❀Kiyomizu House❀ Luxury Historic Villa near Onsen


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★Pamper yourself with a luxury Japanese villa vacation★
❀ One-of-a-kind wood construction that dates to the silk era
❀ Plush futons
❀ 6 large tatami rooms, kitchen+dining, office, bath+shower, washer+dryer, 3WCs.
❀ Private entrance & Entire 1F: 168m²|1800ft²
❀ Duplex-style. Separate entrance for 2F caretaker lodging & spa
♥︎ Fully equipped for cooking. BBQ in yard or gazebo
♥︎ Free laundry, WiFi & parking
♥︎ Japanese gardens, lake, onsen, culture & recreational spots
❀ Experiences available

♥︎ Welcome to Kiyomizu House...right in the spiritual heart of Japan! きよみず邸へようこそ!♥︎

❀ Huge, castle sized home that is impeccably maintained. All the amenities for a luxury Japanese-style stay, walking tour and onsen, and modern amenities for gas BBQ, indoor/outdoor dining or remote work.

❀ 6,600 yen + taxes and Airbnb fees per guest (About 8,000 yen). Up to 20 guests.

❀ Enjoy a unique vacation in a 80-year old property whose land history dates to the 1500s unification of Japan, and was used for silk production that sparked the industrial revolution.

❀ The no-nail wood frame was made by "miyadaiku", sacred carpenters who build temples and shrines.

❀ Go back in time. Related to Minowa Castle of the 1500s (Ranked in the top 100 of Japan), and neighboring the Kyoto-style gardens, kura and samurai annex...all that remain from the top vassal's estate from after the castle's fall.

❀ It is much larger than the average Japanese home (actually, castle-sized) - ideal for a relaxing vacation.

❀ Fully renovated for overnight stays and events, and accepting only one reservation per night. You can enjoy the clean, spacious indoor and outdoor facilities worry free. Kiyomizu House offers so much more than a hotel...Ample space for relaxing or socializing. BBQ right on the property, bring in take out, or enjoy the fine cuisine of Gunma in private rooms. We're here as your concierge.
* Please note that most of our reviews are from pre-pandemic times just after we purchased this property, which was in dear need of renovations. During the stay-home period we addressed our guests' feedback, fully renovated the property, and it has an abundance of amenities. We are 100% confident you will be super comfortable during your stay.

❀ Quiet hours from 10pm - 7am. As the home is in a residential neighborhood with children and a home for the elderly, let's respect their ability to sleep peacefully at night. Please inquire if you would like recommendations for socializing late.

♥︎ Your lodging space ♥︎ 168 m² | 1800 ft²

❀ Private use of the entire first floor. 9 rooms.

❀ Open feel as the fusuma doors between the 6 adjacent tatami rooms' and surrounding engawa/sunroom-like hallway can all be left open.

❀ Spacious enough for up to 20 guests, but is often enjoyed by single travelers, couples or small groups.

❀ Ideal for avoiding the "Three C's" for COVID-19 prevention. Spacious, well ventilated, and Dyson air cleaner.

❀ The rooms: Large entry. Country kitchen. Six eight-mat tatami rooms. Sunroom-like "engawa" hallway area. Modern laundry room & bath. 2 WCs & 1 urinal.

❀ The furniture: Dining table & 6 chairs. 2 patio tables and 8 chairs in the entry room. 2 sofas. 2 reclining chairs. 3 heated "kotatsu" tables & 3 low tables in the tatami rooms. Hammock. Crib. High chair and baby bath chair. Dresser. 4 lockers. Full-length mirror and vanity.

❀ Bedding: 16 double-padded futons and thick comforters. Small and large pillows. Extra blankets.

❀ Towels: Small bath and hand towels provided in cloth bags for in-house or onsen use. Large bath towels available.

❀ Cookware & utensils: Gas stovetop and oven, microwave, toaster oven and 3 gas BBQs, wine cooler. An abundance of pots, dishes, glassware and silverware.

❀ Heating: 2 wall-units, electric and kerosene heaters for all rooms. 3 heated "kotatsu" tables. Outdoor kerosene heater.

❀ Cooling: Kiyomizu House is naturally so cool in the humid summer thanks to the traditional wood construction, high ceilings and thick tile roof. 2 wall-unit air conditioners, 6 wall-attached fans, 3 movable fans.

♥︎ Entertainment ♥︎

❀ Free WiFi, yoga mats, TV, picture books, park and outdoor/indoor games and toys.

♥︎ Outdoor space ♥︎ 500m² | 1600 ft²

❀ Parking for up to 10 cars or 2 micro buses.
❀ Open play area in front of the house.
❀ Gazebo, 8 tables and seating for 20+, large parasols.
❀ Kyoto-style Japanese garden on the side of the house. Entrance just around the corner.
❀ Free gas BBQ. 1. Reserve in advance so we can prepare the gas canisters. 2. No BBQs after sunset per our neighbors' request. Let's respect this quiet neighborhood. 3. No excessive drinking....Oh, the things that happen when guests get drunk....

♥︎ MRS Gunma Shungite Health Spa ♥︎ 2F, 130m² | 1400ft²

❀ Treat your body to the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation detox spa treatment. Contact Renée to book your session.
❀ Hot Stone Massage for partial or full-body treatment
❀ Largest collection of therapeutic-quality Shungite in Japan
❀ Shungite is known as the ultimate mineral for supporting anti-aging: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, bactericidal, supports free-radical release, cellular function support, and neutralizes toxins in the air, food and water supply, and from IT devices.

If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask.
We look forward to hosting you!

Motoyasu & Renée ❤︎

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Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Kiyomizu House and its neighborhood provide a complete resort vacation experience. Hot springs, parks, river, lake, and shopping within walking distance. Having a car is convenient, but you can also take a bus to and from downtown Takasaki and Ikaho Hot Springs resort. This is an extraordinary area. We are always happy to help you get around!

♥︎ General location ♥︎

Kiyomizu House is located 25min from JR Takasaki Station which boasts wonderful restaurants and unique shops, and 20min from JR Annaka-Haruna shinkansen station with breathtaking mountain views.
There are direct buses from Narita/Haneda airports and only 1 hour by shinkansen from Tokyo. We can help you get to the house from the station.

♥︎ Getting around ♥︎

❀ Having a car is convenient, so if you do not drive here, we can help you rent a car from the nearby Toyota Car Rental.
❀ Bus to and from downtown Takasaki and Ikaho Hot Springs resort
❀ If you need help with transportation, just let us know.

♥︎ Neighborhood ♥︎

❀ Refresh your body and mind in the tranquility of Kiyomizu House's surrounding nature.
❀ Walk to hot springs, Kyoto-style garden, park, watermill, river, and lake
❀ Mountain views

♥︎ Shopping and Restaurants ♥︎

❀ The large, country kitchen is well stocked with cookware and utensils for large groups.

❀ Some of our favorite places to shop:
✓ Kusuri no Aoki: 10min walk. Open 9am-10pm. Great for breakfast goods, drinks and snacks and even BBQ meat!
✓ Fressay supermarket & Daiso: 12min walk. Open 9am-10pm.

❀ Some of our favorite places to eat:
✓ Matsuki-ya: Upper-scale yaki niku and other menu items. 5min drive.
✓ Angelino Italian: Japan-renown chef. Amazing food and organic wine. 10min drive.

❀ Others: 7-11, Torisen, Hoka Hoka Bento

♥︎ Hot Spring Resort ♥︎

Maneki-no-Yu natural hot springs is just a 9min walk from Kiyomizu House. We have cloth hot spring bags ready for your use. They have strict COVID-19 prevention measures in place, including shutting down their eating and relaxation facilities. However, the spacious saunas and indoor/outdoor baths with their healing qualities is ideal for relaxation and boosting your immune system.

♥︎ Region ♥︎

❀ Cultural experiences: Kokeshi and Daruma painting, craft-making at the Nippon Silk Museum and museum of archeology at the Haniwa (terracotta statues) and Tombs.
❀ Nature: Lake and Mt. Haruna, Minowa Castle grounds, plum and cherry tree groves
❀ Sports: Skiing at 20+ resorts, 50-90 min drive. Golf. Hiking. Swimming.

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Hi! We are your hosts, Motoyasu & Renee Sawazaki (a.k.a. MRS Gunma), proud owners of two historical, luxury vacation homes, Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House, in the heart of Japan just 1½ hours north of Tokyo. We love having guests and providing opportunities to connect with each other, nature and the wonderful culture Gunma has to offer. An expert in wellness and eco tourism, Renee’s hosting & guiding style provides just enough information for her guests to feel at home and connected with the people and culture of the region they are visiting, while allowing them the time and space to really seep into their experience and feel the joy of being there. Her husband, Motoyasu, provides the gentleness of detailed communication and care, making sure every aspect of their guests’ journey to and in Gunma is smooth as silk. Reflecting their love for good, wholesome food, they offer homemade dishes and also provide cultural experiences where guests can meet people who are considered national treasures, eat mouthwatering foods unique to Gunma, and totally refresh their bodies in the natural hot springs that people for eons have been traveling from far and wide to in order to heal their body, mind and spirit. Renée loves being a “Japan’s Countryside Concierge” and is always happy to offer not only information to her guests, but accompany them to phenomenal nearby sites and facilitate their connection with locals. Gunma is the hidden gem of Japan, with an abundance of nature, history, culture and modernity where guests can engage hands-on to create memories that last a lifetime. We can provide support in English, French, a little Spanish, and most importantly, Japanese. See you soon in Gunma!! Motoyasu & Renée
Hi! We are your hosts, Motoyasu & Renee Sawazaki (a.k.a. MRS Gunma), proud owners of two historical, luxury vacation homes, Kiyomizu House and Mitsuba House, in the heart of Japan…

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Renée will be in the house to greet you, give you a house tour and offer support for your stay or event.

❀ If you want any suggestions for good food, recreation or sightseeing, just let us know!

❀ Renée is available by appointment for relaxation and rejuvenation spa treatments in the second floor spa room. As the house manager, she stays in the room overnight to ensure all of your needs are met in case the unexpected happens!
Renée will be in the house to greet you, give you a house tour and offer support for your stay or event.

❀ If you want any suggestions for good food, recreation or sigh…

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