Learn methods of making Wet Felt with Wool

Tralee, Ireland

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A hands on session to follow along will introduce you to the techniques of felting, along with a session to understanding how wool can be used to create fibre Art, clothing, vessels, jewellery, rugs etc etc. You will be amazed to see how creative you can be with such a simple craft. Learn about wool and its properties.

Other things to note
The session will be tailored to introduce you to the craft of wet felting and needle felting. Or find new methods on top of what you already know.
Covid19 Masks are recommended and provided.

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I am a member of Original Kerry which promotes craft trails throughout the region of Kerry, and recognizes high end craft. I am an established wet-felter that designs and makes a collection of unique design scarves and other accessories. My work sells all over Ireland in gift shops and boutiques. I have been teaching Wet Felting and Needle Felting for over 7 years to adult group classes and also to children.
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Located at my own home studio on the Dingle Peninsula, just 5 miles outside Tralee, only half a mile off the N86 road. You will be introduced to the world of Felting in a studio full of light, backed by the mountain and overlooking Tralee Bay.

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2019 Okthoba
I had a wonderful experience. Jayne was very professional and knowledgeable. The workshop was in here studio which was lovely and we made a beautiful product thanks to Jayne's experience.
2019 Septemba
We were so excited to have this experience during our travels through Ireland. we looked forward to it for weeks and we were not disappointed. Jayne was very knowledgeable and a great teacher. It was wonderful!!!
2019 Agasti
Highly recommend for beginners or advanced people. We were met with a very friendly welcome. Jayne was very knowledgeable and passionate which contributed to the enjoyment. It opened up a new world of felting for us all. Jayne inspired us so much that we all want to continue felting and expand our knowledge of it.
2019 Meyi
We really enjoyed learning about wet felting and it was really cool that we got to make something and find new ways to be be sustainable and use wool and what goes into felt making. Jayne was really knowledgeable and passionate.
2019 Meyi
Wet felting was fun and informative. We learned about the wool on all the sheep you see around Ireland. Jayne was very helpful and made some quick changes to help my mother-in-law who has severe arthritis. It is off the beaten path so a GPS was very helpful!
2019 Matshi
This was the absolute highlight of my time in Ireland! Jayne is an amazing teacher and truly lovely person. To me, wool feels like a magical, fluffy, ethereal substance.... and Jayne explained the properties of the wool and silk we were working with. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in felting, and she was able to provide an answer or a starting point for all of my obscure questions. Her studio is well equipped with a wide range of dyed wools and silks. I only wish I could do this experience again! Fortunately, I have kept in touch with Jayne so I can keep pestering her with my felting questions and show her what I have created since the workshop. I would recommend this workshop to anyone curious about wool whether or not you have any experience with fibers or arts.

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