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A simple, cosy, old-fashioned 'stuga' with all necessary bits & bobs for a wonderful peaceful stay...THE best lake-side sauna in Södermanland and beautiful Likstammen lake 1km walk away where (weather permitting) you can....
WINTER - ice-skate, cross-country ski, sauna & ice dip
SPRING/AUTUMN - canoe, fish, swim, camp, forage or walk.

Also known as 'The Grumpy House' due to the amount of times I've hit my head! It has a low ceiling so if you're over 170cm beware!

Enjoy the silence......

The water is so clean here, you can swim & drink at the same time! Unspoilt nature & deep peace with a relaxed,cosy cabin to come home to is what makes Jullekulla so special......

Wild meat (deer, wild boar,elk & mouflon) is available to pre-order in season (Oct-Mar) from Tage (JOHAN) - 0046761910901.

Various courses are available;

Set off across frozen lakes with a really good picnic, if you are lucky, you may even be here for both perfect smooth ice and a clear full-moon! (usually JAN-MARCH, obviously ice dependant).

The light here is unique and the possibilities endless. I challenge you to take a bad picture! I've worked in various areas of photography (joemaclaycom) most of my adult life and love nothing more than taking groups of ALL ages and abilities out for group or individual advice & guidance.

Some of the best wild berry picking in the world here (the world's health industry seeks out Scandanavian Blueberries/Raspberries/Birch water/Chaga mushrooms due to their purity & efficacy). Come and collect the forest's treasure and learn some good old-fashioned ways to preserve or cook what you find.

Not only is the air up here super-charged with positive ions, being in the forest is also calming/balancing and the act of foraging is very, very meditative and satisfying. Learn how to identify the mighty CHAGA, an extremely slow-forming parasitic fungus that is thought to be one of the most nutrient dense, antioxidant rich substances on the planet. Used for millenia by Northern folks as a miracle cure all, from helping Prostate function to immune-boosting maintenance. The wonderful birch tree provides a pharmacopeia in itself. It's wonderful bark is the best tinder for lighting fires even on the wettest days, the sap of the middle-aged trees can be tapped (without damaging the tree) in spring and is rich in beneficial enzymes and trace minerals (for taste think slightly sweet water) & also can be cooked down to a sweet syrup. Willow & Meadowsweet contains the active ingredient in Aspirin, Salicylate, a wonderful general pain killer. Learn how to identify, harvest and prepare your own medicine.


Take this time to walk/swim/run/yoga, meditate & sauna yourself fresh & well.

Canoe or row to a nearby island on Likstammen lake, find & dig up blue clay (extremely mineral rich & created over 10's of 1000's of years from dead sea creatures from when this area lay under the Baltic) from the beach, full body blue-clay treatment & home for a sauna. Natural luxury!

Fire up the sauna, sweat, wash, sweat, dip in the lake, throw some essential oil on the hot stones, sweat, repeat.

We have all the gear you need, come and tune back in.

Or just hire the canadian canoe/sailing dinghy/rowboat/fishing/camping gear and make your own adventure! There is NO better way to spend a few days (in my opinion!).

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Gnesta S, Södermanlands län, Sweden

Jullekulla is quite remote, it is off a country road and down a gravel track....there are a few friendly neighbours in the area who keep themselves to themselves (like most Swede's!) but mostly you are on your own.

There is a nearby village (with no shop) called Axala (when you hit the main road turn right and it's 50 metres along, the first turning on your left ) which is picture postcard, tiny village Sweden.
Here lives Anders, (think 'Findus & Pettson' , the children's book characters) a biodynamic dairy farmer who you can buy THE best raw, un-pasteurised milk from for 10sek/litre (ask me if you would like to do this and i can provide a 'dunk' to transport the milk without accident and show you where/how)......

To walk right out of Jullekulla and in 1km, take the fork to the left will take you down towards Likstammen, a huge, unspoilt paradise for fishing/canoeing/camping/walking/swimming/foraging/pic-nicking/cloud watching! ASK ME FOR TIPS...or check the black book in the stuga.

Öster Malma ( is the HQ for hunting in the region & is not only a snazzy 'slott' (posh country house) but also a hotel/restaurant (the only good food in the area apart from vegan 'Vår Lokal' in Gnesta) with a very good wild meat/fish buffet from 11.30-14 (closed sundays & mondays). There is also a small animal park with local animals like Elk, ferrets, deer etc so if you don't find any in the wild, this is where to come.....

There are 2 nearby nature reserves if you're here for more than a few days......Utnäset at the top of Likstammen & on your way to Gnesta Or Dagnäset on Båven (a huge nearby lake) 20 minute drive south but very beautiful...

'Eriksgatan' (Erik's Road) was the main stagecoach road between Stockholm and the south before the 19th century and you can see small blue wooden arrows on posts all over the area signing it (it's now a walker's path). There was a lot of anti-government sentiment in the countryside (isn't there always!) back in the day and rebels were rounded up by the king's soldiers, taken into the woods round here and executed out of sight of the populace to as not to 'matyr' them and reinforce support for the rebel cause...a few ghosts linger on a full moon!

There was also a 19th century cross-dressing highway robber who held up stage-coaches in full Victorian ladies clothing with a set of pistols tucked into his (frilly!) knickers, made off with his loot and hid out in the woods around here and also the islands on Likstammen in the warmer months where i've found evidence of his old kitchen garden!

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We moved as a family,Tatty, me & kids (10-16years) to Sweden 7 years ago from Scotland to escape the rain and grey and make a simpler life in a country with a longer growing season. We converted an area of the old hay-loft for the b&b to offer the type of accommodation we ourselves would seek out. We are people who love to be outside and as close to nature as possible, we love to share our home with others and the influx of energy that brings... We love REAL food i.e local, free-range & well grown. Camping, growing, horses, cycling, natural building, bonfires, music and dancing are a few of the things that inspire and fire us! We are fairly widely travelled as a family, UK, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Carribean, Thailand, Egypt are a few of the places we have visited. As far as a life motto......maybe something like....'haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate '.
We moved as a family,Tatty, me & kids (10-16years) to Sweden 7 years ago from Scotland to escape the rain and grey and make a simpler life in a country with a longer growing season…

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