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Galley Cabin.

I-SuperhostOban, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Welcome to Gylen Park !
This is our fourth year on Airbnb and are delighted to be offering accommodation in our wonderful caravan / cabin, we call it "Galley Cabin"

Situated on the remote end of Kerrera Island we are in the perfect spot to “get away” from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Our home is situated at the end of a road to know where. So if your looking to step out of the usual tourist traps then this is the place for you.

Please read the full discription before booking.

This is a 6.8 meter long by 2.4 meter wide (internal space) caravan that has undergone a transformation from a standard caravan to something much more comfortable and interesting, we have put in hundreds and hundreds of hours of work to create a space that we hope will satisfy all your needs while you are visiting this amazing island.

This is not a modern luxury caravan, but if there is such a thing as “very comfortable rustic” then we hope to have achieved this. This caravan is perfectly suited to couples or single visitors or two friends who don't mind sharing one room with two beds.

There is a heated shower room as shown in the photos, the electric shower is not a power shower as we do not have mains water pressure but its hot spacious and will do the job! We provide all the Towels you could need.

The kitchen is equipped with two induction hobs, a modern microwave, toaster and full size fridge. There is of course a kettle and all the utensils and cooking equipment you could need.
There is NOT a freezer but if required you can use our one in the house no problems. There is also NOT an oven but there is the microwave that i am told can do many magical things if you know how to use one….. there is an instruction manual.

We provide free tea bags and ground coffee (there is a coffee plunger) sugar, salt, pepper and olive oil.

There is an endless supply of wonderful fresh spring water from the tap !

The caravan has a double bed with freshly laundered linen, it comes with a double duvet and plenty of extra bedding if required. We can make up a single bed if two beds are required, This is done by converting the small table and seating area as shown in the photos into a bed.

There is a flushing toilet inside the caravan (see photos) and a wash hand basin and lighted vanity unit.

There is a full size double sink with draining board, tea towels are provided.

There is a spacious seating area and dinning table, there is another table and seating area if its not converted into a single bed.

Heating is provided by two electric heaters, one is a large fan heater with an electric flame and will heat the place up quickly the other is a smaller heater with a thermostat that you can set to whatever temperature you like the room to be at while sleeping.

There are new blinds on all the windows.
There is hot water at the kitchen and hand sink and of course the shower.

There is storage space in overhead cupboards and also a wardrobe for larger items.

There is no telly vision and no TV reception at the caravan or on the property so bring a book !

Wifi is available but please be aware that we are at the very end of a long and very old phone line, wifi is slow but more than adequate for emails and simple web searching, streaming of movies is often slow and not worth the effort so download some before arriving.

There is NO mobile reception at the caravan or around the house so you will get some peace from the constant chirping of phones, phone reception can be got by taking a short walk up a local hill.

Outside there is a private seating area with fantastic views, there is a nice big charcoal BBQ outside the cabin, either bring your own charcoal or leave a donation for using ours. Please let us know in advance if you think you may want a BBQ so that we can make sure it’s cleaned and everything is ready for you.
The caravan is within our grounds (please see photos) we have tried to site it so that you have the best possible view out the main window and you also have an outdoor seating area that is somewhat hidden from the main house.

We live in the main house with our two children and we have one small dog. We run a volunteer program where people come and help to us to develop the gardens and look after the wild areas and tender the thousands of young trees we have planted. There can be up to two volunteers here and they stay in both the main house and the cottage, we also have a much more basic caravan that is also used by our volunteers.

We have a really big garden with huge areas of cut grass and are slowly creating a network of tracks that one day will lead (you) our guests around this stunning property. The creation of the gardens and woodland is ongoing and the property reflects that with signs of activity all over the place, there are stockpiles of timber and stone in various locations ready for use and though unsightly now will one day be used to make the place even more beautiful and enjoyable for out future guests, so please ask if you want me to tell you how a pile of stone will unfold into one of my many dreams.

You are welcome to explore the property, there is a huge pond area that has the beginnings of a track round it and we have some resident wild ducks. The creation of many wildlife areas has seen a massive increase in bird numbers as well as many more butterflies and bees feeding on the nectar of the many hundreds of flowers we have planted.

The property is at the very end of a road to nowhere, so if you want to explore nowhere then its just outside the garden gate, walk out and get lost in this truly wild and beautiful place.

The local landscape is like something straight out of lord of the rings, with many small beaches and jagged cliffs, there are ruins from forgotten times and deep dark woods, open grasslands and hidden lochs, babbling burns and secret caves…. Stunning views are round every corner, all in all if you love the wild outdoors then you will love it here.

The island has a traffic exclusion policy this means you CANNOT bring your car across but have to LEAVE it parked on the mainland. It’s free parking but due to limited space it is sometimes worth arriving half an hour early so that you can wait for people getting of the ferry to leave, you can then park in one of the vacated spots, get yourself organised and get the next ferry in a leisurely manner. We will pick you up from the ferry on the island side and drive you down to where we live. We will also drop you off at the ferry when you finish your stay with us.
The carpark park on the mainland is in the middle of nowhere so you will need to bring all you need and though there is very little crime in these parts you should not leave valuables in your car.
The ferry to the island costs approximately £3.20return per person.

The last ferry is at 5.55pm from the mainland to the island you MUST not be late or you will miss the ferry and then you will need to find alternative accommodation at extra cost. So plan to arrive on time or better still and earlier ferry. You need to let us know what ferry you are arriving on at least 48 hrs in advance so that we can arrange to pick you up, failure to do this could mean that you have to walk the 2 miles to where we live. If you do miss your ferry please try and contact us and we will do all we can to come and get you, failing this leave your bags at the ferry port and walk down to us and we will go back and get your bags.

Please see the ferry website for all sailings and information,
type CALMAC Ferries into your internet browser
And then in the search page write "kerrera" and you should find the info on sailings

There are NO SHOPS on the island and only one cafe that is open 7 days a week but shuts a 4.30pm The Tea Garden / Cafe is shut from the end of September. The cafe serves food and drinks and is about 20 minutes walk from where we live. There are no pubs or any other amenities at this end of the island so bring all your must have items like beer and chocolate!

Because of the nature of the property with ponds, cliffs and work related sites this is not a suitable environment for young children, we have two very young children but they have grown up around here and know how to stay safe.

We have tried to provide all you need for your stay, we are on site nearly all the time so if you need something then we will endeavour to help you.
We will pick you up with a large 4x4 so bring as much stuff as you like except the kitchen sink as its already here.

Thanks for reading and i hope we see you soon.

Check in time is from 3pm and check out is before 11am this gives us time to clean the caravan ready for the next guests. If we are not booked up then we can be more relaxed about these times.

There are a few miles of hard surface tracks / roads on Kerrera but if you want to explore the best parts then you need to be prepared to go "Off Road" stout footware and rain jackets are advisable. We have a selection of wellington boots for people to use, we have some now but will hope to have a full range within the next few weeks

A map of the island is on the wall.

We will ask all our geusts about ideas to make the experience better for future visitors and will act on these ideas as soon as we can if it is possible and affordable.

Thanks to our geusts so far for giving us some great ideas.

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PLEASE CONTACT ME through this Airbnb site, DONT leave mobile text messages I don’t have a mobile phone or reception at this location. Please ONLY phone in emergencies -and never after 7pm. ALL corespondents should be done through the Airbnb mail system as this is WHAT I CHECK on a regular basis. Thanks
Welcome to Gylen Park !
This is our fourth year on Airbnb and are delighted to be offering accommodation in our wonderful caravan / cabin, we call it "Galley Cabin"

Situated on the remote end of Kerrera Island we are in the perfect spot to “get away” from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Our home is situated at the end of a road to know where. So if your looking to step out of the usual tourist…
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Oban, Scotland, United Kingdom

Umbuki zindwendwe ngu- Colin

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My name is Colin and I live here with my two children Oscar and Tilly and there mum Tina. I used to be an environmental stone mason before moving back to Kerrera. I live in an amazing place and am working hard to create a more sustainable, natural environment to live in and bring up our children.
My name is Colin and I live here with my two children Oscar and Tilly and there mum Tina. I used to be an environmental stone mason before moving back to Kerrera. I live in an amaz…
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