Gaudi broken tile mosaic experience .

barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona mosaic classes offers classes of 2.5 hours , in which you will be able to complete a small Gaudi mosaic in broken tile.
Classes are in English or Spanish
A short introduction will be given and then hands on guiding.
The class is suitable for either beginners or experience visitors. For children from 5 to adults of 80
All materials are included.
Please arrive on time for the consideration of the other participants
Let free rein to your creativity !!! and take home a memory of your Spanish holiday !!

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With more than 10 years mosaic teaching experience and 30 years as a mosaic artist, Martin Brown has taught students from throughout the world. Welcome to wonderful world of Mosaic.
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My studio is situated in the heart of the Eixample district of central Barcelona, within 3 blocks of two of the famous Gaudi houses and a short bus ride from the sensational Sagrada Familia.
It is a very typical Art Nouveau space and gives a very special atmosphere for these classes.
There is a Bar Mikkeller on the street level

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2021 Agasti
Seriously a wonderful experience, different from your typical tourist attraction, it was a great way to hang out with a local (who was charming, friendly and professional), learn a new and fun craft, and walk away with a brilliant piece of work you handmade. This was my first Airbnb experience and i was so pleased! Martin made us laugh, was patient and all of us, and we were amazed with our very first mosaics we’ve ever made. 100% would recommend as a top Barcelona to do!! How else would you get the chance to hang in a local residents art studio and be taught a new craft as a small group. It was a personal wonderful experience. Bonus: cute friendly dog that hangs in the studio
2021 Agasti
A very rewarding and relaxing morning with Martin learning something new, Martin was very patient and engaging and the childrenand I really had a great time, perfect location..
2021 Agasti
Great experience with a welcoming host, harder than it looks but also funnier don't forget to think about a design before the D-day
2021 Agasti
Martin welcomed us in his place and was very friendly. This experience of our creating our very first mosaic was awesome: he shared with us his knowledge and expertise in mosaic making and we were amazed by the final result! We have lovely mosaics hand made by us that we can bring back home :-D
2021 Julayi
Loved the technique and the class! it was sun relaxing & creative..& Will definitely come back again the host was welcoming and helpful
2021 Julayi
Martin is a super interesting person and he did his best to make us feel comfortable. He created an artistic atmosphere, played jazz and helped us understand the process of making mosaics. It was a really cool beginning of the day. We totally recommend it to everyone, who’d like to feel the spirit!

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