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    Airbnb’s Host Guarantee is a property damage protection program. It applies to hosts of places to stay, from check-in to checkout. It provides up to $1,000,000 USD in property damage protection in the rare event a host’s place or belongings are damaged by a guest or their invitee during an Airbnb stay. Learn more about Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.

    Note that to be eligible for reimbursement under Airbnb’s Host Guarantee, hosts must contact the guest and Airbnb about the damages within 14 days of checkout or before the next guest checks in (whichever is earlier). Learn about the requirements and how to request reimbursement under Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.

    Other considerations

    • Airbnb’s Host Guarantee is not an insurance policy, and not all property damage caused by guests is within its terms. Hosts who want more protection are encouraged to purchase personal insurance that will cover property damage not protected by Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.
    • Airbnb’s Host Guarantee doesn’t provide protection for bodily injury or property damage to guests or others—a host’s legal responsibility for those may be covered under Host Protection Insurance.

    Note: Airbnb’s Host Guarantee doesn’t apply to hosts who offer accommodations through Airbnb Travel, LLC, hosts in mainland China, hosts in Japan, or hosts of experiences or adventures.

    Airbnb's Host Guarantee is subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions. Visit the Host Guarantee Terms and Conditions to learn more.

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