Dung House

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A big house just outside the city of Hanoi, in a quiet and peaceful village, with a market near and many coffee shops. The host is a nice and friendly family, who takes care of the house. A third floor specially for the guests, the kitchen to use freely, as the living room, and a roof floor for your morning exercises.

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Hanoi, Hà Nội, Vietnam

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After 10 years working at a College in Vietnam as a educational manager, a consultant for the students at the high schools in the whole country to help them with their career orientation, choosing good universities and colleges, choosing suitable careers for themselves after leaving school; as well as a direct organizer for the students' movements to improve their soft skills required in their learning and working processes, such as communication skills, teamwork skills, job interview skills, event organizing skills,... Seeing the importance of education, the necessity of the soft skills, I decided to get Vietnamese and international volunteers to live along with my family, and I have coordinated with the other local social organizations to organize the English classes, life skill classes,... free of charge to the students or at low cost for the local people and the people in the surrounding areas, so that the students may have the opportunity to continue learning from the experiences of advanced education, to help them to orient themselves, live with responsibilities, take care of themselves, their family and have practical contributions to our society. For nearly 4 years, every month our house always receives an average of 5-12 international volunteers who come to help teach English, taking care of orphans, the people with disabilities,.. and teaching the other essential soft skills. With the aim of expanding the scale and quality of the programs, events, .. to ensure the stability and more long-term benefits to the community, we always welcome and look forward to the support from the organizations and volunteers from the countries around the world. Coming with us, you will: •Go to a safe destination, if you join the volunteer program you will have totally free of charge the accommodation and food, participate in activities with the local people and have time to discover the landscapes and regional cultural features of Vietnam. •Live with the local families and the other Vietnamese and international volunteers, but you will always feel like at your own home. If you want to learn Vietnamese, English, or other languages, then this is a good choice for you. •Have chance to meet the interesting people coming from the different countries, share the knowledge, life experiences, and cultures. •You have chance to recognize yourself, even find your own dream and real value of your life. •If you find an idea to study, work, or invest in business in the future in Vietnam or a certain country, we are always willing to share, support and can join you. •You will get a volunteer certificate at the end of program. Other Benefits We have travel and culture exchange activities between volunteer, staff and student every weekend. We always ensure that our volunteers have a lot of free time during which they can travel to other parts of Vietnam. You will have many opportunities to experience Vietnamese culture and to do all the tourist things you would like to do. 1. Teaching English in Hanoi, Vietnam Classes for free or at low fee (full cost covered of travel and accommodation for volunteers still) in rural areas, poor areas and families… created by volunteers with or without specialized in teaching English, not yet professional organization although,will bring a lot of good opportunities for people who do not get job, people with low incomes, migrants, poor families circumstances…to be educated, be improved the skills…,to expand their future. We cooperate with organization, schools, and families in some local areas to maintain English classes for social activities like that. We need English-speaking volunteers from all over the world to come and help us with our volunteer English teaching program to help students improve their English language skills and give them the opportunity to improve their lives. The volunteer placement is to teach English in Hanoi • The program is ongoing and duration begins from one month upwards - there is no limit to the duration. • The age of the students range between 6 and 14 years, not all in the same classroom, of course • Number of teaching hours per week – 22 Volunteers will help students with English pronunciation, communication and listening skills. In addition to this, you will help us hold extra curricular activities for them, which will assist in developing their language usage skills. Volunteers will be required to: - Prepare the lesson plans including teaching aids, games, and activities… - Teach the lessons - Collaborate with teaching assistant to manage the class. - Give feedback and recommendation to management regarding students’ perform The schedule for every week is as follows: - 5 days teaching English to children in rural areas, and workers in industrial parks in suburban Hanoi, combined with visits to cultural sites in and around Hanoi with students. - 2 days free either stay home or to travel to visit various sites, interact with indigenous people, and students in Hanoi or other beautiful places in Vietnam. 2. Daycare assistant for disabled children at Hanoi, Vietnam When you come to the center of disabled or orphans children in my country or even your country, I am sure that you will realize one thing, you're really lucky to be born intact, and there are ones loving family that always beside you. When playing with them, sharing and understanding their situations, you recognize the value of empathy, the value of loving family. You will live more responsibly with yourself . Binh Minh special school and Center for people with disabilities Phuc Tue are currently taking care off over 190 disabled children. We are trying to connect these centers with the organizations or individuals to share the burden in the process. You can be: - Individual volunteer to take care of the children in those centers. Preferably those who study or work in physical therapy/rehabilitation - Benefactor/benefactress/sponsor to finance the centers so as to ameliorate the quality of their meals a special medical attention. - Organizations or individuals who can directly donate (or provide financial support) special facilities to help the rehabilitation and healthcare; computers, book, stationary to better the education; clothes, toys,.. We're not only supporting these 2 centers. We're also helping people of all ages in the miserable places from all around our country. Typical day Working hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 (Mon – Fri) with a lunch from 11:00 – 2:00pm Tasks: •Applying physiotherapy to children in need •Playing with the children •Feeding the children during lunch time •Working in the kitchen garden, providing veggies for the children’s meals If you travel to Vietnam, we are looking forward to your spending time to visit the disable baby center along with teachers who taking care of them. and Especially, It would be great if you have specialized physical therapy method, you will help them to recover quickly, make them soon to integrated with social communities.
After 10 years working at a College in Vietnam as a educational manager, a consultant for the students at the high schools in the whole country to help them with their career orien…
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