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The quality of pre-trip and on-trip service is a key driver of success on Airbnb Luxe. Trip Designers offer trip planning support to our guests. Alternatively, Hosts are welcome to supplement these services or offer their own concierge services for guests.

Increase your chances of earning 5-star reviews and being more attractive to prospective guests.

What are the benefits of Host trip planning assistance?

  • More opportunities to positively impact review scores
  • More streamlined communication from beginning to end
  • More guest interaction
  • Choice of your preferred vendors for services & activities

How can you be successful at Host trip planning?

  • Offer your local knowledge and expertise to guests
  • Respond to messages in 24 hours or less
  • Leverage your Trip Designer as needed
  • Keep your Trip Designer tagged in all communications with the guest to help ensure they have all the relevant details whenever their help is needed

What should you expect from a Trip Designer?

  • Guest contact details, guest list and travel plans prior to arrival
  • Help coordinating any inclusive services you offer as a Host
  • Inquiries about the villa amenities, local services and destination specific knowledge
  • Service offerings to guests booked from Airbnb Luxe portfolio of trusted and vetted vendors
  • Support provided if any issues arise with guests about services offered or organized on trip

How are services booked and paid for?


  • If you book a service on behalf of the guest, you must ensure payment form, rates and cancellation policy are provided to the guest prior booking.
  • Trip designers can process a payment to you through the Airbnb platform with written consent from the guest authorizing the charge and confirming the service booked.
  • If services are booked directly through a Trip Designer, the Trip Designer will connect the guest with the vendor or provide a vendor-created payment link to the guest to confirm the service. Trip Designers cannot process payment on behalf of guests directly to a vendor.

Post-check-in or onsite:

  • All booked services arranged during a guest's stay must be paid for prior to departure.
  • Trip designers are unable to collect payment on your behalf for services provided onsite.


  • Payments due after check-out will need to be submitted via the claims process.

Example Scenarios

A) A host in Turks and Caicos has a portfolio of more than ten villas. As a full-service hospitality provider, they prefer to take over all trip planning services. The Trip Designer introduces the host’s onsite concierge team to the guest prior to arrival and the host team keeps the Luxe Trip Designer copied on the communication. They book services with their preferred vendors, including private chefs, massage therapists, and airport transfers. For any questions related to reservations, calendars, or alterations the host reaches out to the Trip Designer for assistance.

B) A host in Palm Springs has one home listed on Luxe. They offer on-site support, but not extensive trip planning. The Trip Designer works with the guest to determine the purpose of their trip, and to discuss potential activities and logistics. After the guest confirms interest in booking a restaurant reservation, the Trip Designer reaches out to the host for their recommendations and books the guest’s choice. The Trip Designer ensures that the guest receives the reservation confirmation and, if relevant, the credit card payment form that the guest can then provide to the restaurant/vendor directly.

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