Casa Paz


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4 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms With A Breath-taking Panoramic View Of The Ocean!

The Casa Paz is truly a House of Peace nestled into the Nanzal hillside on the quiet north end of Sayulita! It is a place where you can relax, let it be, and live each moment in the present as you drink in the beauty that surrounds you…a place you may feel you’ve come home to!

The sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean as you enter the home will quite literally take your breath away each and every time you enter it.


WIFI PASSWORD: bigredhouse

AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION: If you have requested a driver to pick you up at the airport, Ricardo, our driver and/or his co worker Valencio will be at the airport to pick you up. They will be waiting behind a roped off section as you exit the final glass doors past the car rental agencies. They will have a sign that says 'CASA PAZ SAYULITA'.

Up to seven people can ride in each Suburban.

The cost of each Suburban is $140.00 USD ROUND TRIP from the Puerto Vallarta Airport TO Casa Paz.

If you wish to stop at the supermarket on the way out to the house to stock up there is an additional $30.00 USD charge, which would make your total cost $170.00 USD.

Upon arriving at the house, please instruct the driver what time you want them to pick you up to get you to the airport on time on the day of departure.

Ricardo and Valencio will be checking your flight status for any delays along your route and will plan accordingly.

Ricardo and Valencio will message me and Cecilia, our housekeeper, who will be preparing for your arrival once he has you in his Suburban and are heading out of the airport.

Payment to Ricardo or Valencio must be paid in Cash, so be sure to have that in your wallet before departing from the U.S.

GOLF CART: If you reserved a golf cart(s), your golf cart will be delivered to the house approximately one hour after your time of arrival to Casa Paz. This will give plenty of time for everybody to get through customs, pass through the supermarket and get settled at the house. One of you will need to provide the following documents for the golf cart rental, preferably the principle driver of the cart:

Drivers License
Credit Card

At the time of the golf cart delivery, the person responsible will provide the above documents which they will make a copy of right there at the house. The credit card will not be charged. The person will also need to sign the contract agreement for the cart and go through a safety orientation. We realize many people have driven golf carts throughout their lives, however, the golf cart being provided has been modified with suspension and disc brakes and a more powerful motor that is suitable for going up and down the hill and throughout Sayulita for your enjoyment. With that being said, your safety is of utmost importance and it is required that the person(s) driving the cart go through the orientation process which takes about 10 minutes.

The golf cart is suitable for 4 people maximum (5 if the 5th is a small child)

TAXI SERVICE: Taxi service is available at the Casa Paz by Eziquel, our preferred driver. The cost is $50.00 pesos per trip if it is a sedan for 4 passengers or $100.00 pesos per trip if it is a van or Suburban for up to 7 or 8 passengers, down to town or back up from town. The telephone number is located at the house.

TRANSPORTATION NOTE: The reason why we are particular when it comes to Ricardo, being the preferred driver for our guests at Casa Paz is because he has proven himself to provide excellent service, follow through on commitments, and is responsible and trustworthy. We have had other drivers from other companies who have failed our clients on a few occasions. You've spent a lot of money to rent our house, not to mention your plane tickets and it is our hope that you have a very enjoyable trip without the worry of whether or not you've hired a responsible driver to take care of your transportation needs.


She will be coming to clean for four hours every other day. For example, if you check-in on a Saturday, your first cleaning will be on Monday. If your check-in were to be on a Sunday, your first cleaning would be on Tuesday. This is included as part of your rental of the house. Please tell Cecilia what time is appropriate for her to come and do the cleaning. If you don't tell her, she will arrive at 9 am to begin cleaning.

Should you desire to have more cleaning you can have her do so at a charge of $300.00 pesos per four hours of cleaning or doing laundry.

If you wish to have her cook, she charges $150.00 pesos per person plus the cost of food. You simply need to either buy the ingredients needed for the meal or send her to the store in Sayulita to buy the needed items, also give her $100 pesos for gas for each trip she makes up and down the hill for items needed. We recommend a 20% gratuity be added onto her fees for a tip. She is a hard worker and will give you excellent service and your money's worth!

Please note that ANY abusive language, inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment in any way towards Cecilia will not be tolerated in any form and will result in severe consequences up to and include the complete forfeiture of your security deposit and reporting to the authorities. Verbal abuse by any foreigner towards a Mexican is strictly forbidden by Mexican law and may result in serving jail time and severe monetary penalties.

At the end of your stay, one way to say 'Thank You' to Cecilia for all her hard work is by giving a tip. The recommended tip is $100.00 pesos per day stayed.

POOL GUY: We have a pool company that comes in throughout the week to take care of the pool. They have their own key and they know what to do, so when they come please don't be alarmed.

CURRENCY: The best way to get cash is when you meet the drivers at the airport, you can walk down the corridor of the airport towards the airline check in counters. On the right hand side near the end of the corridor will be 4 ATM machines. If you have Bank of America, you can use the Santander ATM machine for free. If you have any other bank, it doesn't really matter which one you use, because they all charge the same amount per withdrawal and give you about the same exchange rate. The ATM's always give you a MUCH better exchange rate than the money exchange offices in the airport or in Sayulita.

When you go to the supermarket, I recommend you use your credit or debit card for your purchase. We do have ATM machines in Sayulita. I recommend you use the ATM that says 'MULTIVA BANK' on the side of it, which is located inside Don Pedro's restaurant on the beach, and also there is another one on the street behind the OXXO store on the left hand side in front of the VET clinic. There are two ATM machines in front of the plaza but they are VERY expensive, so don't use them! There is also a ATM machine inside the OXXO which rarely works, but it only lets you take out $3000 pesos at a time. Because there are very few ATM machines in Sayulita, sometimes they run out of cash especially during the holidays, so plan accordingly by going to the ATM before you run out of cash. Also, use your debit or credit card whenever possible. Be sure to advise your banks that you will be in Sayulita using your card so that they don't put a security block on your card.



We do recycle everything in Sayulita. We throw everything in together and it gets manually sorted out at the recycling station.

Outside Shower:

The beach is fun! Please rinse off using the outside shower upon returning to the house. Please don't use the bath towels provided in your bathrooms to clean your dirty feet off with as this will stain them. Please clean your feet using soap and water and rinse off in the shower.

Wash cloths:

Please don't use wash cloths to wipe off your makeup. This stains them and makes them unusable for the next guests.


Bathroom towels are for Bathroom use ONLY, and the pool towels are for Pool use ONLY. Beach towels are not provided.

Cigarette Smoking:

Per your rental agreement, Casa Paz is strictly a NON-SMOKING environment! Not complying with our NON-SMOKING policy will result in an AUTOMATIC forfeiture of your security deposit!

Recreational Drug Use:

Mexican laws strictly forbid the use, buying, selling and trafficking of any illegal drug. With the exception of marijuana, any evidence of illegal drug use while at Casa Paz will immediately be reported to the proper authorities and will result in an AUTOMATIC forfeiture of your security deposit!

Board Games:

Board games and playing cards are provided at Casa Paz for the pleasure of our guests. We ask that you please put the pieces of the games away in their box when you are done playing with them. Most of the games were brought down from the U.S. at a significant expense and hassle, so please respect the board games.

Swimming Pool:

We thrive to keep the swimming pool water clear and clean at all times. You can help keep the water clean by refraining from using oil based skin protection products when entering the pool as this quickly will make the water cloudy. Please use water proof sun block and sun tanning lotion. Please note that in the event of a rain storm, the pool water will appear green. This is caused because of the nitrogen in the rain water, and is a normal occurrence and does not affect the safety or cleanliness of the water. The water will eventually return to it's normal color after a couple of days of filtration. Also refrain from throwing garbage in the pool such as, plastic cups, bottles, beer cans etc; as this can damage the pool and will result in the automatic forfeiture of your security deposit.


Water is always an issue throughout Sayulita, and Casa Paz is no exception. Mexican water delivery systems are dramatically different than water delivery systems throughout the states and Canada. We do have a 10,000 liter cistern which provides ample water for our guests to use throughout their stay. In order to make sure your stay is enjoyable in every way, we ask that you please conserve your water usage whenever possible so that you do not run out of water.

Drinking Water:

Bottled drinking water is provided at Casa Paz for our guests to use during their stay. We have 10 five gallon bottles of water in inventory. If you find that you are about to use the last bottle please advise our staff so that a delivery of bottled water can be made.

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Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Very quiet newer residential area of Sayulita.

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I am fun, full of humor and as about as genunine as they come.

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