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Spectacular full moon shines over lake this wknd!

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Can U imagine a lovely family/romantic getaway w/clear water on a private waterfront, ski, fishing from our dock, waking 2 morning sunrises & feeling the warmth of afternoon sun on your back, seeing full moons reflecting on the lake, bright constellations, Aug meteor shows, the smell of UR BBQ sizzling, reading in our nook, sipping UR favorite lakeside beverage, walking along the lake/hiking/visiting wineries+. We R 2.5 miles from City of Canandaigua where U find 45+- restaurants, 3 grocers etc

Our wonderful single family year round home/lodge looks more like a NYC contemporary loft 15 steps from the water's edge. Home is on waterfront vs across street. Comfy furnishings. 2 private terraces. Gourmet kitchen with plenty of pots, pans, serving dishes for your delight plus a seasonal charcoal grill. (electric grill in winter). Two bedrooms are on second floor and when paying $600+ you are renting the lake level room with 3 single beds too in summer and transitional months at host's discretion...so inquire before booking if need the 3rd sleeping room. Third room with beds only enjoyable April 1-October 31 usually because its colder and we store our plants there. Master Bathroom: Ensuite master bathroom with a privacy door into the shower toilet area on second floor. Half bath at street level. Enclosed outdoor changing room with water at lake level available in summer and closed in colder months at decision of host.

Minutes 2 water park, Gardens, Historic Pier, Wine&Beer tastings, cooking classes, CMAC&Performing Arts Center. Peaceful home 2 enjoy w/loved 1's. Fur members $70/night-pd separately. Read whole listing b4 booking.

Check-in/out: Text ETA/Gvt ID/license plate with home in background along non-covid signed form b4 key code given. $50/for each additional hour at home except in winter months when we give a 2 hour grace period for arrival b4 check-in on listing since you need to raise the heat.

Cleaning: I have strict cleaning protocols and I am with the cleaning help most of the time while they're working. Along with the normal cleaning, we clean things likes knobs, switches, cabinets, railings & more. We have cleaning supplies available 2 U if U want 2 clean. Please leave kitchen clean after each meal so that no unwanted guests are attracted to your food or pots.

Garden and bugs: Enjoy/pick avail. lettuce/tomatoes in summer. Our home is well maintained but different seasons and times bring bugs. We do not give reservation funds back if you don't like bugs which are forever changing in/outide the home. We do not allow chargebacks unless the home is resented plus a change fee will be charged at host discretion (depending upon how much time is used by reserving guests').

Guests: All guests must B registered on rental site/approved by Host prior to entrance. No drop in guests 2 property and no switching out of one guest for another during a reservation. 24 hour Supervision of children & adults needing extra care must be done by family member or a paid competent registered guest over 30 years of age. If a child or an adult needing extra care is found unsupervised, you/your travel site or I will cancel the reservation & no funds will be returned to guest by host for early termination. Additional Day/Night guest fee/$100/pp even if not staying overnight and the guest must be registered on AIRBNB and approved by host. If the host finds unapproved guests on property or in water area in front of home, the reservation may be terminated immediately by host and you should gather your things to leave before the government official arrives to escort you off property. (While this has never happened, I trust you won't let it happen because you agree that you will not get a refund for any reason from AIRBNB or your credit card) plus you will be charged the additional guest fees per person. We add to your guest count fee once the short term rental is prepared. (Example: So if you reserve for 2 guests and then add to your day or night guest count then those persons are charged either the extra day/night guest fee or additional room fee of up to $300/night per host billing based upon time of year).

First four people stay on street and second level of home (unless you book for 5+ persons). Lower lake level room with 3 beds is L shaped and is only available when renting for 5-8 persons unless you pay additional $250/night. Note: if you don't reserve/pay for 5-8 persons, the 3rd level room with beds/ - then the house will be about 1500 sf since lower level room will be closed off. Pictures 19-24 are not our home but properties closer by. Lower level room with beds are pictured at pic 25 and have multiple views of different angles of the beds. Lower level room is at lake level and is naturally cooler and quieter. We also run dehumidifiers because lake level room is about 15+- feet from lake and has a higher water content in slab. You are required to empty those dehumidifiers twice a day (morning by 10 am and night before 7-10 pm)when staying at the home to keep that room fresh in non-winter months.

Guests need to be gracious. It is part of our zoning ordinance+the host works extremely hard in caring and updating the home. Please respect quiet hours outside since sound carries easily over water. Do not talk to my neighbors since not all neighbors like visitors and do not ask them for favors. Do not park on or in front of their driveway or water area.

Home: (3 rooms with beds. Third room with beds is separated by kitchen/living room floor from 2nd floor. Top 2 floors are 1468+- sf & Lower level is 234 sf.+- making 2k+- sf home plus utility room. (Free use of tennis racquet, 2 sets of golf clubs (but only one bag and & hand cart, slalom water ski etc (cart and water ski only available when host can leave it for you). 2 kayaks (one is advanced and is for a petite person). Swimming w/a lifeguard down the street or from our property in summer when swimming with a buddy. (check with Town of Canandaigua for lake updates).

HVAC: You are allocated $120 gas electric bill per month. If you have a longer stay, there will be an added fee of $100/week if you like a lot of heat or air conditioning. The heater is oversized for the home. I keep thermostat at 62-63 even though the thermostat says it 65 in here because the sun heats the home a lot and I am perfect with an undershirt and longsleeve. Your $100 per week and is paid in cash. So if you are only staying 5 days, this is not applicable. Please bring sweaters and slippers in winter to use or we lend some slippers. In summer, please do not use air conditioning while wearing heavy clothing. Use HVAC in an economical manner.

If a mechanical item breaks during your stay, which has never happened, you will not be entitled to a refund. We will promptly call the service person who you will need to let in. This includes electricity which seldomly has a problem. If it goes out, call host and host will call electric company and let you know what time the electricity will be on. We have special lighting for such circumstances. You are required to let host and/or repairman/woman in at designated time during your reservation.

The lower lakefront bedroom uses 1-2 dehumidifiers which we require our guests to empty from May-September 2-3 times a day. The red light goes on and stop running when it needs to be emptied. in 2021, we are requiring, as a house rule to empty the dehumidifier and replace the bucket on the dehumidifier(s) as part of your daily stay care of the home. This must be done because it keeps the room fresh. We also require that you water the outdoor plants so that you and the rest of our guests can enjoy our garden and garden pots on 3 levels. The watering can be done every other day and if there is a hard rain, you do not have to water on that day. Thanks for your help and respecting of my home.

Lighting: Please don't leave screen doors open as to give rights to anything coming in home.

Lessons: Swim, Skiing, Tennis, Sailing, Golf lessons for a fee.

Pet dog fee is $70/nt/pet/srvc dog - arranged in advance for your pet only. No more than two of your own small dogs permitted. We offer dog treats, a crate, pet bed w/sheet. No: quarantining ur dog in home/outside (e.g. stairwell or in a bedroom+), no wet dogs in home, no pets on furniture, walk your dog 2 left of home (when facing road) off property to go to the bathroom, clean up after your dog inside and outside of home including hair. Crate dog when you go out. You can bring your own crate or build ours and then put it back when you leave where you found it. Use radio not tv to make noise when you go out for your pet. Don't use vacant property next to home for you or your dog.

Phone: You are required to keep your phone on 24 hours a day near you in case the host needs to reach you.

Price: We do not negotiate because host keeps up with calendar pricing. I do adjust pricing every season by day. Winter pricing is competitive & that is why we charge less. June 24-Sept 7+- is high season. If you pay $525 or less/night, owner may B in lower level room working w/own entrance. If booking for 5+ persons, owner is not there. If you are paying $525/nt or less & don't want owner, then add up to $300/night 2 cost/night. Host will let you know about price based upon time of year. Late Fall/Spring/Winter: If you book for 2 people, UR renting 1 bedroom/1 master bathroom, full bath, kitchen, living room, decks/terraces, waterfront. If U book for 3-4 persons, you get: 2 bedrooms, full+half bath, kitchen, living room, decks/terraces, waterfront. If U book for 5+ persons, UR renting 3 sleeping rooms with beds, 1.5 baths, kitchen, living/dining room area, private waterfront &outdoor changing area with water. We do offer 2 bedrooms w/no kitchen/living/dining room 4 less mid-week sometimes.

Parking: Pad is 13x27 feet. The parking pad fits 2-3 small cars between the home's retaining wall & the road's white line or park 1 large car & 1 small car. In winter, either 1 small truck/SUV or1 small cars will need 2 B parked parallel w/the retaining wall so that the snow plow won't hit UR car. Parking is @ your own risk. Owner's car is sometimes 1 of the 3 cars on the parking pad. Please inquire.

Terraces: R 20-40+- ft from ground.

Trash: remove all trash to 2 outdoor bins before you leave in a plastic bag (do not put raw trash in our outdoor bins. Put recyclable beverage containers in the green trash can outside or return them for your deposit fee. Do not put other recyclables in the green trash an outside. If you have excess trash, you can ask owner for suggestion. But, we do not allow parties and limit number of guests to those booked so we don't expect extra trash here.

Waterfront: Clear water about 1-2 foot @ retaining wall. Stairs into water. No large rocks or seaweed. Dock is for pedestrians/fishing. Not 4 diving off of or tying a boat 2 because it will ruin dock. Boats must B approved 4 buoy use/$50/24 hrs. we do restrict boat weight on bouey and pick-up/drop off at dock. We loan water toys/blow up dingy/life jackets near waterfront w scuba mask/fins, kayaks in summer one the mandatory short term rental is signed.

Wifi: Great. No known problems.

Private Tennis, Bicycle Tours, Sailing, Ski and winter Lessons available sometimes - please inquire.

Per AIRBNB, the whole - entire place is when you have your own entrance.

Zoning: We are a Shorterm single family rental home. We are not a boarding, rooming, longterm rental, kennel, multifamily property. Single family homes can legally have an accessory unit and per AIRBNB each unit must have its own entrance.

Ukungena kondwendwe
street level and 2nd floor of home and private waterfront. When renting for more than 4 persons in summer, you will have rented the lower lakefront bedroom which is more like a dorm room with 3 single beds and 1 non-pullout couch made up with sheets when requested in advance. This room is up to an additional $300 per night in seasonal transitional months. NOTE: if you are paying under $200 a night, you are paying for use of one bedroom and master bathroom with access to kitchen/living room/dining room during your stay. If you need the second bedroom and air mattress, the nightly fee for more than 2 guests will be charged per person.

Ezinye izinto ekufuneka uziqaphele
Bathroom: Half Bath: we define our second half bath different than Airbnb. It is an enclosed outdoor changing room with water available at host's discretion in consistent warmer weather. No soap/shampoo/chemicals can be used in enclosed area outside.

Cameras: We utilize outdoor security cameras and in late 2020 we will face indoor cameras towards vacant land. Do not tamper with cameras nor wifi routers...all need to stay in place where they are and plugged in.

Cleaning: Cleaning: I have strict cleaning protocols and I am with the cleaning help while they are working most of the time. We are all healthy. Along with the normal cleaning, we clean things likes knobs, switches, cabinets, railings, salt/pepper shakers and other things guest touch. If we need to put anything back in place after you leave or have excessive cleaning other than doing beds, floors, bathrooms, appliances, cupboards, light switches, tv remotes etc then the charge is a minimum of $200.00

Economic Development: Please support our local businesses in the Town of Canandaigua/Ontario County.

Exterior eating: We have one table up this summer on the terrace level. If you need more space, please put up the card table and take down ever night. Please keep covered with plastic table cloth. Extra chairs are beside the piano, and on the stair.

Pets: No wet pets in the home, no pets on the furniture/fee $200 if we find evidence, crate your pet when you leave in your crate or mine, do not tie your pet to anything in my home, stairwells, or terrace posts, walk your dog left when facing the street at the parking pad and of course, clean up after your pet. Do not enter vacant land next to our home. Please make sure your dog is quiet and not disturbing my neighbors. $70 per pet per night. No more than 2 pets of your own. No pets under 2 years old.

Parking pad : Is 13x27. We can park 1-2 small cars in the summer diagonal on the parking pad or 1 suv. In winter, we can have 2 small cars parallel to our parking retaining wall and inside the white line (park as close to retaining wall as possible in winter).

All parking is at your own risk.

If you are not paying more than $650 a night, then the owner has the right to occupy
the 3rd lake level room and each street level/second floor becomes its entire place with its own entrances/bedroom/kitchen and bath areas.

Ping Pong Table: Do not leave it out overnight or in the rain. Please put it back near the piano neatly when finished.

We are in walking distance to boat rentals and sailing lessons for a fee along with Yoga, classes, paddle board rentals, movie & live theater along with a number of outdoor concerts at CMAC (4.5 miles form the house). Nearby Sonnenburg Park, Granger Homestead, Water&Alpine Park, bowling, skiing golf, tennis, llama & organic farms etc. Enjoy: Native American Winter Games, Annual New Maple Syrup Breakfast - reservation needed, Enjoy Skiing/Snowboarding/Alpine Center at Bristol Mountain (22 minutes drive), winter hiking&museum at Cumming Nature Center, NY Kitchen cooking classes, wine tours, romantic dinners in Canandaigua, performing arts center, artists & museum @ Corning Museum Center or venture to Rochester 4 the George Eastman House & Museum, Niagara Falls, Finger Lakes Racetrack 4 gambling, New Year's Eve Party, weekend music/dance party and more!

Please read the whole listing before booking.

I need atleast 4 hours notice for same day bookings sometimes. Your seasonal enclosed outdoor washing source is outside lake level room for use in warmer weather per host's decision - and is usually only available if you are renting 3 rooms with beds.

$50 an hour for early or late check-in/out all other times. Change in requested check-in/out must be approved by host in advance because of cleaning schedule.
1-2 small car per reservation unless owner says there is more room. In the winter, the car must be parked parallel to the retaining wall. The county snowplow will clear snow possibly 3 feet inside of white line towards home+-.
$75 private ski 2 hours per student when host is available; Tennis lessons $40/hour; sailing lessons - $60/session; swim lessons $75/hour

Upon request/availability: Pre-shopping, Cleaning service while staying all for an extra fee. Your children and infants should be counted as full guests when paying. Value of your waterfront stay: Cost of using the home is based upon taxes, mortgage, upkeep/upgrading etc. If you find value in paying less, there are hosts whose home(s) are not on the water and pay less taxes (and maybe mortgage too). We also have some basic condiments/spices to share in our cupboards and door of refrigerator. I hope you will enjoy your stay in a place like no other. In Winter early check in is possible 2-3 hours earlier at no extra charge based upon house cleaning. If you book for 5-8 persons, then the third room with beds is priced into your reservation BUT, you need to pay for a minimum of $250-300 for the third room with beds if you want the extra privacy or just want it for yourself. I may have to update your payment after you reserve so if you book for 5+ I

Pets: When walking your pet off poverty, please walk left off of parking pad and pick up your pets' excretions. We do not own the vacant land next to our home - please do not enter it.

Govt ID is required for check in along with a picture of your license plate in front of my home. Short term rental agreement is required to be signed to use property. No other guest stop ins to the property and no business can be transacted on site/nor mail received at the property.

24 hour Supervision of children and adults needing extra care must be done by competent family member over 25 years old or a paid registered guest. If a child or an adult needing extra care is found unsupervised, you or AIRBNB or I (without penalty) will cancel the reservation and no funds will be returned to guest by host/Airbnb to the guest.
Can U imagine a lovely family/romantic getaway w/clear water on a private waterfront, ski, fishing from our dock, waking 2 morning sunrises & feeling the warmth of afternoon sun on your back, seeing full moons reflecting on the lake, bright constellations, Aug meteor shows, the smell of UR BBQ sizzling, reading in our nook, sipping UR favorite lakeside beverage, walking along the lake/hiking/visiting wineries+. We R… funda okungakumbi

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Canandaigua, New York, United States

This is a year round lake living community. You have a great view of the lake with our own private property lakefront in front of our home without crossing the street to get there!

Umbuki zindwendwe ngu- Nancy

Ujoyine nge- 2017 October
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Love exercise, learning, traveling, being around people, cooking and sharing my time with interesting people. I have travelled many places and know that staying with locals makes the trip more special. I also host Fullbright Scholars and International Visitors where we share a meal and learn about each other's cultures. My current motto is: Save the World and Be the Better Person.
Love exercise, learning, traveling, being around people, cooking and sharing my time with interesting people. I have travelled many places and know that staying with locals makes t…
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I also can be reached by cell phone most of the time and in person when I feel a need to be there or I send someone in to help me. If I am on a plane, swimming or boating, I am not available to receive a call unless on a motorized boat but leave a text and will get back to you as soon as I can.
I also can be reached by cell phone most of the time and in person when I feel a need to be there or I send someone in to help me. If I am on a plane, swimming or boating, I am no…
  • Iilwimi: Français, עברית, Español
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