B&B La Scellana: nature & relax near the river

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Codice CITR:009063-BEB-0002 What we offer you is the opportunity to spend some days with us in this somehow magic place away from the stress of city life.
You will find a traditional B&B, with the same spirit that characterized these structures when they were born, that is with the pleasure of sharing their home with the guests. We offer an authentic rural place, where you can take a break from the hectic times of modern life.
For those looking for themselves and not a place to consume.

We want to share with our guests first of all the spirit with which we have approached these places when we came here from the city.We have tried to respect what this place has been over the years.
We left the house as it was with just a few remodeling; rather we spent our efforts to clean up the woods and to rebuild the gardens in the once cultivated fields.We therefore opted for a minimal impact intervention, preferring to care what nature has made available or that old peasants have built over time.
When we decided to open our home to guests we opted for a low environmental impact hosting in order to preserve and value the territory. No specific intervention was necessary to start hosting activit because Scellana has itself all the characteristics of beauty and peace that allow those who escape from the city to find their ideal retreat.
The Scellana is within a territory rich in places of considerable naturalistic interest: here the air and the waters are pure, the acoustic and luminous pollution almost absent. And it is for this reason that walking along the paths or walking through woods or along the watercourses it is easy to come across unspoiled places where nature offers new sensory experiences for a citizen. It is therefore an ideal place for what is called "slow rural tourism".
Those who come here won't find TV but the view on meadows and gardens, not solarium and pool, but a garden with restored old lounge chairs and a clear creek where to bath, not exotic essences but the scent of freshly baked bread, flowers and herbs just hanged up to dry.

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Tiglieto, Liguria, Italy

The upper valley of the Orba (name that identifies the geographical area where "La Scellana" is located) is rich in attractions both in terms of nature (chestnut woods, high altitude beech woods, itineraries inside the park del Beigua up to the watershed with a breathtaking view of the Ligurian coast), both historical (the rock carvings, the oldest Cistercian monastery in Italy).

If you want to spend some days dedicated to the typical activities of a slow vacation, the Alta Valle d'Orba offers you many possibilities such as:
Bathing in the streams: the fresh clear emerald waters form small ponds and natural pools where you can dive, or small waterfalls where you can have real hydromassages
Meditation along the river or on the crest of a mountain or in a forest: relax with the sounds of nature, the music of streams, birdsong
Observe and recognize the stars
Summer walk on the high street of the Ligurian mountains on the full moon night
Observe a field lit by fireflies in June nights

If, on the other hand, you like sporting activity, you will be spoiled for choice: trekking, hiking along waterways, mountain biking, biking, climbing, running, horseback riding, snowshoeing, north walking and kayak.
When you will be with us we will give you all the information that you can already consult on our site before arriving at us.
From Scellana you can reach in 5 minutes the entrance to the path of Lake Coicia defined by more than one specialized site as "one of the most hidden and suggestive places in Liguria".
Nearby are both paths that lead to the Alta Via, bicycle and mountain bike routes and if the river allows it (it must have rained in the previous days) you can put the Kayak in the stream near your house and do a trip of several hours.

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Io e mia moglie Serafina, da tempo siamo alla ricerca di luoghi lontani dal caos cittadino. I due rifugi che ci siamo scelti sono una casa in campagna nell'entroterra e una casa in un paesino vicinissimo al mare ma nello tempo lonatno dai clamori della Riviera. Saremo lieti di ospitarvi nella nostra casa di campagna "La Scellana" oppure di scendere al mare per accogliervi a Lavaggiorosso. Nel primo caso vorremmo provare a farvi provare ciò che significa vivere immersi nella natura. Nel caso di Lavaggiorosso si tratta invece di un luogo che per noi rappresenta il legame con il mare, da noi molto amato, e nel contempo mantiene le caratteristiche di tranquillità che piacciono a noi.
Io e mia moglie Serafina, da tempo siamo alla ricerca di luoghi lontani dal caos cittadino. I due rifugi che ci siamo scelti sono una casa in campagna nell'entroterra e una casa in…

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In addition to b&b service, we offer the possibility of living an "experience" of hospitality and discovering of the territory. You can share with us the dining table, the kitchen, the products of our garden, our jams, the self-produced soaps, our bread . We experienced that sharing a home is something that happens naturally, perhaps in different ways from guest to guest, but always with mutual satisfaction.
The breakfast that, depending on the times you choose will be served by us or self-service, mainly includes local products (milk, yougurt, honey, jams, bread, biscuits, cakes, fruit, etc.).
We'll introduce you directly the territory around the Scellana, the Carpescio river with its crystal clear waters and its swimming lakes, the woods and the paths that pass nearby. We will give you all the indications to visit the Alta Valle Orba and the surroundings. You can choose to spend a holiday dedicated to sporting activities or to rest, perhaps with a good book on the deckchairs in our garden or along the Carpescio. All this, however, always characterized by an environment that in itself will help you find your natural rhythms and therefore true relaxation.
In addition to b&b service, we offer the possibility of living an "experience" of hospitality and discovering of the territory. You can share with us the dining table, the kitchen,…
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