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Two bedroom house, at Blanchisseuse village. 2 bathrooms, large balcony, kitchen access to stove and refrigerator, short distance 5 to 10 minute away from the beach, natural environment. 3 pool waterfall is located in this village. Avocat waterfall and Asa wright nature centre is located less than 6 miles from the Island of Love Inn. This property is about roughly an hour away from Port-of- Spain which is the Capital of Trinidad, also it's almost two hours from Piarco international Airport.

I was born and raised in the village of Blanchisseuse and am proud of the area. This is the perfect place for family and friends to enjoy and have a good time with tremendous love and fun with memories for a life time. There is alot to explore, and wild adventure to tour, and if you stay longer you will see more. This house was built with love, family, friends, and memories that will last with us forever. It's a 2 bedroom house with upper and lower floors. It has a kitchen and living room adjacent to each other on the lower level and has a full bathroom on the lower level as well. The top has 2 bedrooms and a full bathroom in the middle of both bedrooms. There are comfortable beds and seating for guests to enjoy. There is a lot of space in the house to move around, and for family activities. We have kitchenware and utensils that are available to all guests. To the North of the property from the balcony of heaven you can view the ocean of wonders and smell the natural mist from the sea breeze. Special events such as carnivals ,boats touring and beaches, even more to expect. Come in and enjoy. Relax, release, and you will not regret "Island of Love inn" .

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Trinidad & Tobago

In this lovely village of Blanchisseuse is a very laid back environment where you get to relax and smell the ocean mist in the morning. This village is unique in it's own way, and the nickname is known as the Washer Woman village. As i understand that back in the days, there wasn't any washer or dryer, so the ones that was capable of walking, had to walk to the river and carried a tub on their heads, underneath the tub on their heads included a wrapped up circled towel as padding for support for their heads, which was helpful for the ladies especially. They wash clothes at the river and dry them on the grass or sand. life was very simple back then which I can imagine positively. While you there, and look around, you can see the greenry surroundings, lush penesuela, also you will appreciate life mutch more because you can see the natural beauty from mother nature. Once you there you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere, also rejuvenate yourself and feel as brand new, don't matter what you going through. I always enjoyed swimming in the natural waters in this lovely village, because I felt so refreshing, and full of energy, and I know it's going to do the same for my guests. The people who lives there are very friendly and knowledgeable about the village and always willing to assist you in different ways. The front balcony you can view the beautiful caribbean sea. You'll get a break from the hustle and bustle. Five to ten minute away from the beach, where you can swim, surf,and enjoy a nice walk. Seasonal fruit, if permitted to pick. In this village you can buy groceries and other basic items at local shops. There is neighborhood sea turtle watching, which is protected by the Marine coast guard, along Marianne beach. You can buy fresh fish, straight from the fishers boat by the lower village fish bay or Depot. Have fun! and stay safe!

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I was born and raised in the Northern Coast of Trinidad and Tobago. My culture means alot to me. I enjoyed the laid back life style of my upbringing which consists of not too much of hassle, spends times with family, and friends. I am a people person and love having lots of fun. I spends lots of time on the beaches, went on a lot of small local boat tours, and of course always love the sweet Calypso and steel pan music. I love music, and enjoy being around happy people. I love singing, dancing, swimming.I enjoy sports, hiking, and beach rock climbing. I have been in the hospitality industry for about sixteen years and every day I've learned new things about my guest and their needs. Being a hospitable person has to do with making sure the guests are comfortable and are taken care of. When I was younger I would always help taken care of my family and friends, and others who need help. I continue to care for others up to this day, and that's why I love taking care of guests at my Airbnb. Based upon my experience I've learned so much about how important it is to be there for the guest so they can be happy and comfortable. I am very passoniate about treating people with honor and respect. Learning about my guest and their needs means alot to me. I've met so many people around the world and we learned from each other. They come to me as guest and left as family. I have a passion for cooking as I love cooking for my family especially on holidays. I enjoy making different dishes, also enjoy creating new meals. My favorite foods are carribbean dishes, such as roti, pilaf, curry chicken and rice, curry duck, macaroni and cheese pie, among others. I like pure coconut water from the nut itself, and sorrel drink with ginger. I always believed that it's great to get organic foods, its good for the body, and keeps you very young. As I live in this mordern world today, I see how life is different than how it use to be. Based upon my experience and knowledge, I prefered the life back then because the love was so pure as gold among family, friends, and neighbors we also had respect for one another also being peaceful. We also trusted each other. Some of the people in this world has changed I can only pray and hope for peace, love, honesty, and respect also appreciation among other great standings. I believe people who are not real with themselves should appreciate life and be positive. In this time it's very important for us as people to work hard to accomplish all goals that needed without giving up. I grew up in a way to be content with what I had. I believe in being my self and living right, also helping people. I also believe we need to work together as one team. For together we stand, and apart we fall. Every one reading this stay Blessed and enjoy your great life to the fullest.
I was born and raised in the Northern Coast of Trinidad and Tobago. My culture means alot to me. I enjoyed the laid back life style of my upbringing which consists of not too much…

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I have a Co-host her name is Gail, you will be given her phone number once booking is confirmed and payed for, also if you have any specific questions, you can message me. Gail greets the Guests and is available to answer your questions or guide you. Gail my Co-Host can prepare lunch or dinner for a fee also, local vendors in the village sells food and snacks. Once booking is confirmed and you need help figuring out things to cook while you there, I can text you a list of items that you can buy at the supermarket, if you do decide to use those items, make sure you dont have
allergies to them. Maraval area you can find supermarkets such as massy stores, or organic heaven, also bakeries. Linda's bakery is one of them. If you using the North Coast Road, on your way to my place you can get your items. If you need guidance contact Gail. After booking this place, I advise you to stock up on food that you need in the city before arriving. You can buy fresh fish up at the village. At check in time, if you need Gail's help to get you places for a fee, let her know at time of check inn.
for example, the Airport, Avocat waterfall, 3 pools waterfall, Asa wright nature centre, Paria bay to go there boat is needed to lime, Richards Bake and shark at Maracas Bay. The information that is needed are the places you want to go, the date, and time to be picked up, or dropped off, and your direct phone number, I also advise you to test your phone, by calling Gail's number while she is present, so you can tell if your phone works. Again I thank you for staying at Island of Love Inn. Stay wonderful.
I have a Co-host her name is Gail, you will be given her phone number once booking is confirmed and payed for, also if you have any specific questions, you can message me. Gail gre…
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