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The sunrise room is located east of the terrace level of Balai LaHi’s host house. It's quite spacious for two and has a generous king sized four-poster bed. It has an ensuite toilet & shower, towels and linens are provided. This is a well-ventilated room, and electric fans are provided for you comfort.

This is part of a home. You are safe here. Relax and feel totally at peace.

Welcome home

The sunrise room is part of the host house, Balai' La-Hi, a private home by the sea in Barrio San Rafael, Cawit. There is nothing here except the sound of waves, birds chirping, leaves rustling in the wind, and sea vessels coming and going. Everything about this place is natural and honest. Nothing forced, everything just gracefully falling into place. Spending time here somehow has the ability to calm ones senses.

You’re totally safe here. The whole property is private, the barrio folk are peace-loving, and the entire house is thoroughly cleaned everyday, especially before you arrive. Our staff always observe strict sanitation protocols. Hand soaps and disinfectants will be made available during the entire length of your stay. Clean sheets and towels are provided.

We have always observed a “comfort capacity” limit. We do not allow more than 8 people in the house, making sure that each guest gets more than ample personal space : sleeping, lounging and dining spaces. All rooms are cooled by cross-ventilation and fans.

The beach is very swimmable :) Just feel your way into the mild waters carefully.

Do you need a quiet place to be totally free and at peace? Or maybe you simply want to spend quality time with loved ones? Or Hang loose with your friends in a very homey, laid-back atmosphere? Delight in provincial bliss, where the wifi may be weak but real conversations are unforgettable.

We have no food service. Breakfast ingredients (coffee, pan de sal, eggs, butter and jam) will be available in the pantry. Should you wish for a local kusinera to cook meals for you, we can call in one of our trusted manangs who can whip up authentic local dishes for a daily fee. Please let us know ahead of time so we can book them for you.

Delightfully, Balai La-Hi is not all there is to the island province of Marinduque. It is also a historic province whose towns date back to the Spanish era. For mountain lovers, there's a majestic Volcano called Malindig you can climb and wild forests you can hike. For bikers, there are well paved roads running along pristine coastlines as well as unbeaten paths into the "ilayas" of each barrio. But ! Most wonderful about this place are the cheerful barrio folk you will surely get to know .

Once a part of the province of Batangas, Marinduque is called the "heart of the Philippines" because it is indeed geographically at the heart of the archipelago and shaped like one. Maybe thats why it is also consistently awarded the most peaceful province in the Philippines.

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Boac, MIMAROPA, Philippines

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Hello! My name is Cholo. I am teacher | filmmaker | traveller based in the Philippines my partner, Tor, who I usually travel with, is an artist as well.

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La-Hi is a peace and quiet zone :)

Especially during QUIET HOURS : 10pm till 8 am

While music and lively conversation are highly encouraged, we do not allow karaoke or loud parties. When sharing home, please always be mindful of your neighbour’s “quiet space” as much as can be helped.

We have 2 functioning kitchens :)

The barn (used by the staff and inn keeper)

The house kitchen (a shared area). We ask that you wash after yourselves and be mindful of where you leave your trash, especially plastics. There will be trash bins available for your convenience. if you can’t find one, please ask the inn keeper.

Please, NEVER throw any solid matter (ex. toilet paper, sanitary napkins, fabrics, plastics) down the drain or into the toilet. These will surely cause the pipes to clog and toilets to overflow. Again, there will be trash bins provided. if you can't find one, please ask the inn keeper.

A hamper will be placed outside your room, during change days or before check out so you can safely deposit your used house towels for laundering.

La - Hi is a social place and we encourage new friendships :) But, being a shared home, we ask that each person's private space be respected.

Common Social areas:
Dining room

Private areas :
Terrace areas directly fronting the rooms

The beach is very swimmable and safe :) Just feel your way into the mild waters carefully. The ground is pebbly, but kind on the feet :) Several meters out is a recovering coral reef. Therefore, there may be sharp corals. Please proceed with caution :

slippers and aqua shoes are advisable.

Swimming beyond the coral reef is not advised for non swimmers.

While we guarantee a safe beach, we ask that you supervise your children and non-swimmers closely.

Please do not leave trash on the beach. Take them back to the house and dispose of properly.

Utility water is scarce sometimes. So please conserve water. Should the bathroom or kitchen water supply run out, please inform the inn keeper.

Drinking water is on the house. This is filtered by a local supplier using clean and recycled bottles. We do not encourage the carriage of disposable plastic bottles. Should you have any, please make sure they are disposed of properly.

SMOKING AND EATING are not allowed in the bedrooms. There are several very pleasant areas made available for these activities.

We love good lighting :)

The house and gardens are fully lit after sunset but they are turned off when the inn keeper goes home after dinner. She will leave the living and lounging areas lit for you but we ask you to please turn them off before you retire to sleep. Only the Lanai and kitchen lights are left on all night.

For the safety of all, we do not encourage candles or tiki torches.

Our two dogs are allowed to roam as they make sure the property is not intruded upon. They will be your best companions and night guards. We do not lock them up.

Pets are allowed provided they are manageable and constantly supervised.

Please be advised that the provincial quarantine offices in all of our ports are very strict about animal imports. They do not allow animals without proper medical papers. Please check the dates of your pet’s last rabies and other preventive vaccinations in order to avoid the inconvenience of being denied entry into Marinduque.

Vaccinations are only valid for 12 months.

No matter how open, LaHi is a very secure property and Marinduque is a very peaceful province. Our inn keeper goes home to her family after dinner and comes back before breakfast the next day. Should you wish for additional nighttime security, please let us know and we will try our best to provide you with it.

Brekkie is on the house :) We usually have coffee, eggs, and pan de sal.

We love home-cooked meals, so we encourage you to experience the same pleasure.

For lunches and dinners, we have regular “kusineras” who can make awesome meals for you. They charge a minimal daily rate and work around your budget and preferences. You may transact directly with the inn keeper regarding this.

Have a peaceful stay.

Welcome home.
La-Hi is a peace and quiet zone :)

Especially during QUIET HOURS : 10pm till 8 am

While music and lively conversation are highly encoura…

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