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⚪Whether you're traveling solo ☝, as a couple ✌, or as a family ✋, you're going to ❤ the unique and unforgettable experience in this 1974 Burlington Northern Caboose‼

✔Bring your kids. Bring your pets.

⚪Whatever brings you to this world-class area ⚒⛑⛪⛳⛷⛵⛰, we know you'll find The Kelly Caboose as the perfect place to relax ☕ and recharge ⚡during your stay here in Noxon.

✔ out the pics and description. Ask any ❓❔❓s

We hope you pick ⛏ us, as we'd be lucky ☘ to host you ☺

Safe Travels ✈⛽⛴

The Kelly Caboose will provide you and your partner/family with an unforgettable experience. This 1974 Burlington Northern Caboose has been fully updated with comfortable sleeping arrangements and modern amenities. It sits on a 1 acre property surrounded by the Kootenai National Forest and near the Clark Fork River. Outside enjoy a large firepit, yard games, an unforgettable outside shower, and the slack shack! You truly don't want to miss the opportunity to stay in the unique Kelly Caboose.

When you turn left off of Highway 200 on to Blue Jay Lane, you will drive past a cabin right on the corner, passed a couple outbuildings, and then you will see the Caboose on the left hand side. There is a space to pull in and park right up near the Caboose.

Entering the Caboose:
From where you park, the left side of the train is where you enter. Go up to the metal stairs that lead you up toward the front door. These tears are metal and fairly steep. So please be careful on them. Especially if you got kiddos with you.

Inside the caboose:
See pictures for a better explanation of all of this. But, I'll explain the space as best I can here. We have fit a lot into the Caboose, trying to provide as many amenities as we can without making it feel to cramped. Just inside the door on the left is a part of the little kitchenette. There is a microwave and Keurig coffee maker there. And the dresser are silverware and dishware. The Shelf up above can be used for your food items. There's a mini fridge to the right of the dresser for you refrigerated items. Across from this is the one small sink in the Caboose. There is only cold water ran to this sink. If you are planning on cooking something more than what can be done in the microwave, outside in the slack Shack there is a gas BBQ Grill, a charcoal or Wood Fired Grill, and an electric skillet in the white metal cabinet. Out there is also another small sink you can use for food prep. This sink also only has cold water and it drains into a basin that you have to empty once it is full.

Next to the kitchenette is a dining table with a couple bench seats. Perfect for two people, four people can fit but it would be a little tight. Above the table is a flat screen TV hooked up to a Blu-ray player. There will be a few DVDs in there as well. Across from the TV is a small loveseat to snuggle up on two and watch a movie.

Next to the love seat is is one of the two small electric radiator heaters that is used to heat the Caboose. The other one is in the bed room toward the back. Adjust the thermostat on those to your desired Comfort level. Next to the heater we have our check-in area with your Wi-Fi network information and a guest book. Please share your experience with us in the guestbook. It is one of my favorite parts of Hosting on Airbnb, to hear the stories of our guests who stay with us.

Across from this area is the Wood-Fired stove. Please use this with Extreme Caution. There will be wood in the little closet to the left of the stove. Also if you need more wood there is some over by the outdoor shower calm around the corner there is a large pile of firewood. If you need more heat then what the electric heaters are putting off you can start a fire in the stove. It heats the entire caboose real well and real fast. Please make sure if you use the stove too prevent as much as possible the smoke from coming out of the front of the stove into the Caboose.

Past the stove is the cupola with the two twin mattresses on top on either side and storage closets below. One of the closets has your firewood, one of the closets has cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper, and the other two closets can be used by you for your personal belongings period in one of those two closets there is a handbag with some towels and washcloths for you to use at the outdoor shower. The two twin mattresses up above can be accessed by the little stairs leading up to them. Each side has a light and power cord for charging devices or whatever else. Also, each side has a window that can be opened up. These windows do not have screens and are high up, so make sure caution is used when they are open especially if children are up there. please make sure nobody is hanging out these windows, as this it's very dangerous. There are railings at the edge of these two beds to prevent anyone from Rolling off in their sleep.

Past the cupola is the main bedroom. In here is one queen size bed, and two little lamps on two log side tables. Also in this room is the toilet. There is a sliding curtain you can close for privacy, but there are no doors or walls around the toilet. It doesn't make for the most comfortable situation having the toilet in the bedroom in the same room, but it's the only place we could fit it into the Caboose and it's private enough with the curtains you can close. There are also some sheer curtains you can close off the bedroom from the rest of the train.

Out the back of the bedroom there is a door to the back porch. Again, there's some steep metal stairs off of this porch, so be careful there. But you can go out on this porch and enjoy a really nice view of the mountains and back side of the property.

Outside: Firepit (use extreme caution! Some times of year fires are restricted, so please make sure you check on this before having a fire). Horseshoe pits. Slack shack (our outdoor kitchen and entertainment space. There's an outdoor shower over by the outbuilding, you can see it from the front door of the caboose. Be careful, this might be the best shower you've ever taken ;)

After your stay, please leave us a 5-star review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐if you think we deserved it! If you don't think we deserved it or if we dropped the ball on something (we try hard not to, but it does happen from time to time), please leave us feedback through a message on the app. We are always open to hearing how we can do better as hosts and create a better experience for our guests.

Thanks so much for considering The Kelly Caboose for your stay in Noxon, Montana!

Matt and Ahni
4 kids: Izac, Ileana, Alli, and Ellamae
2 dogs: Max and Raider


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Noxon, Montana, United States

The area is amazing. We are situated in the middle of the Kootenai National Forest, at the base of the Cabinet Mountain Range, and very near the Clark Fork River. The outdoor activities available around this property are endless.

Down about a half a mile from the property is an RV park. There are a lot of RVs and cars that run up and down the road that borders our property and leads down to that Park. The other side of our property is bordered by Highway 200, so there is always a steady stream of traffic right there.

We don't have many neighbors, as the properties are large and spread out around here. But the few neighbors around us are great and helpful.

Down the street from our property is the Big Sky pantry. You must check this place out. They have a fantastic Deli and homemade baked goods. They also serve breads that they bake in house, have local farm fresh eggs, and sell bulk items. They also have an espresso bar. This place is fantastic, you must check it out.

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We LOVE Airbnb! We travel a lot and always prefer to stay with someone local than do the chain-hotel experience. We've been hosting on Airbnb since late 2017 and it is one of our favorite things we do. We love creating spaces for people to relax and recharge, connect and create memories. Whether we are traveling or hosting, we believe in this model of hospitality and hope to be involved in this community for many years to come!
We LOVE Airbnb! We travel a lot and always prefer to stay with someone local than do the chain-hotel experience. We've been hosting on Airbnb since late 2017 and it is one of our f…

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You can reach us through the Airbnb app, text, phone, or email. We love good communication so feel free to get ahold of us with any questions, comments, concerns, or needs.

The caretaker for the property lives a couple properties down. Her name is Kathi and she is wonderful. She's usually available if you need help with anything!
You can reach us through the Airbnb app, text, phone, or email. We love good communication so feel free to get ahold of us with any questions, comments, concerns, or needs…
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