Sakura·5F stylish and safe clean Ginza/Tsukiji

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Ukubhukisha ngakunye kuquka ukukhuselwa kwasimahla xa Umbuki Zindwendwe erhoxile, xa indlu ingachananga nezinye iingxaki njengokuba nengxaki yokubhalisa xa ufika.
Enye inkcazelo iguqulelwe ngokuzenzekelayo.
【 Details 】
・Single room/35 square meters/ fixed WIFI/Washing Toiletries are complete/Separate shower and toilet.
【 Equipment 】
・Refrigerator/Air conditioning/Tableware/Kitchen/Electric kettle/Microwave
【 Toiletries 】
・Bath towels / Towels- Shampoo / Conditioner / Shower Gelrazor / Toothbrush/ Paper towels

PS:Please note that we changed the new sofa in the room on June 13th, which will be different from the picture. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online.

Welcome to choose my light hotel, I hope you can spend a high quality and enjoyable trip to Tokyo!
During the epidemic, give you more peace of mind.If you are still troubled by the inability to choose a clean and long-term living environment, SPATIUMGINZA will start offering discounted long-term rental services in the face of the epidemic. Compared to short-term stays, if you choose long-term rental, you can enjoy our better prices. At the same time, you can enjoy the same high-quality services, and you can experience the same feeling at home here. We have different discounts according to your needs on a weekly, bi-weekly and full-month basis. You are welcome to consult at any time. Looking forward to your choice, SPATIUMGINZA welcomes you
In the face of the epidemic situation, in order to give you a better and more comfortable staying experience, SPATIUMGINZA will provide you with no-clean disinfectant and disinfectant spray for free. Please take it at the front desk. Our rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your stay. The corridors and elevators inside the hotel will also be disinfected daily. You can rest assured that you can choose our hotel and enjoy a more enjoyable and peaceful journey.
Located in the Ginza business district, one of the world's three bustling centres, the Light Hotel is adjacent to the sacred land of Tsukiji, a seafood destination with a multi-level travel experience. At the same time, as the first light hotel project, spatium changed the problem of “uninteresting and expensive housing” in a simple business hotel, combining the standardization of business hotels with the personality of urban accommodation.

The design of the light hotel is specially designed by Japanese well-known design. The interior of the room is minimalist and Japanese elements make the room soft and rich. The color and texture of the material give a feeling of security and solidity. The light hotel is the latest modern light hotel in Japan. The building technology is newly built. The hot water supply system, lighting system, air conditioning system, drying system and toilet are all designed for humanized computer control. The location is excellent, the transportation is convenient, the accommodation is very comfortable. Intelligent accommodation The hotel is very convenient. The door lock uses the electronic door lock. When you check in, you can get the key to the room after you check in the passport. It is very private. Enjoy shopping, food and dessert in Ginza and taste the best sushi in Tsukiji Market. And seafood rice bowl. For your food trip, the hotel offers a portable wifi for you to travel around in Tokyo. Perfect for business, families and couples.

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中央区, 東京都, Japan

Welcome to choose my light hotel. I hope you can have a high quality and pleasant trip to Tokyo.
My villa is located in the Ginza business district, one of the three most prosperous centers in the world, and is closely adjacent to the seafood food holy land market, which has a multi-level travel experience. At the same time, as the first light hotel project, spatium has changed the "uninteresting and expensive" problem of the Traders Hotel, combining the standardization of the Traders Hotel and the personality of the city.

The spatium Light Hotel is in the center of Ginza, the traffic is very convenient, the life measures around the light hotel are complete. It is near the Ginza commercial circle in Japan, the commercial area within the pill, the seafood market in building land and so on.
The Metro Line Metro (day ratio valley line) Metro (Japan ratio valley line) is hiking for 5 minutes, and subway (Metro) "Xinfu macho" line 6 export for 9 minutes. Tokyo is more than 10 minutes, 10 minutes for export to "East Ginza station".

The light hotel is built with the new modern Japanese apartment building technology and the hot water supply in the house. Systems, lighting systems, air conditioning systems, drying systems, and toilets are all designed for humanized computer control, with excellent geographical location, convenient transportation, and very comfortable accommodation. Intelligent occupancy, hotel use of self-help mode is very convenient. Room locks use electric lock, sign and check in passport when occupancy. Then get the key in the room. The privacy is strong. Enjoy the shopping, food, and dessert in the Ginza after enjoying the best sushi and seafood dishes in the building market. To meet your trip, the hotel provides portable WiFi to facilitate your trip in Tokyo. Provide a perfect residence for business, family and lovers.

The building market is the public wholesale market located in the Central District of Tokyo, and is also the largest fish market in Japan. Its size and popularity are not only Tokyo, but also the leading wholesale market in Japan. At home and abroad, the largest seafood fish market in Japan, there are thousands of fish and seafood fish and seafood from the sea every morning. Every day, the most fresh seafood fish are exported to the dietetic stores around Japan. There are many fresh fish and sushi shops around the market, attracting tourists from home and abroad. Go ahead and try the fresh.

The "Ginza introduction" symbolizes the three major scenic spots (Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Ginza) of Japan's natural, historical and modern scenic spots (Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Ginza), and the fifth street of New York, which is one of the three most prosperous centers in the world. Ginza Avenue is one kilometer and a half long, North Beijing bridge, South to new bridge, department stores and shops on both sides of the Boulevard are selling goods of high quality. It is the birthplace of many hundred years old shops and local brands. There are many restaurants, snack bars, bars and nightclubs on the back street of Ginza Avenue. There is a century old shop selling stationery, Itoya, the first bakery in Japan - the general store of Mu Cun house. Since August 1970, Ginza Avenue has banned all vehicular traffic and has become a walking commercial street. There are many teahouses on the streets. Tourists can sit in the street and talk about tea. After the night, the neon lights on the roadside buildings changed many times, forming the charming night scene of Ginza. Ginza is the most representative bustling block in Tokyo. It was named for the silver coin foundry in the Edo period. It was composed of eight entries from Ginza to Ginza. All eight items are run through the Central Committee, among which the four Ding of Ginza and the Ginza are separated by clear Haitong, and the intersection is the most prosperous area of Ginza.
Hint: every year at Christmas and new year, all the big stores in Ginza will have different degrees of discount promotion. In this period, shopping can leave you a lot of budget.

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1. Before your stay, I will send you a detailed check-in guide, including various types of transportation from the airport to the apartment. I hope to help you with your stay.

2. I have prepared a private guide to Tokyo for you, which includes ways to travel, excellent shopping venues, recommended local restaurants, and a wide variety of Tokyo attractions. A detailed introduction to the transportation, restaurants, shopping and convenience stores around the apartment is also provided.

3. I will be online for a long time and speak English in both Chinese and Japanese. If you have any questions before or after your stay, feel free to contact me!
1. Before your stay, I will send you a detailed check-in guide, including various types of transportation from the airport to the apartment. I hope to help you with your stay…
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  • Iilwimi: 中文 (简体), English, 日本語
  • Izinga lokuphendula: 100%
  • Ixesha lokuphendula: ingekapheli iyure
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