NEW! MTR 5min Cozy and modern duplex! 66m2


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Hello there! Cozy and modern duplex has opened :D
If the dates you want to stay are already booked, plz leave me a msg so that i can find other options for you! I have made my house all by myself and used paints are all high end environmentally-friendly Benjamin Moore products and there is no photoshops at all on my pictures.
Let me explain my house step by step!
My place is a duplex house and you can freely use whole house on your own.

*Before introducing my place, to make sure that your journey more enjoyable and smooth from landing to departure, we prepare convenient services:
1) luggage storage service
-before checkin and even after checkout, you can freely keep your luggage at my office 24/7, which means you don't need to worry about morning or night flight at all :D
2) call-van(jumbo taxi) reservation service
-If the number of your members are more than 3 and there are some luggages, Jumbo taxi would be great choice for you. I (as i am a regular customer of one driver, i could get discounted price^^) guarantee you that the price is the cheapest in the Busan. From airport to my apt or from my apt to airport, either way is ok. Just plz let me know if you need this service~!

*For your information, we have 2 types of explanation version : 'simple version' which can save your time and 'detailed version' which can take care of your curiosity :D


1. Seomyeon, center of Busan. close to Lotte dpt store, Lotte mart and Civic park.
- Within 3 mins, can reach Seomyeon(Line#1&2) and Buam(Line#2) subway station
- 10 mins, Busan train station (only 7~8$ by taxi)
- 30 mins, Kimhae airport station (only 17~18$ by taxi)
2. Latex top mattress with anti-alergic organic tencel beddings
3. Simple but gorgeous Scandinavian dining table with stylish lightings
4. High-end full HD projector with 4 channel surround sound system
5. Nespresso Latticcima capsule coffee machine and genuine Nespresso free capsules
6. Many entertainments such as poker cards and board games and must-go eateries and hot place guide book written by host himself
7. Full amenities including cleansing form, remover, disposable toothbrush, eyelash curler, swab, shampoo, rinse, body-wash, hair-straighter, dryer, cereal, international adapter, charger and etc
8. Giga(fastest) wifi
9. Clean and spacious bathroom for 2 ppl
10. English available any way, any time!


1. Location :
Location! Location! Location! This place is conveniently located right beside of Seomyeon subway station(Central station of Busan, Line#1,2) and Buam station(Line #2) ,giving guests impressively convenient access to all of attractions in Busan.
You can reach Copenhagen house within 30 mins from Gimhae international airport and within around 10mins from Busan station.

1-1) from Gimhae international airport
#subway : airpot station → transfer at Sasang station(Line#2) → Seomyeon station(Line#1,2)
#Limousine airport bus : airport → Seomyeon Lotte hotel
1-2) from Busan train station
#subway : Busan station(Line#1) → Seomyeon station(Line#1,2) no transfer

Not only this, my place also has a straight route from subway station and elevator access, providing easy access with guests :D

2. Sleeping :
We, Cozy and modern house, are confident that three mattresses(latex top mattresses) with anti-alergy organic tencel beddings(over 200$ for each blanket) on the duplex floor, which will give you easy and comfortable sleeping experience even to the most sensitive guests, will not make you disappointed, sleeping in my place. Once you get some sleep in our house, you will be able to notice the difference, compared with other normal and cheap beds and beddings in other bnbs.

3. Dining :
We have a simple but gorgeous dining table for up to 6 people with stylish lightings, picturing the image of having enjoyable suppers with loved ones. Over the table, lovely lighting makes the atmosphere more romantic and relaxing. I took a lot of care of this place cuz this is the place I really have wanted to keep in my home.
I guarantee you that you and your friends will be able to have great time here :D

Not only this, We also offer guests cereal in Zevro dispenser, keeping it from being damp and strawberry jam to give you lovely and awakening breakfast. You know what? This cereal is one of fastest-consuming items in my bnbs. And every guest loved it :D.

4. Something to watch :
With a high-end Full HD projector, you can enjoy dramas, movies and TVs, lying down on comforting couch. My place has a screen over 100 inches and 4 channel surrounding sound system to make you absorbed in movies and TV programs. To be simple, We provide more personal experience than theater and more spectacle experience than home!!

My projector at Copenhagen house has 3 options you can choose:
4-1) Basically, It is connected with Korean IPTV, giving you Korean TV and movie programs.
4-2) Also, Netflix is available for free at my place, allowing you to enjoy famous drama and movies (for example, Game Of Thrones and so on).
4-3) It also can be connected with your laptop or tablet PC and usb, meaning that your personal movie files will be played here. All you need to do is bring your laptop here :D
(plz check whether there is a HDMI slot in your machine)

5. Something to drink :
This place has a very high-end capsule coffee machine named Latticcima nespresso machine. This machine is able to give you Latte, unlike other normal machines able to only give americano and espresso. And of course, genuine capsules from Starbucks and Nespresso are equipped for guests for free. If you are a coffee lover, I am sure that you can cut down your some budget by using this amazingly tasteful coffee machine. Furthermore, I also arranged some disposable cups and straws with ices at a freezer in summer season to cool you down by making a cup of coffee before going out under sunny weather :D.
(for your information, all of capsules are best-seller genuine from Nespresso and we only use capsules bought within a month to sustain a freshness!)

6. Something to play :
6-1) poker cards, go-stops(Korean card game) and a variety of board games
6-2) 4 channel Bluetooth speakers you can connect with your phone
6-3) A must-go restaurants and guide manual written by a host himself. With this manual, you can make your first-time visit to Busan more enjoyable and memorable!

7. Amenities :
I know that it's really tiring to carry all the traveling stuffs, traveling around. That was what I was thinking of, making my place. All I was concerned was how to make guests come light.
My place gives guests below items for free : bottled water, enough towels, steam iron, cleansing form, multi-remover, toothbrush and paste, curler, swab, cotton, shampoo, rinse, body wash, straightener, hair-dryer, first-aid box(including painkillers and digestive medicines)

8. Internet access :
Cozy and modern house has a surprisingly high speed internet access so that you can enjoy web-surfing and use your mobile phone without any trouble and annoyance. Unlike most of other accommodations and bnbs where there is an only pocket wifi or poor internet service due to cost-efficiency issue, We have a totally different and the fastest wifi service.
It would be a great choice for those who have experienced some kind of annoyance from poor quality internet access before.

9. Bathroom :
Actually, it is not easy to share a bathroom with many people. So I decided to make a partition so that two persons can wash-up simultaneously. To make your preparation in the morning faster, two hair-dryers are also available along with several types of combs and a straightener.

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Bujeon 2(i)-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea

Seomyeon is downtown of Busan city and good for tourist who are willing to travel all around the city cuz it is located in central area of Busan. Within 30 mins, you can reach everywhere in Busan, using awesome and cheap public transportation.

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안녕하세요 :D 영어를 자유롭게 구사할수 있으며 부산에서 오랜 기간 살아왔기 때문에 부산에 대해서 많은 정보와 도움을 드릴수 있다고 생각하며, 단순히 가격이 저렴하고 하루 누웠다가 가는 그런 여행이 아니라, 여행 기간동안 숙소에서 따뜻함과 편안함 그리고 휴식을 제공하는 것이 저의 목적입니다. 저는 저의 숙소에 오시는 분들이 돈이 아깝지 않게 부산에서 어디를 놀러가야하고, 어디서 자야할지 생각하다가 바로 떠오르는 곳이 저의 숙소였으면 좋겠다고 생각하고 숙소를 꾸몄습니다. 사람은 필연적으로 공간으로부터 영향을 받으며, 그 공간을 (특히나 부산에서) 책임지는 것이 저라고 생각하며 노력하고 있는 중이니, 한번 오셔서 경험해보셨으면 좋겠습니다. 어렸을때, 친구집에 놀러가면 영감도 받고 놀라기도 하고 비교도 하며 그랬던 경험들이 있었잖아요. 그러한 경험들이 지금은 없는것 같아서 아쉬웠고, 에어비앤비를 통해서 타인의 집이나 또는 공간에서 오는 경험이나 영감을 받았으면 해요. 당연히 편안함과 재미는 있어야겠죠. 지루하고 반복적이고 할 것도 없는 공간은 너무 삭막하다고 생각하거든요. 숙소에 놀러오셔서 좋은 추억과 재미를 가져가시길 바래요! 그리고 언제나 합리적인 비판점을 얘기해주시면 즉각적으로 반영해서 고칠테니 많이 많이 얘기해주시면 감사하겠습니다^^ Hi :D I'm host from Busan, Korea. I believe that human being is affected by a space naturally and I'm the one who is responsible for making a good space for my guests. With this belief, I always try to make a variety of not only inspiring but also convenient places, rather than making same boring places. When we were young, we used to visit our friend's place, anticipating what that place is or impressed by their distinct atmosphere. I really miss that period and love to remake those experiences. I make my places, imaging that my guests come to my place like they come to their loved friend's house^^. At times, it wouldn't exactly fit their taste but I really take a lot of care not to make you think that the price or the money you spent is not wasteful. I hope you enjoy my place and get inspired by your journey and my place.
안녕하세요 :D 영어를 자유롭게 구사할수 있으며 부산에서 오랜 기간 살아왔기 때문에 부산에 대해서 많은 정보와 도움을 드릴수 있다고 생각하며, 단순히 가격이 저렴하고 하루 누웠다가 가는 그런 여행이 아니라, 여행 기간동안 숙소에서 따뜻함과 편안함 그리고 휴식을 제공하는 것이 저의 목적입니다. 저는 저의 숙소에 오시는 분들…

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I try to help guests when they come across something urgent or emergency situation. I freely speak English and can help foreigners to deal with some problems you can meet here in Korea.

UJack yi-Superhost

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