Casa Mamaluma, Private Oceanview retreat


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Beautiful private house near South Pacific Coast

Casa Mamaluma, surrounded by the forrest, offers a relaxed getaway with stunning panoramic ocean views. The 18.000m2 jungle is located near several popular beaches & some of the best restaurants in Costa Rica. We are about 15 minutes off the highway and up the mountain. Privacy,fantastic views, infinity pool and nice breezes from the Pacific Ocean

If you prefer an authentic experience in one of Costa Rica's most green and beautiful areas - Casa Mamaluma is the right choice for you. Our modern house is drawn by an upcoming local architect and is placed off the beaten track. The views are spectacular whatever you are on 1st or 2nd floor.

You can se more pictures in our homepage if you search Casa Mamaluma in your browser.

The trip up and down the mountain (300 meters above sea level) can only be made in a SUV 4x4. The 15 minutes (depending on the weather and road conditions) passes quickly given the ever-changing views. You do not have to be afraid of driving up to the house - normally the road is in a very good condition. .

From the highway you can reach a newbuild hospital, grocery shops, beaches, pharmacy and some of the best restaurantes in Costa Rica in 5-20 minutes.

Casa Mamaluma is placed in the southern zone of Costa Rica (3,5-4 hours drive from SJO airport) in which you will find misty valley views, cool mountain breezes, and dazzling sun drenched beaches. Innumerable rivers and stunning waterfalls complete the natural landscape and charm of the South Pacific Region. With a variety of climates and habitats, the region is a mecca for nature lovers, hikers, birders, surfers, and sport fisherman. There are several waterfalls and swimming ponds in the southern zone for you to enjoy. We recommend you to take a refreshing swim in the river that you pass - 2 km before the house - next to the concrete bridge. This is the favourite spot of the locals as well.

Or you can simply stay at the house enjoying the infinity pool overlooking The Pacific Ocean. The house has several terraces just for relaxing and you can always find shadow near the pool. Dazzling in the lounger reading a good book or just watching how the sun, skies and weather is changing the landscape all the time.

The southern Pacific coast has not been extensively developed for the most part. The beaches are pristine and much of the time empty of visitors. So, if you are looking for a holiday close to nature but with all the comforts just around the corner, great food and friendly people the southern zone is with no doubt for you. Not to mention all the wildlife such as iguanas, monkeys, birds, sloths, butterflies etc. that you will find at the doorstep.
We can arrange Eduin to hike with you in the nearby area. Please note that he is only Spanish speaking but willing to learn English. We will provide a list of the most important and needed sentences for you in both Spanish and English in order to make the communication smooth. It is a good chance for you to improve your Spanish as well.

Due to the elevated terraces and the infinity pool the property is not safe for young children without adequate supervision.


We have listed some frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you don’t get the answer to your question do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you live close by - if I have any questions?
No, we live in Denmark 9000 km away - which has a time zone that is 7-8 hours ahead of Costa Rica. We have a very skilled caretaker - Eduin - who will assist you during your stay. He lives only 3 km from Casa Mamaluma and can be with you in 5 minutes.
When the booking is completed we will sent you a welcome letter which includes all the details of the house and area. We are also available by mail and phone for any questions that you might have - just please note the time gap between Costa Rica and Denmark.

How to get there - and do I need a SUV 4x4 car?
You will need a SUV 4x4-car. We have had over 100 guests and all guests with a SUV 4x4 made it to the house. Please note that a AWD (all wheel Drive) is NOT a 4x4. Casa Mamaluma is a 4 hours’ drive (Expect more time if you want to grab something to eat or if you want to do some shopping on the way. ) away from San Jose airport. (from Liberia Airport you will need at least 5-6 hours) The drive down to the Pacific Ocean is easy and the Costanera Highway is recently rebuilt which makes the drive easy and enjoyable. Wherever you go in Costa Rica once you leave the paved highways, the quality of the roads quickly decline. But that is also part of the adventure of visiting a tropical rainforest and driving up the mountain to our private mountain house. The last 5 km to our retreat is up the mountain on a well-maintained gravel road. You will pass small bridges and we can guarantee a splendid view on your journey to Casa Mamaluma. It will only take you about 15 minutes depending on the weather and road conditions. To make the trip easier you can fly to Quepos and rent a car. From Quepos you shorten the driving time by 1,5 - 2 hours.

Please don’t arrive the first night after dark (6pm). If you arrive late at San Jose or Liberia airport we strongly advise you to spend a night at a nearby hotel.

Do I get a description on how to find Casa Mamaluma?
Yes! After the confirmation of your reservation, we will send you a detailed description how to get to Casa Mamaluma. The description will also include photos of landmarks along the way.

What is the weather like?
Costa Rica is a small country but even though the climate is diverse and very varied. Costa Rica can be divided into several climatic zones, but in generally classified as a tropical country because of its proximity to the equator. Costa Rica has no real winter period, and the sun shines here throughout the year. In general, the weather can be classified as a dry (or high season) - and a wet - (or green season). With over 12 hours of sunshine a day, the sun rises at about 6 am and sets at about 6 pm consistently throughout the year.
As mentioned Costa Rica does not really have summer or winter as the temperature is more or less constant throughout the year. The green season (rainy season) lasts from May to November - September and October being the heaviest rain period. Even though July is in the green season it is a popular month for visiting Costa Rica. Normally it rains in the afternoons. Even though the surroundings at Casa Mamaluma is green all year around you will find the rivers, waterfall and vegetation even more beautiful in the green season. In fact, the rain is often welcome on a hot day.
The months of December through April - having little to almost no rain - is the high and dry season of Costa Rica. Temperatures during the day are often around 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) and drops to 22 degrees Celsius at night (72 Fahrenheit). Casa Mamaluma is built in an altitude of 300 meters above sea level (1000 ft.) while you will always have a nice breeze from the Pacific Ocean.

The retreat – do I have the house by myself?
Yes. You have access to the entire house and the 4,5 acres’ retreat. The neighborhood is very quiet and you can enjoy the peace, the nature and the stunning flora and fauna from the many terraces around Casa Mamaluma. In the green season, you will even find small waterfalls at the property. The sound of your private waterfalls is healthy and soothen. Sometimes the peaceful surroundings are interrupted by the sounds of the 'congo' howler monkeys or by the variety of birds flying by including toucans and parrots. The flora and fauna is just amazing.
Casa Mamaluma is also constructed in a way that you will all have private rooms whether you are 2, 4 or 6 people traveling together. Due to the large retreat – you will always be able to find a spot where you can enjoy the surroundings by yourself.

The nearest smaller town – and the place to dine.
Ojochal is 5 minutes up the highway. If you are looking for a good place to dine – this is the culinary destination of the South Pacific. With fine dining ranging from Mediterranean to Indonesian, you are sure to find a great meal. Reserve before you go as people travel from as far as Jacó to dine in a jungle atmosphere. You will also fine small grocery shops in Ojochal. The bigger supermarkets are placed in Uvita or Palmar Norte. Both approximately 15 minutes up or down the highway.

Do Casa Mamaluma have internet?
Yes. We have recently upgraded our internet so you have access to unlimited WiFi which is sufficient for streaming movies (Netflix's ect), doing teams meetings or video calls. Remember we don't have any TV.

Responsibly – take care of the resources
In the construction of Casa Mamaluma we have seeked to minimize the negative environmental impact of building. Therefore, we have invested a great amount in solar cells trying to be 100 % self-sufficient with electricity. We have installed a power smart solar electricity system that is on grid. That is, when we do not use the power that we produce we can feed the excess power to the grid where it is consumed by other users. This is 100% green energy.
To achieve the goal to be 100 % self-sufficient with electricity we kindly ask all our guests to close the doors in the bedrooms when using the air-conditioner. Also, please turn off the AC when you are not using the bedrooms. Due to the newest technology, it will only take you 5-10 min to cool the room while it is not necessary to leave the aircon running constantly. Furthermore, Casa Mamaluma is built in a way that you will always feel the nice breeze from the Pacific Ocean. That minimizes the need for using the aircon during the day (and night) as well.

What to do in the area?
If you are planning to use some of your time looking for adventure you will not be disappointed. Common for all adventures in the area is that they are all combined with the beautiful nature in Costa Rica. This is just some of the options in the area:

Osa canopy tour
The 800-acre private reserve includes primary and secondary humid tropical rainforests. Take delight in overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean while waiting for the tour to begin. Once you begin, a bilingual guides will teach you much about the Osa in a fun and informative manner along the way. There are 9 cables, 11 platforms, 2 repelling stations, 2 suspension bridge, and an amazing “tarzan” swing for the truly adventurous

Sport Fishing
There is also plenty of sport fishing options out of Sierpe, which is close to Ojochal

Trip to Corcavado National Park
Corcavado National Park was called one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet by National Geographic. The tour leaves from Sierpe either at 7am or at 8am.

Nauyaca waterfalls
The Nauyaca Waterfalls are located in a canyon approximately eight meters wide. One of the falls is forty-five meters high in free fall and the other, twenty meters high with a tiered fall, forming at the bottom a 1,000-square meter and six-meter-deep pool. There are also other smaller natural pools where visitors can seize the opportunity and enjoy the waters with their families or friends. Nauyaca Waterfalls is the ideal place for nature and adventure lovers, where tourists can walk, swim, climb, jump, take photographs and spend a marvelous day in the warm waters of Rio Barucito, enjoying one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica’s South Pacific.These waterfalls are a reference point for adventure ecotourism, as they are recognized worldwide for their beauty and the excellent services offered.

Manual Antonio national park
This park is just south of Quepos which is 90 km away from Casa Mamaluma – 1,5 hours. Perhaps Manual Antonio is so popular (having a lot of visitors) because of its expansive white sand beaches backed by an evergreen forest that grows right up to the high tide line. The principal habitants are primary forest, secondary forest, mangrove swamps, lagoons and beach vegetation. There is quite a varied fauna with 109 species of mammals and 184 of birds. The park includes 12 little isles just off the coast; these often visited by several dolphins and, at times, migrating whales can be observed. You must pay a fee for entry to the National Park.

The Cano Island
When you stay at Casa Mamaluma you can see the island from the terraces. Cano Island (or Isla de Caño) is designated as one of the two best snorkel and scuba diving site in Costa Rica. This biological reserve is home to a copious amount of marine wildlife such as sharks, eagle rays, fish and turtles. On any given day, visibility is fairly good and visitors have the chance to see all sorts of wildlife. On the boat ride over, you will often see dolphins and turtles. Sometimes you can even see humpback whales if it is the right time of year!

Whale watching
Most whale watching tours depart from Drake or Carate on the seaward shores of the Osa peninsula or from the central Pacific coast along the beaches of Ballena Park near Uvita. The best dates are from December through April for the California Humpbacks and starting again in July when the Antarctic whales arrive to stay until about November.

Playa Ventanas (Windows Beach) is named from the beautiful sea caves that line the north and south ends of the beach. The two caves on the north end extend from the beach out to the ocean, a distance of about 50 meters. Pressure from the waves during certain tides can blow a large cloud of steam out onto the beach creating a "blowhole effect". The caves are very deep and are quite intriguing to venture through. This is a great little bay and is ideal for swimmers with its fine sand and caverns carved into the cliffs. Parking is available for a small fee.

Playa Piñuela is about 1,300 meters long with a small reef off the coast. This makes for very little wave action, creating an ideal beach for swimming. Piñuela is also a terrific spot for ocean kayaking. Since the beach lies within the national park there is an entrance fee for tourists.

Playa Ballena and Playa Arco
Playa Ballena is located in Marino Ballena National Park, and has some of the best beginner's waves in the area. Playa Ballena is known as a humpback whale migratory route.

Costa Rica is famous for its surf. Both the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts offer great waves. The ocean is clean and warm. The view of land is incredible, with scarlet macaws flying by and howler monkey calls echoing out of the forest. Because the breaks are inside the gulf, glassy conditions almost always persist. The good waves combined with lush vistas of the rainforest make this one of the most beautiful places you can surf.

As you can see - there is something for everyone!

If you have any questions – what so ever - do not hesitate to contact us.

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Coronado, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Casa Mamaluma is placed in the rainforest at an altitude of 300 meters with a perfect view of The Pacific Ocean. When you reach the main road you will have several beaches within 5-10 mins driving. You will also find Ballena National Marine Park 10-15 up the highway. Ballena National Marine Park is one of the most unique reserves in Costa Rica. The park protects more than 13,000 acres of ocean and 9 miles of coastline.

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We are a Danish family of four and when we were to find a name for the house it was obvious to name it after our first names – just to literally emphasize that this is a family project. Our names are (in the order of age): MAlene, MArtin, LUcas and MAthias – MaMaLuMa! Malene, went to Costa Rica for the first time 25 years ago as a young exchange student and she fell completely in love with Costa Rica after spending almost two years in the country with a costarican host family. Malenes costa rican host family can be attributed to the credit of having this dream coming true. We consider them our family. Malene has three “siblings” in her host family, Mariela, Daniel and Gabriel,. They were only small kids when she lived with them. Today they are all grown up, well educated and on their way to living their dreams. Our costa rican family has supported us all the way and have played crucial roles in the process of building Casa Mamaluma. We would be pleased to share this beautiful country with you – especially the southern zone – where Casa Mamaluma is.
We are a Danish family of four and when we were to find a name for the house it was obvious to name it after our first names – just to literally emphasize that this is a family pro…

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We do not live at the reserve. We are 9.000 km away in Denmark Eduin our housekeeper can assist you when you are staying at Casa Mamaluma. He lives very nearby. Please note that he is only Spanish speaking but willing to learn English. We will provide a list of the most important and needed sentences for you in both Spanish and English in order to make the communication smoother. We will also be more than glad to assist you. When you done the booking we will provide serval ways to contact us. Malene is English and Spanish speaking (and of cause Danish if, you prefer). Martin is only English and Danish speaking.
We do not live at the reserve. We are 9.000 km away in Denmark Eduin our housekeeper can assist you when you are staying at Casa Mamaluma. He lives very nearby. Please note that h…

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