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Semi-Private Afternoon Sailing Trip to Dia Island
Sailing through the Cretan Sea to the uninhabited island of Dia you have a unique opportunity to swim to the pristine waters of this serene island! You can sunbath on the yacht, under the warm Cretan sun, with a glass of cool, white wine, swim in the clear waters, explore the rich seabed, fish or hike at the island. After an adventurous time of exploration and relaxation, it is time to enjoy your freshly prepared meal on board. You will also have the chance to watch the dolphins lead our way to the sea! Suggested Program: 14:30 Departure from old Venetian port of Heraklion 14:30-15:30 Enjoy 1H of sailing at the Cretan Sea 15:30 Anchoring at St George’s bay of Dia island 15:30 -17:00 1H30 free time for swimming/snorkeling/fishing/hiking 17:00 -17:30 Enjoy freshly cooked Mediterranean cuisine lunch with greek salad and fruits for dessert 17:30 -18:00 Relax on board drinking a refreshment or a glass of white wine 18:00 -19:00 Sailing the way back to Heraklion Port IMPORTANT NOTE: You can book the provided expierience and upon request we can arrange for you to attempt the morning trip (9:30), instead of the afternoon (14:30). Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.
Heraklion Olive mill visit with olive oil and food paring
Dive into Greek olive oil culture with this olive oil tasting tour. Learn about the techniques Cretans use to cultivate their olive trees, watch how olive oil is produced, and taste its unique flavor. "Kalos orisate" or "Welcome" in Greek. Visitors will have the chance to taste the unique flavor of Cretan Extra virgin olive oil and learn about the techniques Cretan use for thousand of years to produce it in the beautiful village of Skalani just outside of Heraklion. Visitors will be having a tour led by greek olive oil experts. They will visit a modern olive mill and witness how olive oil is produced, followed by a tour of our private olive grove and an olive oil tasting course accompanied by greek delicacies. Our guests will enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Cretan nature and countryside Kids and pets are more than welcome too. If it is difficult to locate us search "Kleanthi, Skalani" on maps to see our exact location.
Traditional Cooking Class - Cook with Cretan Vibes Family
You'll prepare 4 different Cretan family’s recipes in an outdoor cooking space. You'll cook with pure and natural ingredients from our farm. You'll learn cooking techniques from mama Stella, our specialist in traditional Cretan cuisine. All the equipment and your personal apron will be provided by us. It's a 100% hands-on cooking experience! Local homemade refreshments and water will provided, too. In the end of the cooking experience, you will enjoy your own creations with some of local wine. Moreover, the leftovers will be packed and you can take them with you! The event will last approximately 3.5 hours and it will take place in our farm. We will cook in an open cooking space between two big olive trees, under a wooden roof! So, no worries at all about the sun. Furthermore, you'll receive all recipes and photographs from your experience via email. All in all, we would love to welcome you in our farm & be part of our family. Love to become a Cretan chef yourself having a unique cooking experience all together and sharing authentic Cretan flavors! Other things to note Please let us know of any dietary requirements or food allergies at the time of booking and we will prepare all the necessary changes in your menu. For safety reasons, children (under 18 years old) must be accompanied by an adult. Minimum drinking age is 18 years old
Greek food tasting experience
You will enjoy food and try the variety of Greek elusive tastes. Vegetarian, vegan, mediterranean cuisine is here. Different Greek plates , ‘mezedes” and desserts at the end. Everything you need for a complete vacation is here. Cretan bakery and desserts and other dishes for your breakfast, Cretan and Greek dishes for your lunch or your dinner. Taste the healthy Cretan and Greek Mediterranean meat-free delicacies and our fine wine. You shall feel strong humanity, away from the stress of our daily life. You shall feel the warmth of Greek and Cretan company.You shall be captured by the place, perhaps because you think that time has stopped or because we welcome you with a shot of Tsikoudia with Cretan rusks and fresh tomato or a tsipouro or an ouzo. Ask to taste some of these plates:Greek and Cretan dishes,Casseroles,Dolmadakia vine leaf wraps stufed with sorrel, pumpkin flowers, Ladera, Mageirefta, Moussakas,Saganaki (fried cheese),Sfakiani (stufed pitta), Soups, Stuffed peppers, tomatoes, courgettesand Aubergines. You really don’t want to miss the experience to sit in a restaurant by the sea without getting carried away…and enjoy some delicious local delicacies with the great traditional and friendly atmosphere
Try Scuba Diving, no experience needed
First time diving ? Be prepared to have a life changing experience! Discover the amazing underwater world with the most experienced instructors and the best quality diving equipment. Dive in the crystal clear water of Crete and explore the unique sealife of the island! During the mini theoritical lesson ( EN, FR, GER) you will learn everything you need to know in order to enjoy a fun and safe dive! Our well experienced and patient instructors will teach you about the equipment, preasure, equalization techniques, possition of the body, correct finning and a few skills which you will work together in shallow water before you go deeper. They will answer all your questions and makes you feel ready for the next step! Then, after choosing the equipment which fits you best, will drive to the best diving site according the weather conditions. There you will enjoy one or two dives in the open water sea! You will need to fill up a participant statement which also includes a liability release form and a medical questionnaire which purpose is to find out if you should be examined by a doctor before participating in recreational diving activities. Minimun age is 8 years old , knowledge of swimming is not necessary and the depth will be adapted to your level of confidence and the diving standards. Your safety and satisfaction is our priorities. The experience will last about 4 hours.
Tennis sparring & tennis lesson in south Crete
We will meet at the courts and introduce each other . We will discuss how do you feel about your game, what do you want to improve, what are your aspirations and how do you visualize yourselve in the courts. We will do some warm up exercises and then we will play singles or/and doubles. During playing some insights will be given about technic etc . We can play relaxed balls, reacreational or competitive, it's up to you to decide!
Walking tour & Cretan food tasting - Agios Nikolaos, Crete
This tour is appealing to guests who would like to learn about places in area, come closer with local community, having a meal of cretan food and a talk with a local! In this interactive Walking tour & Cretan food tasting, we will walk the coastline of Agios Nikolaos passing through Taurus Zeus with Europe and the horn of Amalthea telling the Greek myths, beaches and sightseeing continuing inside the town showing you local spots, telling information about area(shared also via email & maps) and we will enjoy a meal with 4 different meze(like tapas) talking about everyday living, general facts about Crete’s culture and traditions, sightseeing’s and myths. Walking is about 40 minutes easy walking, about 2klm. After we will visit the most famous restaurant in lake of Agios Nikolaos having a meal with 4 different meze(each person) that you can choose between fish or meat menu. Water & one drink is included, wine, raki, beer or a soft drink. Vegetarian or vegan menu can be arranged. Changes in menu can be adjusted upon request. Feel free to contact me for more information.
Bespoke Natural Perfume Workshop
Experience first-hand the techniques of personal-made perfumes and have an amazing sensory experience with some of the world’s most exquisite perfume essences - including those considered rare and vintage. Upon completion of the experience, you will have the opportunity to take home a 30ml tailor-made perfume, which will only belong to you! Other things to note: We just moved to our new concept store! Our new location is situated at Roussou Koundourou 6, right across from the departure point for the boats to Spinalonga.
Agios Nikolaos Twilight Walk, Eat, Drink
On “Agios Nikolaos Walk, Eat, Drink Twilight” tour we'll introduce you to Cretan locals’ life by exploring the charming seaside town of Agios Nikolaos, located on the Minoan ancient Lato’s port. Discover some of our loveliest hangouts with a view, sample unique local dishes and tastes, and experience a town that is transformed into a ‘chic lady’ during twilight. All locations have been checked by me and my team to guarantee the uniqueness of the places and of course the quality of the food and drinks. What you will experience //learn//see //taste: -Hear myths and tales about King Minos’ mother Europe, legendary Amalthea, tremendous volcanos, and more, while exploring the back steps of Agios Nikolaos -Submerge your spoon in water and taste one of Greek’s most traditional sweets in a local cafe -Visit a food concept store with Cretan products, bake a local pie & savour it on the spot, and sample unique Cretan flavours like olive oil, honey, raki, and more -Discover an old-styled music-kafeneio, learn about Greek music traditions and enjoy an individual meze platter (Greek tapas) with seasonal local dishes -Talk to shop owners and chefs & learn how Crete’s culinary traditions have led to one of the healthiest diets in the world -Experience a one-of-a-kind local wine tasting session, paired with a 3-course meal, on a lovely Instagram twilight spot -Happiness & laughs all over
Adventure Route
every day we organize safari with quad . Our Adventure Starts from the small village of Karteros, where we will have a 25 minute breafing on safety and instructions on operating ATVs. Then we will ride up the mountains of Karteros and visit the uncharted Labyrinth cave, (Quad) from where we will continue our way past Prasa village to Skalani, riding through vineyards and olive groves. Our next stop will be in the forest near the church of St.Irene, where we will visit the old church and enjoy the countryside. We will continue to the Mt. Juktas Ecological Park in Archanes, an extrodinary archeological site of Fourni where we will see the Municipal Contemporary Theater and enjoy the panoramic views. We’ll have lunch at an Greek tavern. After we will continue our route and explore the Gorge of Karteros . All the way through our journey we will have the opportunity to take photos at some of Crete’s most amazing scenery, and our guide will share information about each location we visit. To finish our adventure, we will make our last stop at Karteros beach for a swim and after, return to the starting pointe. necessary condition,because the quads are large In size and large in cubic that's why in each quad will enter two people, e.g booked by 1 or 2 people will be in one quad, 3 or 4 people in 2 quad etc. Νot included in the booking price to drive a quad alone(solo).
Walking the labyrinthine streets of the Old City
The experience you'll have with me will be a little different from the usual ones. We'll walk through the labyrinthine streets of the Old City, we'll see and get to know places historically. I'll give you informations, although known, but without forgetting to refer to the stories of the local inhabitants. In Ierapetra there is not only the House of Napoleon, The Venetian Castle or the Ottoman Mosque but also a number of semiotic sites. I would like you to get acquainted with me the culture and life of the locals, in the most often conquered city. Also an n important part are the Orthodox Christian churches, in which there are important frescoes and hagiographies from different chronological periods. Surely we can visit some of those located near the port of the city. In the port we will also get to know the special way the local boats fish (Kaikia). Of course we will not fail to taste the local Cretan cuisine and the local special flavors.
High energy mountain walks-minoan pathways
We will meet at the elephant cafe in ierapetra, we will drive to our destination in a classical and fun cretan way-in a 4x4 pick up truck, after 20 min we will arrive at kavousi village, then we will drive up to the ancient olive tree and we will start our route from there by feet. we will visit the minoan remains of azorias and we will walk all the way up to the botanical path going upwards to the mountain as by our side will be running water from the mountains through the roman made installation called ''katapotis'' and while hiking we can sense all the cretan herbs and see their names in well descripted labels initiated by the sister village of kavousi in alsatia. going up to the mesonas gorge we will find other minoan remains called the kastro, then we can choose to run downhill all the way back to the ancient olive tree in a total cycle route of 8,5 klm, or to walk it all the way down, or use the E4 path to get there. during our walk or interval running if wished by our company we will be witnessing the life of the goats going up and down this beautyfull mointains and hills, from the kastro we can see there was a absolute visual point from there, looking to the Vasiliki minoan oikismo , the south and the north sea of crete at a turn of the head and see all the important oikismous.
The Aspras Terra Experience
Overlooking the sea, not far from the mountains, in the embrace of nature by the river, our farm, Aspras Terra (the farm of the Aspras family), gives you a unique opportunity to relax strolling among aromatic plants, our fruit trees, our seasonal garden and our olive grove. All are taken care of by organic means and with a tireless spirit for sustainable management to honour nature and self-sufficiency in an area almost 30 acres in size. Get to know the history of the estate since 1936. Learn about its traditional buildings and their uses, then and now. Learn how to collect and utilise the aromatic herbs and fruits of the estate and how to combine and taste them in the unique way of the Cretans’ daily diet! If Cretan music makes you want to dance, Maria will introduce you to real Cretan dancing! Enjoy hot or cold drinks from our organic products and taste true, unique Cretan hospitality.
City morning vibe coffee
We will meet at the elephant street espresso in Ierapetra city, we will have an warm discussion about life in southern crete, while having cofee from a very unique aroma blend -also fair trade , we will have brunch choosing from snacks based on the famous cretan diet, we will meet the sweet owners of the cafe that will stay in your heart for ever with their kindness and energy.
Traditional Cretan Cooking Lesson on mountainous Heraklion
First, you are welcomed with a homemade refreshment or a greek coffee. You will learn all the steps of cooking cretan traditional vegetarian "Dolmadakia". Dolmadakia, the Greek word for stuffed grape leaves, is one of the most iconic recipes of Greek cuisine and, although there are many varieties, the meatless version is the most common. In the warmer months, we will find and use fresh grape leaves, they are more tender and flavorful than the jarred types. Out of season, jarred leaves are a fine substitute for our tasty recipe. You will also learn how to make "tzatziki" sauce, typically served as a side with Dolmadakia. You will taste unique Cretan wild greens gathered from “mama Marina, in savory aromatic pies with hand-made dough. Also, before your arrival you can choose from locally grown pork or chicken and it will be slowly cooked to perfection in our oven - during the cooking lesson - with potatoes and other vegetables from our village garden. We would love to welcome you, sit with my family and enjoy Cretan cuisine, considered one of the healthiest in the world, with local wine and water from Saint Anna's water spring. Feel the warmth of a Cretan Family, away from the stress of your daily life. Recipes and photographs from your experience are also provided from us.
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