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Avalon is in the elegant and safe Jamaica Beach area.
It is 6 km east of Ocho Rios, on a pretty drive leading to a gentle blue house in a green field that is Avalon.
This is a big house with a large garden
and a generous pool.
We also have plenty of birds and butterflies
who come to enjoy the gardens and lend a touch of nature to the day.
Recommended for young lovers, retired couples, and for families with young kids.
And now, you can bring your pets on holiday with you!
Give it a try!

In the gardens, our purpose is to provide visitors with a serene, relaxing, and beautiful backdrop for their vacation. Jamaica is many things to many people... however, it represents the beauty of nature to everybody.
That is why we first turned to the gardens, which have been completely replanted and relandscaped.
They look lovely now.
The house is an older house, built in the eighties,
and one with a lot of history and charm that
we are gradually modernizing, between visitors.
This is what we have been trying to do in Avalon.
The property has a housekeeper, caretaker, and gardener who are usually there to guide and assist the guests as needed and to look after the public areas.



PLEASE NOTE: Jamaica law requires hosts to record all their visiting guests. We have therefore an obligation to know and maintain a record of how many people are in the group. We are therefore asking all group leaders to inform us accurately how many persons are coming to stay.

They can also offer general advice and assistance.
Avalon is located a 5-minute walk from the main road, and a shopping plaza with restaurants and groceries, and a chemist.
We have recently purchased two bicycles for the use of our guests.
The area is very calm and pretty
The general topography is flat, and there is a ribbon of the highway the can take you to many interesting places in the general locality.
When a child I got to know my world, mostly from the saddle of a bike.
I recommend the method highly!
It is also not a bad way to get to know this warm and lovely Island with its good-humored and good-natured people!

It is also close to a major highway where taxis are readily available. However, in my view, renting a car would be a good option. It would significantly enhance your ability to gain familiarity with our Central and Eastern North Coast with its many charms and attractions.

Jamaica Vacations and Apartment grocery supply and cleaning policy:

1) We provide our apartments with enough grocery items to last for a few days. Thereafter, the responsibility shifts entirely to them.
This includes grocery as well as consumables like garbage bags, toilet paper, and other such supplies.

2) Several guests have spoken about our " Housekeeping Department, and have complained that they do not see them cleaning up around the place.
The reason is that there is NO SUCH DEPARTMENT.
We are Airbnb and not a hotel.
The only cleaning we do is on request by the guests and it attracts as an additional fee.

3) THERE IS NO CHEF ON THE PROPERTY. All cooking is done by the guests.

The ride that takes you there from Ocho Rios is a pretty one.
You leave Ocho Rios, and you head East. In a little while, the traffic eases, and in about 10 minutes, you find yourself at the point where the Pompano Bay Commercial Complex is on your right.

You, however, turn left and into the community of Jamaica Beach.
This is an elegant and affluent area...one of the best in St. Mary.
The houses there are all substantial properties, all standing on big lots. Most have elegant structures on them. Most are well landscaped and well maintained.
However, some are neglected!

That was the situation with Lot 81, Bayswater drive.
It looked neglected.
When I first saw the house that we were later to call Avalon, it looked sad.
I am not a fanciful person, and neither do I usually attribute human emotions to houses!
Yet, that is what I felt as I stood there, staring at it.
The generous lawns that encircled the house were burnt away by heat and lack of water. The swimming pool was silent, and the elderly trees looked tired.
They were essentially fruitless.

Yet, in spite of all this... it was a lovely place!
Its lines were clean and open. The pool was substantial, and there was a handsome patio. This patio then led to the large living area inside, which then took you to a good-sized kitchen. Nestled in there were four bedrooms, elegant and quite private, they were also generous and well windowed.
Windows that could have well looked at lovely gardens, but there were none at the time.
I listened for birdsong, but there was little or none.
It was strange.
It made me think of lines by Edna St. Vincent Millay.

“Thus, in the winter, stands the lonely tree,
Nor knows what birds have vanished, one by one,
Yet knows it’s boughs, more silent than before:

I cannot say what loves have come and gone,
I only know that summer sang in me
a little while that in me sings no more."

I was deeply attracted to this property.
I felt it had just the challenge I needed.
I wanted to change this sad place into a happy one.
I wanted to fill it again, with birds and flowers and butterflies.
And to have, once again, the sounds of the laughter of children,
and of their footfall on the grass.

So, that is what we have tried to do here... and to an extent, we have succeeded. In this brief time, we have had several guests and many with kids. They all seemed to have enjoyed themselves.
And we are continuing our efforts to bring this place back to the enormous charm it must have once had.
Are we succeeding? We think so. Our best advisors are our guests, and they seem to like what we have done so far, and with their guidance and support, we shall continue the task.
Hopefully, we will get there soon!

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Tower Isle, St. Mary Parish, Jamaica

It is a good decent community...
located near the sea coast and containing many substantial houses.... all of them on lots of 1/2 acre or more.
The neighbors tend to be friendly... but discrete. they will smile politely at you ... but not hunt you down with friendly overtures.
That is often a blessing.....
Bikes are the best way to find your way around.
Ask directions frequently, people love to chat!

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C.C.I. Ltd, my family business, was formed in 1995. It is primarily engaged in Finance and the Hospitality business. We have a background in finance and real estate. We have 4 branches across the Island. Since 2016 we have hosted hundreds of guests at our six properties scattered in gorgeous spots across this beautiful Island. The business has done well, and we are overwhelmed by the warmth and the friendship we have garnered through this activity. I will also tell you al little bit about myself in the section below. My name is Kamran Abbas and I have been resident in Jamaica since 1984, and for the most of this time, I have been engaged in business. I do not travel much these days, but my favourite places are London, South Africa, Toronto, Vancouver and Florida. I do not like a very hectic life, but I need to wake up with an interesting and demanding day before me. I like my days to be filled with intriguing and stimulating things to think about and do. I have no single motto but have always tried to live in harmony with the values of sincerity, truthfulness, fidelity to promise, and consideration for others. The most important quality I cherish is kindness and then fairness. Let me tell you a little bit about our homes, just enough for a brief sketch. CITYLIGHTS:. A studio, not elegant, but very comfortable. Security at the gate and walking distance from beaches. Pool with its own little shop and restaurant. YACHT CLUB DAYS: Oh so elegant!! This is Located in the inner heart of the Freeport enclave. The place has two interconnected pools and a gazebo by the water's edge. LAS FUENTES: A large 3 bedrooms house in an elegant, gated community right in the heart of St. Ann tourism. Very convenient, physically gorgeous, lovely view and right in the mix of everything St. Ann. AVALON: A Villa with four bedrooms and beautiful gardens that encircle the home. There are a good-sized pool and many places to sit and walk and chat all over the property. This place, Avalon, is so easy to fall in love with... that it is just ridiculous. CASA FELIZ: This is a small five apartment complex in the gorgeous little country town of Boscobel, a few minutes away from the Ian Fleming Airport. While both attractive and safe, this is the least expensive of our listings. It enjoys a lovely view of the sea from its roof garden where there is a gazebo as well as several benches. PROMONTORY RIDGE: This is the most iconic and most grand of our properties. Standing tall, with three floors, the building towers over Valley Close and gives a truly magnificent view of city and sea and bay. It is enveloped in lush gardens that descend from it's higher places down, almost 200 feet down, to the valley floor below.. It is a really amazing place and my favourite over many years.
C.C.I. Ltd, my family business, was formed in 1995. It is primarily engaged in Finance and the Hospitality business. We have a background in finance and real estate. We have 4 bran…

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The business has designated staff to run it ...
so we all may not be directly involved...
But since we all live in Ocho Rios... You may well see us
around as well.
In any event.. all reasonable guest problems will be addressed.. whether by one, or by another member of The CCI family.
The business has designated staff to run it ...
so we all may not be directly involved...
But since we all live in Ocho Rios... You may well see us
around as well…
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