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Eth Mansala or "Path of the Elephant" is a holiday bungalow located off the main road of Dambulla - Habarana in Sri Lanka. It is approximately 3.5 kms away from the Habarana Town. This holiday home is built in a midst of grassy scrub and the beautiful Yaan Oya flows alongside it.

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Habarana, North Central Province, Sri Lanka

Activities that can be done during your stay at Ethmansala...

Activities as follows
Visit Sigiriya(15mts drive)
Pidurangala (15mts drive)
Minneriya safari park (15mts drive)-Largest Elephant gathering in the world)
Kaudulla safaripark (25mts drive)
Golden temple Dambulla(20mts drive)
Ritigala mountain(an amazing mountain with various climatic zones)- 25Mts drive
Trincomalee - 01hour drive
Polonnaruwa - 40mts drive
Birds watching
Trekking etc..

USD 15 per single room / per person per night on BB basis
Lunch USD 02 per person
Dinner USD 03 per person

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Ujoyine nge- 2017 July
    Eth Mansala or "Path of the Elephant" is a holiday bungalow located off the main road of Dambulla - Habarana in Sri Lanka. It is approximately 3.5 kms away from the Habarana Town. This holiday home is built in a midst of grassy scrub and the beautiful Yaan Oya flows alongside it. The bungalow consists of 5 airy bedrooms, a large veranda and three bathrooms. It is equipped with basic facilities such as hot & cold water, fans and a refrigerator. Two well-experienced cooks will cater to your taste with any dish either eastern or western. And more over Eth Mansala has facilities for BBQ night with Cadjan Torches around the BBQ area as to protect from the wild elephants who may roaming in the vicinity. The jungle around Eth Mansala is connected to Minneriya, a land which is a pathway to the wild elephants. Very often they are seen at the stream in herds drinking water and on some days visitors may be able to see them from their bedrooms. However, after dusk visitors are strictly advised not to go out as there are wild elephants roaming in the vicinity. Bird lovers will find Eth Mansala an interesting place, as there are over 80 varieties of birds, sighted in and around the vicinity of Eth Mansala. Eth Mansala is an ideal place for wild life lovers and anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to experience nature & enjoy a memorable holiday... There is a lot to do in the outdoors of Eth Mansala. Opportunities for nature exploration and outdoor activities are abound. Here is just a short summary of activities you can engage in while your visit... Bird Watching Jungle Exploration Photography Another exciting activity is to get wet at Eth Mnasala or in other words, go swim in the Yaan Oya, which flows beside Eth Mansala. The scenery and the water-tossed thrills will meet all your expectations of a wild holiday. And more over there are recreation facilities at Eth Mansala namely; Basket Ball Table Tennis Cycling Trekking Carom, Cards, Chess and Draughts While staying at Eth Mansala it is possible to visit most of Sri Lanka's historic monuments such as Sigiriya Rock, Minneriya National Park both just a 15 minute drive away from the bungalow. The most famous Rock Temple in Dambulla is a 20 minute drive and Ritigala which is an amazing mountain with varying climatic zones is also a 25 minute drive away from Eth Mansala. As well, day trips could be arranged to Polonnaruwa which is 40 minutes away from the bungalow. Also a 80 minute drive will take you to Trincomalee which will give you the advantage of making your holiday more memorable. Sigiriya Rock Sigiriya or the Lion Rock in Sri Lanka is considered to be the 8th wonder of the world. This impregnable rock fortress was built by King Kasyapa in the 5th century AD. This legendary place in the sky rises a majestic 600 feet above the surrounding jungle. Equipped with a sophisticated water system, a gallery of paintings, pavilions and courtyards at its summit and landscaped with pleasure gardens at ground level, this ancient wonder was designed to cater to everyday life of royalty in the illustrious past. Visitors are highly attracted to this place for its historical value and for the adventurous rock climbing opportunity that uplift the spirit for reaching the skies while your feet are still on solid ground... Minneriya National Park Minneriya National Park is Sri Lanka's one of the most prime and famous place for eco tourism. Spread over 8890 hectares, this wildlife park consists of both evergreen woodland and grassy scrub areas. A variety of different animal species are ruling this beautiful terrain namely elephants, leopards, deers on the land whilst birds - the island's avian denizens ruling the the skies all over them. Yet the intense aspect of the Minneriya Park is the Minneriya Tank built by the King Mahasena in the 3rd century AD. If you are a wildlife lover and ready for an adventures safari in a deep jungle with your binoculars to zoom-in, Minneriya is yet another ideal place for you to lay your footprints and take only the beautiful wild memories back home... Rock Temple in Dambulla Dambulla is Sri Lanka's one of finest cave temples, created by king Walagambahu during 104 - 76 B.C. This is composed with 5 large cavern shrine rooms decorated with mural paintings of scenes from Lord Buddha's life. Moreover various sitting and standing statues of Lord Buddha and various Hindu gods also can be seen inside the shrine rooms. The first 3 shrine rooms are named as 'Devaraja Lena', 'Maharaja Lena' and 'Maha Aluth Viharaya'. Apart from these, a small Vishnu Devale also can be seen which attracts many worshipers. The climbing way to the Rock Temple is also interesting as hundreds of monkeys can be seen in the jungle around, in flocks and families. You will be highly delighted to see them coming behind you for food especially for delicious watermelon with what they are usually fed by most visitors. And at the same time the climbing opportunity at this Rock temple will definitely get you religion for what you experience during your visit... Ritigala Ritigala - kande or the Ritigala Mountain is yet another place with historical and cultural value that is rich with an amazing varying climate zone. This mountain is about 2514 feet in height. This place is known as an archaeological site enrich with ruins of various Buddhist Dagabas, meditation platforms and walkways that are in perfect harmony with the huge boulders, noble trees, and streams of the sylvan environment. This mountain is famous for the legendary stories associated with it such as the Ramayana which is an Indian epic poem. Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa is considered to be Sri Lanka's medieval capital, and was established in the 11th century A.D. This renowned place comprises monumental ruins of the marvelous garden-city created by the king Parakramabahu-I in the 12th century. In the center of the Polonnaruwa capital complex, rests the Royal Palace. Monuments of Buddhist temples also can be sighted in several places of the city. Beside these, Brahmanic monuments built by the Cholas also can be seen in some places. The most astonishing feature of this ancient city is the vast Parakrama Samudra - a huge water tank built by king Parakramabahu which explains the advanced engineering techniques exercised by the engineers during the 12th century A.D. With all these surprises, your visit to Polonnaruwa is in no doubt to make you please and amaze about one of the most marvelous eras of Sri Lanka's Legend and History...
    Eth Mansala or "Path of the Elephant" is a holiday bungalow located off the main road of Dambulla - Habarana in Sri Lanka. It is approximately 3.5 kms away from the Habarana Town.…
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