Terra & Cal in the center ofMoura

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For an extended stay or a weekend getaway, Casa Terra & Cal is the perfect refuge to rest in Moura and discover the region. We can help you in this task by arranging walking, cycling, car, canoe or boat trips.

Located in the historical center of Moura, built in stone, brick and rammed earth from the XVIII-XIX centuries, Casa TERRA & CAL is inserted in a first floor with about 80m2 of living space, communicating with the street by stairs. It includes a loft with about 20m2.
On the façade stands a balcony window with wrought iron railing typical of the region, providing interesting views of the street and the many notable buildings of the surroundings.
The rooms, equipped with functional furniture, include living room, two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.
The structural walls, lime-based painted, with inorganic pigments (ocher and ultramarine blue) in the two rooms, are made of stone and rammed earth and the interiors of brick, materials and construction techniques representative of Alentejo traditional architecture.
In addition to the traditional vault of the living room, the roof is wooded in the remaining rooms. On the floor, antique tiles are mixed in the living room and bedrooms with modern mosaics in the rest of the house, except the loft, with wooden floors.
Casa TERRA & CAL is also an excellent base for discovering the cultural and natural heritage of the whole area of the left bank of the Guadiana river, including the riverside areas of the Alqueva and Pedrógão reservoirs.
In Casa TERRA & CAL you will feel at home.
We are waiting for you.

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Moura, Beja, Portugal

1. Location: in the southeast of Portugal, on the left bank of the Guadiana river, and Spain just there.
2. Climate: temperate, with Mediterranean and continental characteristics, and about 300 days of sunshine a year.
3. People: welcoming and friendly, will make you feel at home.
4. Monuments: from the castle to the Quartéis area, from the Carmo convent to the Rolins courtyard, from the church of S. Pedro to the convent of S. Francisco, the past with eyes on the future.
5. Historic center: full of life and preserved, expands from the castle and over historical time.
6. The Arab-Islamic legacy: visible in the Almohad tower, in the Mouraria neighborhood, in architecture, in gastronomy, in the cultivation of olive groves and olive oil, in the polyphonic singing of Alentejo (canto), in the legend of Salúquia princess.
7. Entertainment and fun: all year round, but especially on hot summer nights when you just want to be out on the street with friends.
8. Gastronomy: from olive oil to wine, from bread to cheese, from honey to sausages, from “açordas” to stew of grains, from broths to "migas", from soups to hunting, from the popular sweets to the conventual ones.
9. Fairs and festivities: popular, in which tradition and innovation, religious and profane, go hand in hand in the celebration of life.
10. Water: present in the Alqueva and Pedrógão reservoirs, the Ardila river, the three spouts of Moura, in the well-known "Água Castello" brand.
11. Alqueva and Pedrógão reservoirs: ideal for sport fishing, canoeing or motor boat trips, but also for pedestrians, bicycles and cars, along more than 1,100 kilometers of margins.
12. Ardila river: that travels about 180 kilometers between Spain and Portugal and drains in the Guadiana in view of Moura.
13. Adiça hill range: a place of high biodiversity, with rare european species of fauna and flora.
14. Contenda: jewel of the crown of the county of Moura, is the largest reserve of deer in Portugal and place of occurrence of endangered species such as the black vulture, the wild cat and the Iberian lynx.
15. Bird watching: in particular the flocks of cranes you can find in the county of Moura, the largest wintering area in our country, to the delight of lovers of this activity and wildlife.
16. Landscape and rural activities: renewing themselves to the rhythm of seasons: the "alqueivar" of fields, the taste of new wine, the harvest of olives, the manufacture of cheese, the shearing of sheep, the crest of honey, the decork of cork oaks.
17. Olive oil of Moura: certified with Protected Designation of Origin, whose ancestral reputation gave rise to the well-known saying "as fine as Moura's olive oil".
18. Vegetable gardens: oasis at the entrance of the town, are the other face of the agrarian patrimony of the region and the Mediterranean, contrasting with the dominant dry farming systems.
19. Night sky: one of the best European spots for astronomy practice, which integrates the Dark Sky Reserve Alqueva.
20. Time and space without limits, as only in the Alentejo.
* if you happen to drink water from Bica de Santa Comba.

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