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This is the place for those who want to taste the healthy lifestyle diving in the pure nature of the Balkan mountains and still remain 1,5 hour from Sofia city center.
In this family home constructed by the end of 19 s. you will feel the atmosphere of traditional cob houses, renovated with love and supplemented with indoor kitchen and bathroom, for your comfort.

We are Barbara and Filip living in the village of Zhelen - the most known eco friendly community of Bulgaria.

We transformed this abandoned hamlet of old cob houses with love and passion. Here we share our life with volunteers, trainees and guests.

Literally "Vegetarium" means: "PERFECT ENVIRONMENT TO GROW".

Our “Vegetarium” project aims self realisation through positive development of all three dimensions of the Integral approach:

• BALANCE the character;
• ENRICH the main competences;
• ELEVATE AND STABILISE the level of consciousness.

Our sustainable home and gardens offer the necessary environment for integral development.

We are looking forward to make you experience this fabulous adventure!

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Zhelen, Sofia Province, Bulgaria

Our place is surrounded by beautiful gardens, forests, little rivers, caves and other miracles of nature. Our community is situated in the hearth of the Balkan mountains - the high parts of the Iskar River Gorge.
On the territory of the village of Zhelen there are different natural, historical and social attractions, here are some of them:
•Various panoramic rocks revealing beautiful views to the Iskar Gorge may be found in the immediate surrounding area at a 2 km radius, two acting sanctuaries with ancient trees, a clean tiny river, romantic benches and meadows – places emerging like unexpected gifts in a labyrinth of fragrant, abundant with mushrooms forests and picturesque fields full of aromatic herbs.
•The “Mechata dupka” cave is located at a 2-hour distance. It may be accessed through three entrances – a lower one that leads to the water part of the cave and two upper ones, leading to two parallel wide galleries and a common hall. At places there are cave pearls. It is possible to go inside and reach as far as 5о meters without special equipment and to spot typical cave fauna – cave beetles, lice, bats. Bones of cave bears have been found there too.
Near the cave is the eco farm of our friend Biser where we enjoy the company of many happy and free animals and taste delicious home made dairy products. The hike can be shortened by terrain transport.
•The waterfall “Under the stone” is located at about 2-hours distance in the direction to Gara Bov village. The water fall height is 40 m. It is the starting point of an eco-path through the protected area “Treskavets”, unique with its microclimate, flora and fauna. The eco-path is about 10 km long, and its entire course takes about 3 hours. Along the path, there are several resting places suitable for picnic and rest. You may also see picturesque cascade waterfalls, the highest of which is 80 meters, the cave phenomenon “Kaminata”, as well as remnants of the Medieval monastery “St. Archangel Michael”. The hike can be shortened by terrain transport.
•Izdremets peak (1495 m) is part of the route E3 - Kom-Emine and is located at 5-hour distance. It reveals impressive sights – from Rila mountain to the Danube river. At its foots there are two lakes. The hike can be shortened by terrain transport.
•The rock formation “The jugle” is located close to the train station of the village of Tserovo, at 1-hour distance. This curious natural phenomenon formed by lower Triassic red-coloured quartz sands, aged about 250 million years, is 18 meters high and resembles a mushroom. Some people say that it also looks like a human head. “The jugle” was designated for natural place of interest in 1964.
•At the foots of Izdrimets peak lay the authentic remnants of an ancient Roman route, leading from the ancient mines to the Iskar river. Near the lower lake in the historical area Trastena is located “Trastena” lodge, with capacity to accomodate 30 people, with external sanitary premises and bathrooms, as well as a kitchen and a canteen. Thirty meters to the South lay the remnants of the Medieval monastery “St. Panteleymon”, constructed near an old Roman guard station. According to the legends, at this place there was an ancient Tracian sanctuary, near which centuries later the disciples of Kliment Ochridski built a monastery. At some stage the monastery abbot was the legendary priest Martin Voevoda. The sanctuary was demolished by the Turks during the Kardjaliya times. The only remnant today is “St. Pantaley Patnik” with an old ritual cross. During the Ottoman occupation in this area there was an inn that used to serve the road, where the Turkish Treasury passed. The hike can be shortened by terrain transport.
•The remnants of the Byzantine monastery “St. Kirik and Yulita” of the 12th century are located in the lower part of Zhelen village, on the right bank of the Iskar, in the “Kirik” area – with a commemorate cross made of stone and metal. The hike to get there is about 2 hours can be shortened by terrain transport.
•In the past 10 years, a “community within the community” has developed on the territory of the village. People looking for life in harmony with nature - a dozen of enthusiasts and several young couples, who come from different countries, have purchased land and houses settling in different parts of the village. We are united by the principles of mutual assistance, environmental agriculture and non-violence. It is our tradition to gather on Saturday nights and share our dinner, sweet talks, dreams and projects.
•It is interesting to visit the “network” of 15 acting cult places with raised ritual crosses named after different Christian saints. On specific dates between May and September, on these places the native citizens perform sacrificial offerings of animals, prepare ritual food, orthodox singing and group feast – “offering gifts for material and spiritual prosperity of the neighbors, as an act of gratitude to God and a prayer for God’s blessing of everyone.” (Orthodoxal church)

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I grew up in the capital, studied and travelled in different countries and found myself in the vocation of work for the environment, social unity and personal growth. In the last years I am sharing my life with Barbara from Austria and all our trainees, volunteers and guests. Together we are living what we call the "Vegetarium project". It represents a healthy lifestyle in the beautiful nature of west Balkan mountains, 50 km. North of Sofia. Following the advises of M.D. Dimitar Pashkulev we are slowly growing in to the integral lifestyle approach. What we love and we do is breathing clean air, drinking clean water, enjoying healthy and tasty food, walking and riding a horse in the forest, finding and collecting medicinal herbs, engaging our bodies in to a physical activities enhancing the biodiversity in the area, learning and teaching in different countries the integral approach and its main scientific and spiritual bases, learning and regularly practising breathing, body and psycho regulating technics, dancing or diving in to exciting adventures of meditation.
I grew up in the capital, studied and travelled in different countries and found myself in the vocation of work for the environment, social unity and personal growth. In the last y…

Ngexesha lokuhlala kwakho

If you wish - we will be glad to share with you our healthy lifestyle - a balance between body and mind activities, relax, walks in the nature, free time, creative impulses, diverse breathing, body and psycho regulating technics, healthy cooking, authentic vocation...

We offer the following practical trainings:

• Introduction into the Integral approach following Ken Wilber and other experts;
• Transition toward balanced everyday lifestyle;
• Healthy nutrition and cooking;
• Body, breathing and anti stress practices;
• Ecology and regenerative agriculture;
• Diving into wild nature (harmonious stay, collection skills);
• Eco cosmetics and household products – do it yourself;
• Family and social skills and mutual assistance;
• Paneurhythmy or intuitive music and dancing.
If you wish - we will be glad to share with you our healthy lifestyle - a balance between body and mind activities, relax, walks in the nature, free time, creative impulses, divers…

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