Learn Plant Communication in Corfu

Corfu, Greece

Into enokonwatyelwa yenziwa nguVivian

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Into oza kuyenza

This experience takes place in nature so be prepared to sit on the ground .
You will need a pad of paper, some colored pencils, something to sit on, sunscreen, and an open mind and heart.
We will be connecting with one plant and enter its reality by journeying with it.
I will provide a handout for each of you with complete instructions of how to do this.
Other things to note
This activity will take place outdoors or in the forest, so please come prepared to get dirty and wear sturdy shoes with a good grip.

Oko kuqukiweyo

  • Ukutya
    Please let me know if you have any food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Iziselo
    I will provide water, tea and coffee.

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I am Vivian Menjivar, Holistic Healer and Lover of Nature. I will lead you on a journey into the Kalafationes Forest or in my garden depending on the season and weather, where we will connect and learn from Nature
You will learn how to connect with plants, not only physically but get to know them intimately and spiritually through a shamanic dream journey.
After our adventure with nature we will have a vegetarian lunch with refreshments and share our experiences at our home Villa Zoe.
Ukuze ukhusele ukubhatala kwakho, ungaze uthumele imali okanye uthethe nabantu ungasebenzisi iwebhsayithi okanye i-app yakwa-Airbnb. Funda okungakumbi
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Uza kube uphi

We will meet at my home and either go to Kalafationes Forest, a virgin Oak forest in the middle of the island or to my garden. This will depend on the season and/or weather.

Ifumene 4.91 kweziyi- 5 kwizimvo eziyi- 11.

2021 Julayi
We enjoyed an heart-opening experience. Vivian welcomed, the two of us, with a very good tea which was perfect to have a chat to get to know each other a bit better and have an introduction of our Plant communication journey. She also effortlessly provided all the materials needed to improve the activities we were going to experience. Afterwards we moved to the forest closed by and found the perfect spot near some horsetail plants. Here, the journey began. Vivianne was amazing at guiding us toward this new word of knowing and communicating with plants. For the second part of the experience, we went back home and had an introspecting experience in the world of plants and deeply connect with them. In the end, Vivianne and Sal, offered a delicious lunch with a breathtaking view of the forest. We will never forget this experience/journey we had and we advise t all the nature lovers in transit in Corfu to try it. Thanks Vivian and Sal. Looking forward meeting again.
2020 Septemba
A deeply spiritual and creative experience shared with a group of like minded people and a warm, friendly and knowledgeable host. Highly recommended.
Anne K.
2020 Agasti
An unexpectedly delightful morning. Vivian was helpful and personable accommodating my difficulty finding the location and my arrival with effortlessness and ease as did the rest of the group. Vivian's passion for plants and for their wisdom is palpable. She made it super easy for us each to have our own individual experience. She framed up what we were doing each step of the way. Lunch was super tasty & healthy and Vivian and her family were wonderful hosts. Lovely Greek hospitality and a big dose of plant wisdom to guide me through the day.
2020 Julayi
Vivian and her family were very welcoming! We were greeted and introduced into the topic and handed out folders for each person with study material and special paper, before we went into nature to explore and go into a journey with one special plant that Vivian had chosen! Vivian explained everything in such detail! We all had a wonderful experience, also later when we did the drumming session! We got a different understanding of the plant spirit world and how plants communicate with us on different levels! Even a day later we can still feel the presence of our experience and approach plants and flowers in a whole different way! After the workshop we were invited to have a delicious home cooked meal by Vivians husband! Vivian is a special woman, who has a deep understanding and experience with plant spirit medicine and healing! Her knowledge goes beyond into ancient cultures and other healing practices! She is a wise woman! Me and my family had a wonderful experience and can highly recommend to go on a journey with Vivian!
2019 Septemba
Vivian is a very interesting person and a great host. She was very accommodating regarding time and my dietary requirements. Her house is a real oasis of peace and so is the surrounding countryside. We went for a lovely walk, hung out with plants, did some inner journeying and had a delicious lunch cooked by Vivian's husband from local organic ingredients. It was just the break I needed from my busy holidays!
2019 Agasti
Vivian is a wonderful guide into the fascinating spiritual realm of plants. She is generous with her time and knowledge. This was a unique experience (and the food was delicious!).

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A Pad of paper

colored pencils