Mel's Botanical Retreat “Garden Oasis” 2 bedroom

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This charming hand built wooden home is nestled among terraced gardens and surrounded by jungle near the top of Kentucky Mountain. Be enchanted by the quiet solitude and intimate jungle setting with stunning views of the sunset off the private veranda. When the need for adventure or change of scene arises you can easily travel down to beautiful Bluefields beach or enjoy sightseeing at nearby attractions.

After ascending the primitive winding mountain road to 2500 ft you walk down a short jungle path by Dobson's shop to this beautiful wooden cottage hand-built by a master woodworker and surrounded by terraced gardens, you will know you have chosen well. Three verandas, multiple hammocks, electricity, flush toilet, shower, tv/dvd, gas stove, and two comfortable beds are some of the amenities.

The Garden Oasis cabin also has a kitchen with four burners, an oven, a refrigerator, toaster, hot water kettle and everything you need to prepare meals.

If you don’t feel like cooking, we can cook some or all of your meals.

You may eat your meals at Mel’s Kitchen & Bar or for a more meditative or romantic “vibe” enjoy your meals delivered to you on your private veranda.

All breakfasts include fresh juice or smoothie, fresh fruit, organic coffee from the farm, as well as hot entrees featuring farm raised eggs, Jamaicas national dish called Ackee & Salt Fish, banana pancakes, veggie omelets and much more depending on your dietary requirements*

Lunch & Dinner includes traditional Jamaican dishes of local fish, locally grown chicken or Jamaican Fusion depending on dietary needs.

*We cater to plant based, vegan or Ital, vegetarian, keto & gluten free diets.
Just let use know how we can best accommodate you.

Dinner upon arrival: $ 15 usd per person per meal

Breakfast upon departure: $15 usd per person per meal

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4.83 out of 5 stars from 47 reviews

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Cave, Westmoreland Parish, Jamaica

The flowers, birds and panoramic views down the mountain are stunning. The peace and tranquility of the jungle is unparalleled. The tight-knit friendly community that live and work on the mountain are true treasures. It is a seductive and alluring place. You won't want to leave.

What is there to do at Mel’s Botanical Retreat beside relax in the garden, birdwatch, practice yoga, meditate, read, play badminton, watch movies on the flat screen TV, play board games or cards with your loved ones, shoot some hoops with the local children, enjoy craft made cocktails, karaoke and dancing in the kitchen, play acoustic guitar or head out for the night to drink some rum, red stripes while learning how to play Dominos or Ludi with the locals or just to kick back and simply soak up some sweet reggae music?

We offer guided ecotours for a small fee that directly support the locals in the community.

Beach hike with a local guide
Learn about the local flora and fauna while you meander through the jungle down to Bluefields Beach. Our guests absolutely LOVE this experience many return year after year to do it again 5-6 Hours

Coffee farm hike with local guide. Includes “local” style roasting and tasting. Picking and tasting of the coffee “cherry” is seasonal, but the tour is available year round. You may purchase the hand picked “High Mountain” coffee you roasted after the tour 1.5 -2 hours

Cooking Lessons with a local cook featuring traditional Jamaican cuisine with locally raised chickens from Kiaras grandmother or plant based, called Ital with local fruits and vegetables. The experience includes everything needed to create the meal as well as local juice that you will learn to make with your guide. 4-5 Hours

Learn the Art of Traditional Jamaican Jerk with a local farmer and community member who has been making jerk since he was a small child. You and your guide will cook with local organic chickens, hike around the mountainside to find and gather pimento wood and leaves. Watch closely or you may miss some of the tricks of his amazing Jerk Sauce recipe. The Meal includes Jerk Chicken, local bread and coconut peas and rice made over a wood fire. Water is provided. Cold Jamaican Lager called Red Stripe and local rum is available for purchase Mel’s Kitchen & Bar. 4-5 hours

Ganja Hike with a local “herbsman”. Seasonal
Mel’s Father, Kiaras Grandfather is a Rasta Man and has been growing this medicinal plant for almost his entire life. He has also been teaching his trade to the younger generation that live in the community. Learn the history, ask questions about growing methods and have your mind blown with just how labor intensive this kind of farming is. Who knows you may even learn how to roll the perfect spliff Rastaman style with local organic tobacco called “Grabba” 3-4 hours

Local Community Tour package for guests who book a 5 to 7 night stay are offered a special discounted price for all 5 tours.

For Solo travelers: $150 Usd includes tax

Beach Hike, Coffee Roasting, Ganja History and Tour, *Culinary Arts Class, the *Art of Jerk History and Cook Out
Includes 2 meals with sides and a beverage and over 20 hours of instruction and adventure.

For a couple or two friends: $200 Usd includes tax

Beach Hike, Coffee Roasting, Ganja History and Tour, *Culinary Arts Class, the *Art of Jerk History and Cook Out
Includes 4 meals and side dishes including a beverage and over 20 hours of adventure and instruction.

*Cooking and The Art of Jerk can be tailored to our Vegan and Vegetarian guests. Just let us know, we are happy to accommodate you.


Yes, we do have complimentary Wi-Fi however the connection can be a little variable and while generally fine for checking an occasional email, what’s app, or the news headlines, you shouldn’t expect to stream movies etc.


No problem, you can purchase a local SIM card for your unlocked smart phone from DigiCell in Montego Bay, Negril, or Savanna-La-Mar for under $5.00 usd and purchase a data plan with 25GB for under $25.00 Usd
If using our transportation services, ask our driver to stop for you


Closest ATM, Cambio & Banks
12.5 miles 20 km
Savanna la Mar


Closest “Cook Shop”
2 miles 3.2 km
•Ovelettes & Blacks”
Fried Chicken -N- Chips (French Fries)
Beer, soda & juice
$400 jmd to $800 jmd

7 miles 11.2 km
The Cracked Conch - Seafood
Lobster (in season) Fish Oxtail, Organic Steak
Beer, wine & cocktails
$1200-$4000 jmd

Jerk Omar’s
7.5 miles 13 km
Jerk Chicken,Jerk sauce & hard-dough bread
$600 jmd

12.5 miles 20 km
Savanna la Mar
Pizzas.Wings, Chilli Dog, Chicken Sandwich, Fries
$800-$1600 jmd

Fast Food:
Burger King, Popeyes, Juicy Patties & KFC
12.5 miles 20 km
Savanna la Mar
Burgers, Chicken, Fries, Corn, Cookies, Patties, Soup, Banana Bread

Boarder Jerk:
16 miles 26 km
Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken, Festival, Breadfruit, Roast Yam, Green & Rip Plantain
Beer, Rum, Soda
$300-$3000 JMD

Rasta Aid
30 miles 48 km
Chickpea Curry, Rasta Pasta, Veggie Sandwich, Hummus, Fried Plantain, Coconut Drops, Gizzardas, Pumpkin Bread
Lemonade, Fresh Press Juices
$300-$2300 jmd

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Hello or as we say in Jamaica "WahGwaan ". I was born and raised on this beautiful mountain, 2500 feet above the Caribbean Sea. When I was younger, nothing thrilled me more than to walk down to Bluefields Beach with my mother, father and 7 brothers and sisters when visitors from abroad would come to stay at my fathers coffee farm. We all loved buying ice cream from the man with his igloo cooler strapped to the back of his peddle bike. I'm passionate about many things but my top three include meeting and hosting guests and visitors from around the world, my amazing daughter, Kiara and of course, gardening. In 2017 I began offering my personal home to visitors. This home has been in my family for many generations, in 2015 I started renovating and expanding it to include three verandas, electricity & indoor plumbing. In 2018 we added “the blue Mahoe” a romantic cabin overlooking the gardens. Many people come here as visitors and leave as friends. Come visit us, we would love to show you our likkle piece of "paradise". One Love, Mel
Hello or as we say in Jamaica "WahGwaan ". I was born and raised on this beautiful mountain, 2500 feet above the Caribbean Sea. When I was younger, nothing thrilled me more than to…

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As much or as little as guests would prefer. We can cook some or all of your meals and will be available to answer your questions, give guidance, arrange tours and outings, and provide you with exceptional service. Your privacy and space will be honored.
As much or as little as guests would prefer. We can cook some or all of your meals and will be available to answer your questions, give guidance, arrange tours and outings, and pro…
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