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Located in Amadpur in the heart of Burdwan district from Bengal, widely known for having extremely warm and courteous inhabitants and unparallel hospitality of the landowners - The Chaudhuri's. The Boro Bari (Big House) is 375 years, is where you will be staying. My place is surrounded by old Terrocotta Temples almost (500 years old), Lakes, open spaces, and many old ancestral homes and temples.
The Chaudhuri house is very popular during the festive season, and hosts 12 different festivals.

Amadpur, in the heart of Burdwan district from Bengal is widely known for having extremely warm and courteous inhabitants and un parallel hospitality of the landowners - The Chaudhuri's - and their legacy lives, through five centuries.
The present generation decides to share and unfold the moments of glory from the days of past, making it all come alive from the pages of history, an experience that’s priceless.
The Chaudhuris have decided to open the doors of 4 of the best rooms from their ancestral home for tourists to stay.
During their stay, the tourists will be taken back in time, to experience how Zamindars used to live during their Heydays.
*Live like a Zamindar*
In the midst of antique furniture, sleep on antique beds with cotton mattress, cotton pillows and side pillows.
32 inch walls will amaze any tourist. Surprisingly cool inside during peak summer, warm and cozy inside during winter ( 3 Rooms are now air conditioned), unbelievable engineering more than 400 years ago.

This house is 375 years old, this is where the guests will be staying. Many parts of this house has been restored and date back to the yesteryears.
The staircase, the gates are still untouched. The house is very spacious, it is characterised by high ceilings and spacious verandahs. The first floor of the house has a kitchen and dining space and a large veramdah.
The first floor has two huge verandah, and two large bedrooms with attached baths.
The second floor of the house has a 2 large bed rooms with two attached baths.
~The First Floor~
The first and second bedrooms is located in the first floor of the house. It features a four poster bed, a dresser, a wardrobe,A writing table and chair, two seating areas and an attached bathroom.
~The Second Floor~
The third and fourth bedrooms are located in the second floor of the house. It has two interconnected rooms. The first room features an antique bed, and a dresser ,a wardrobe,A writing table and chair and an attached bathroom.
The second bedroom features an antique bed, a seating area and an attached bathroom.
~The Dining space~
The dining space is on the ground floor. It can easily accommodate 10 to 12 people.

Dighi translates to a large pond/lake, or a deep water body.
The Dighi is located right next to the Boro Bari. There is a seating area, where you can sit and see the beautiful sunset. A lot of people still use this Dighi to take a bath.

The Thakur Dalan translates to the The Puja House. This is about 350 years old. It has a beautiful courtyard. This is very beautifully decorated during the Durga Pujas.
The family still adheres to the tradition of welcoming Devi Durga, the way they used to do centuries back.

There are 4 terracotta temples right outside the Borro Bari,they are almost 500 years old. It has been beautifully made and engraved. There are 12 of them all around the village. If you take a walk around, maybe you will be able to spot all 12 of them.

Traditional Bengali breakfast.
Two traditional Bengali meals, each comprising of 11 courses starting with bitter (teto), fry (bhaja), 2 veg, 2 non veg and ending with sweet curd and sweets with the famous Zamidari paan, served the traditional way.
Attendants in traditional attire will be catering to the guests. Traditional cooks, traditional recipes, cooked in your presence
The food will served in the dining table- Borro Bari, or the
Please note: The food is on a CHARGEABLE basis.

Fishing & bathing in the ancestral pond (Dighi).
Live Narration of the zamindari history in the evenings by aged local people along with a bonfire (and option of barbecue.)
Visit to villages, feeling the flavour of rural Bengal.
Option of traditional tribal dance, use of tribal Bow & Arrow.

Please Note:
No bright lighting or artificial makeup to spoil the heritage character of the place.
The House has no Television.
Evening lamp lighting, shondha (evening) aartis and traditional activities included.
Temples and ashram visits to bring out the true character of life at the heritage house.

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Amadpur, West Bengal, India

My ancestral home is located in a Bengali village called Amadpur.
It has many temples, and ancestral homes.
-Memary train station is 10 minutes from my place.
- A popular market place is 10 minutes from my place.
- The Palsit Toll Tax is 15 minutes from my place.
- Azad Hind Dhaba, Gopalpur is 30 minutes from my place.
-Kolkata takes 1 hr 30 minutes from my place

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Hi I am Shiladitya, I was born and brought up in Kolkata. Currently I live in Kolkata in a joint family which includes my parents, wife and two daughters,Uncles,Aunts,and Cousins. I am businessman and I am running my own company. My wife is a classical singer, hence I have a developed an interest in classical music. We have a ancestral home that is almost 400 years old, and the reason why I am hosting on Airbnb is because I want people to experience heritage and culture of Bengal. And the best way to do that is by staying in a house that is centuries old. I hope you have a very pleasant stay in my ancestral home, and wish it was everything that you had asked for.
Hi I am Shiladitya, I was born and brought up in Kolkata. Currently I live in Kolkata in a joint family which includes my parents, wife and two daughters,Uncles,Aunts,and Cousins.…

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I would love to meet and take you to my ancestral home. In case I am not there, my manager,attendants and cooks will be there to take care of your needs.
I am also available on my phone 24/7.
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