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This is a cabin/camping 1927 old~rustic amongst the trees, not updated, right in the middle of Town. Wildlife and the great outdoors, maybe in!
Yes, just like camping! Ants spiders, Possums, oh my!
Keep all food in fridge.
Views, lake, Hollywood sign, observatory, deck, fireplace, comfy bed, indoor kitchen/bath/shower. By bars, yoga, grocery, wine tasting, restaurants and transport/bus
discount included.
Do NOT “request book”, for rental periods under 31 days
please click “contact host”

X just a heads up, please read the listing description.
Make sure you’re ok with the great outdoors!
Skunks and possums and raccoons all live on the property, They Will walk on the porch or the roof and if you leave doors open, come in, if they get in, they will get into your things and possums play “possum” so can hide very easily.
You will hear animals at night and you should keep your food in the fridge at all times.
If you hate funky camping type digs, don’t book.
It’s just in the woods and that is what can be expected.
All food should always be kept in fridge etc....
as if you were camping... but in a house (aka glamping) only not glamorous just better.
Cabin in the woods!
The pics ARE how it’s decorated but don’t project the rustic ness.

Film makers;
See below

Hey all! IMPORTAMT; recently a few people have rented the place thinking it is something it is not. It's IS a CABIN... Rustic is the best word I can think of but it WAS built in 1927 with VERY little done since. It's cute cozy and loveable to some but others will find cob webs or the counter in the kitchen which has broken tiles, or the paint stained hard wood floors an issue. I can not stress it enough... Think of it as glamping, I guess. You'll see I have a ton of stellar reviews but there's a few negative too.
The place could be updated but im not offering an updated place. I'm offering a cabin. A maid ALWAYS cleans first but occasionally people can't see that through its cabin feel. Soooo, really think about it, think about your partner. Do not rent if you want a place that's shored up. It's not. It's Glamping! The great outdoors indoors and built almost 100 years ago!
Thank you!


Instant book is not for photo or video shoots, the prices are different. Please inquire! ...
Lately lots of people are inquiring but not intending to actually book, please don't be that person :)

I have a 100% response rate at most times because I don't take your time for granted. Please ONLY inquire if this property stands out above all others, not if you are just shopping around. Thanks!

If you intend to do a photo shoot in my home, it must be disclosed and agreed upon before hand, the cost is NOT the same as the nightly rate. It is significantly more at times. You must also obtain your own insurance. That being said, message me. Thank you! Please do not rent and shoot without permission, you will be asked to leave with no refund!

We state the treehouse as rustic. From the reviews most people get this and love the place. We have been told at times it is not just "rustic" but needs updating. Well, it's hard to please all but to reiterate before I reiterate 6 more times in the body of this description, this place is cleaned by a maid, it is not dirty at all, however a few of you very cleanly people see otherwise due to its cabin-esque nature. Think cabin in the woods and forget the Los Angeles part.

Hopefully that clarifies the vibe of the place. If you are at all pampered or anal, meticulous or a tad picky, please move on and look else where!

Cheers! It has been said!! Rent at your own risk, read and read reviews, if you sound like the 95% of people who love it, rent it, otherwise... Namaste!

Now, on to the good stuff ;) ;

This artsy rustic treehouse has been used to record albums, shoot films, photography shoots, by painters and basic lovers of an eclectic chill and rustic vibe.

Musician; There are two acoustic guitars, a midi key board, mic stand, adapters and some other odds and ends left by past musicians (though I don't know what they are :))

Artists and painters; the view is stunning with a huge wrap around deck, gardens, patios, nooks, a claw foot tub, tons of trees, and inspiration. My artist friend who is sitting here drawing wants me to add that sitting outside is a great place to work with great light, not just a good view. There is an easel on site. Check out the photos!

Film crew and Photographers; the above pertains to you, though the pricing is different. Please inquire. I prefer no tracks be laid down in the house.

To all renters, this is my home, not just some prefab, turn key vacation rental. Please treat it with respect and take the time to replace, replenish and renew the place after enjoying it.

Quick note, all questions are likely answered in the body of this description. Please read!

A few starting points;
-CATS, gotta love em. They come with the house and need to be fed. Food is provided. Don't inquire with cat allergies!
-This is an artsy home, it is not modern. We purposefully left the floors and wood doors old. We like the artistry of it. For example, the wood floors are raw with paint splatters because it was an artist loft in 1927 and we love the style and nostalgia.
-This house was built in 1927 and holds the charm of a french chateau meets tree house.
-Being a tree house, all areas may not be level, doors creak, deck is actually built into a tree and it is all wood!!!
-It has a refurbished antique stove
-There is brand new paint interior and exterior, new washer, refurbished bath, claw foot tub, awesome bed, bedroom, killer view and deck, trees and amenities.
-This is a cute little woodsy bungalow in the hills of LA, not the Beverly hills hotel. If you want clean lines and perfect cleanliness, this is not the place. We have a maid clean before every stay but there is nature all around. Leaves fall, dust sneaks by and we are by no means OCD. STAY AND LEAVE FIVE STARS, no knit picking ;)
-There are 31 stairs from street to pathway to house, please note...there are stairs! (Some people tend to ignore that warning)
This house is hidden from view , safe and secluded, tucked behind another house.
-The house is on a hill, you park on the street, there are no parking restrictions.
-The bath is raised and it has been difficult for some elderly to maneuver and would be dangerous for children.
-The deck has been restored and is safe but it is also not even or perfect as it is built into a tree
-The very two words rustic and tree house must be heeded. There will be no refunds because the house was “too rustic for you"
-There is wildlife, skunks, possums, racoons, and birds and they will all try to come in if you leave the doors open. Just shoo them away, that's what I do :)
-AGAIN...There are indoor/OUTDOOR cats. They need to be fed. The food is provided.
-There are condiments aplenty in the fridge and oils and spices in the cupboard. We think of that as a courtesy and we think of you more like boarders in a BNB then random tenants. Please understand, it is not tainted, left over food. :)
-We highly recommend this house to writers, artists and musicians. It is eclectic and funky, very pretty and inspirational. The neighbors and neighborhood are awesome and quite hip. Bars and food a city block on for more!

Hollywood Hills rustic tree house hide away;
This is a writers, artists dream stay. In the middle of LA and in the woods at the same time, you can focus on your craft and relax or go out on the town Hollywood style. It truly has all to offer. Built in 1927 it is full of rustic charms.

This is currently a whole house for rent, a room is possible for a discounted rate, can be rented in a roommate capacity. Please inquire if that is something you would like.

1 bed plus living room. Can sleep 3 One California king bed and one sofa.
fireplace, deck, views of Hollywood sign, the lake, Griffith observatory, mountains and the park.

Washer and dryer, fully stocked kitchen(this means full condiments and other generosities in the fridge when you arrive to make cooking easy), library, board games, toiletries, complimentary wine, claw foot tub with a ceiling of skylights, local wildlife, trees, a work desk, full bar in kitchen. We do not supply the alcohol :)
free cable and free wifi, flat screen in bedroom, older tv in living room.

All movie channels including HBO, showtime, etc...
no young children as it is a tree house, there are dangers.
garden, sitting area, patio, bbq, and wrap around deck with chaise lounges and panoramic views.

Walking distance to multiple restaurants, bars, grocery, starbucks, library, lake, ma and pa establishments.

There will be a refundable deposit required as the house is well stocked with entertainment and artwork. All things are inventoried and will be checked before and after your stay.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask. We will do all in our power to give you an unforgettable vacation.

We are local in the area and can be reached most times unless we are traveling too. Any needs including sight seeing advice and directions can be given upon arrival.

Film makers;
Hey, a couple things about shooting at my place which film makers don't like...
You can't move anything around, it must be used as is and I require an extra payment for someone to be there while you shoot to see rules are followed.
I totally respect the arts but others have over and over disrespected the property, leaving trash, trampling flowers, moving (even books and little decorations) makes it like we are moving back into the house again.
I can't tell you how annoying it is to re-rearrange the entire bookshelf by height and type ALL OVER again or have to (talk on the phone in a video chat) with my maid to put candles etc back in place and find missing items.
It's not just time but she charges hourly...
So, if you like it AS IS, don't mind her loitering to make sure all is as should be, can pay a reasonable rate for the shoot (500 is my minimum and goes up by size of crew, time and type of shoot) and will pack out all trash including, catering, makeup, coffee cups, sugar packets etc...
Then we can move forward ;)
All handheld as well, no tracks.
Ok, thank you

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I'm an actor. I have been in California all my life. I grew up in the bay area..A bit of a wanderer, I have been in LA off and on for quite a few years. We love providing people with an enjoyable stay and any travel or local entertainment info you may need. As a bar owner, I am a natural host and can't wait for you to enjoy your stay and leave awesome reviews:) That said, I'm not always in town to host so, please, book only if you are happy to be independent as well. Cheers A note on Airbnb bookings; We are not hotels here at Airbnb. This is a family home and we have our needs to meet as well. This isn’t just a turn key business where we have an automated response time. We must decide if the booking suits us, you, the time frame and if it lines up with other bookings. It is too often these days that people expect Airbnb to be like “booking” or some other site. This platform is by and large home sharing which entails more than simply saying yes or no. When you are booking and the dates are not for a few weeks, it’s likely that we will need time to see if it works. It is not possible to book one night next June, this winter. If that’s what you want, use a different platform. With Airbnb you will also have my personal belongings in the house. This is MY HOME, I am sharing it. There are lots of Airbnb’s now run like hotels but this is not one. If you want that, again, look elsewhere. Sincerely (everyone that’s sick of entitled and pushy travelers)
I'm an actor. I have been in California all my life. I grew up in the bay area..A bit of a wanderer, I have been in LA off and on for quite a few years. We love providing people wi…

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