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Sierpe River Camp provides you with your own private room out in the true Costa Rican wilderness. Many kilometers away from any type of civilization, this is truly a camp, yet one that provides you with basic comforts that are sure to make your stay hassle free, relaxing, and still full of adventure. We're located directly on the edge of the Sierpe river, with a rainforest behind the property, and the Pacific Ocean just a 5 minute boat ride away.

First, you should know that this is a project that I, Carlos, a born and raised Sierpe native, recently started. This is not some big well-oiled eco-cabin machine, but rather one man with some help from family and friends that is trying to start something truly authentic and unique. For the time being, there are only two private rooms, this being one of them, so you can be assured that you'll essentially have the property to yourself, minus myself and a helper or two.

Sierpe River Camp truly is a camp in the sense that it is an escape out into nature, away from the noise and the busyness of the outside world. Might we mention that our escape out into nature is among the most beautiful, pristine, and secluded in the entire region? Even in Costa Rica, it isn't easy to find a place that's completely off the grid, far away from civilization, but we're just that. For heavens sakes, there aren't even roads to the property! You need to get on a boat just to get there (see more info on obtaining that boat transportation below).

We promise that you can't stay any closer to the river than you can with us: its about 5-10 steps steps from the door of your room to water's edge. This isn't just any old river either, but the Sierpe river (a quick image search will show you some of the majesty that awaits you here). The Sierpe river hosts the biggest wetlands and mangrove system in all of Costa Rica, and one of the biggest in Central America. Of course, this brings with it gobs of wild life, including: 3 different species of monkeys, sloths, tons of bird species, crocodiles, and even sharks that use the area as a breeding ground! As if it weren't good enough to stay on the shore of such a life filled river, there are jungle covered hills backing up to the property. Being sandwiched right between jungle and river sets the perfect scene for an authentic Costa Rican wilderness adventure.

With the Pacific Ocean just a 5 minute boat ride away, and the largest wetlands and mangrove system right at our doorstep, there are limitless tour options. All of our tours are private, directly through us, leave right from the property, and include a professional guide (myself) and non-alcoholic drinks:
- Kayak tour through the surrounding mangroves
- 4 hour birdwatching tour by boat
- All day Caño Island with snorkeling (lunch included)
- All day Corcovado (San Pedrillo station, lunch included)
- 4 hour waterfall tour (lunch included)
- Mangrove and wildlife boat tour
- Mangrove, wildlife, and beach tour by boat (lunch included)
- Scuba diving (availability of diving spots depends on how far ahead of time you make the reservation. Please message me if interested to find out what we can offer you) (lunch included)
If you have something else in mind, just let us know, and we can plan your ideal personalized tour for your stay with us. Please contact us to get specific pricing info for your group, and any further information that you require.

Last but not least: food. We have a fully equipped kitchen, which you are more than welcome to use to cook your meals. Alternatively, we'd be more than happy to prepare native Costa Rican dishes for you at an additional charge. Here are our prices, per person, in USD:
Breakfast (coffee/juice included): $6
Lunch (drinks not included): $10
Dinner (drinks not included): $10

We offer an all inclusive and all encompassing escape out into nature here at Sierpe River Camp. Venturing into the Costa Rican wilderness doesn't have to be uncomfortable, a hassle, or wildly expensive. That's why we offer to take care of everything for you, at very affordable prices, so that you can focus on enjoying every moment of your authentic nature get away at Sierpe River Camp.

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There will always be someone on the property to answer questions you may have, and to schedule any number of tours that we offer right from the property. Of course, we give you your privacy, so that you can experience the magic of Sierpe River Camp alone as well.
There will always be someone on the property to answer questions you may have, and to schedule any number of tours that we offer right from the property. Of course, we give you you…
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