shoes or boots.

In fact, ours are not demonstrations but you will accompany us in a day of work of the truffle hunter. All paths are easily accessible.

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2021 Disemba
We had such a good time with Riccardo's two sons and their truffle hunting dog, Nelly. They did a great job of explaining the process of finding truffles and the best ways to consume them. We learned a ton, and had a lovely walk through the countryside. We finished off the experience with an excellent glass of wine and a delicious lunch at a local agrotourism spot. It was definitely one of the highlights of our trip, and we would highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting the region.
2021 Disemba
Riccardo’s two sons did a great job of showing us what they do everyday truffle hunting. They made it that much extra special when they took us for wine afterwards and invited us to be apart of the even bigger experience. Would definitely recommend!
2021 Disemba
We had a wonderful experience! We highly recommend this experience because the host is very knowledgeable and you get to walk through the Italian countryside.
2021 Disemba
Literally went above our expectations with genuine, true first person insight from a family that lives for truffle hunting. Incredibly knowledgable, fun, and entertaining. Really went beyond our expectations and even found truffles against all bad weather odds! Will recommend to all my friends and family! If you are looking for an authentic, knowledgeable experience, you are at the right place!
2021 Novemba
Enad blew us away with his knowledge and hospitality. The dogs were a huge bonus and Enad went the extra mile after the hunt to take us to a wonderful local restaurant. Not only was the tour super information and insightful, I felt that Enad's passion and genuineness made the difference. Highly recommended!!!!!!!
2021 Novemba
Ho regalato questa esperienza a mia cognata e il suo ragazzo. si sono divertiti molto ed hanno apprezzato tutte le informazioni fornite. nonostante la stagione dei tartufi quest'anno fosse un po' magra, l'esperienza non ne ha risentito, è stata molto educativa ed ha permesso di conoscere meglio il territorio e l'universo che ruota attorno al Tartufo bianco. consigliata!

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