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千代田区, Japan

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1. Meeting at Kanda shrine
I will explain the shrine and teach you how to visit the shrine.

2. We will move to the room and experience Tea ceremony.

3. You will watch traditional japanese dance performances.

4. You can experience calligraphy.

5. You can take pictures by wearing geisha and samurai kimonos. It is a cosplay experience of Maiko.

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Other things to note
If you do not have time, you can experience it according to your time.
Please inquire for child charges.

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    Japanese tea and sweets

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I am a professional Japanese dancer(traditional japanese dance).
I am introducing Japanese culture both inside and outside of Japan. I have been invited from various countries and have held a Japanese dance show in that country. I hope to make use of that experience and experience more interesting Japanese culture. If you visited Japan for the first time, all the experiences are consolidated in my program.
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Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
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After informing the historical shrine in Japan, experience various Japanese culture at nearby indoor facilities.

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2021 Agasti
we had a great time with the perfect host sharing some Japanese culture withus! highly recommend and will be back again with more friends.
2021 Agasti
Wonderful, educational and simply fun. I'm not usually big on yours and prefer to travel solo exploring as I go, but Orii was perfect. She was patient, informative and entertaining. A perfect introduction to Japanese culture. Highly recommended.
2021 Agasti
2021 Epreli
Due to professional reasons( i am a makeup artist and hairstylist)in my prepping time for a TV series i got in contact with Orii to get online coaching about Geisha makeup and hairstyles. Its the best thing i could do, she is a realy nice person and i enjoyed meeting her, very interesting and helpful, to understand how to get to this beautiful look of a Geisha. Highly recomment the booking :) Will travel to Japan next year and hope to meet her in person for a Geisha-experience.
2021 Matshi
Truly a fulfilling experience! With Orii, I was able to experience several elements of Japanese tradition in one afternoon. She was very helpful in explaining the steps for origami, dance, shrine visits, etc. clearly in English! I was a little nervous going by myself, but she made me feel very welcome and the people working with her kindly offered to take videos and pictures using my phone while I did the experience. I am very lucky to have found this listing and recommend it to anyone looking to get a taste of Japanese cultural traditions in one day!
2020 Matshi
This was a fun and informative experience. Orii was very kind and even helped me improve my limited Japanese! She was able to answer all our questions and give us recommendations. We really liked that we could try a number of different tradittonal Japanese practices. Dressing up made us feel so involved and we enjoyed learning some of the dance moves. We definitely recommed trying this activity, especially since many attractions in Japan are closed. We would recommend this experience even if everything is open.

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  • Sep 21, Bin
    11:00 - 12:30
    Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
  • Sep 24, Hla
    11:00 - 12:30
    Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye
  • Sep 28, Bin
    11:00 - 12:30
    Yi-$32 umntu ngamnye

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