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URebecca yi-Superhost
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Bedroom has a full-size bed, computer desk, mini fridge, 2 small shelves, and a set of 3 plasic drawers. There are hangers, a laundry basket, an iron and ironing board, a space heater, and an extra blanket in the closet.
Parking is on the street. Please don't block the mailbox (leave 6 feet). You are likely to get a ticket if you block it. No more than 2 guests allowed in the room. No visitors without asking.

The bedroom is upstairs. Bathroom is shared with the guest(s) in room 2. My 2 dogs and I live in the in-law suite in the basement, so you might not even see us. If you do happen to encounter a dog, don't be scared. They are very friendly and they'll just want to sniff you (and I'll be right behind them).

I mostly stay downstairs, and I work a lot. I generally like to give people their privacy, because most people use air bnb in lieu of a hotel, and hotel rooms are pretty private. You'll most likely arrive while I'm at work, and I won't bother you when I get home or go in your room while you're out. However, if you'd feel more comfortable meeting me, or want me to change the bed linens during your stay, or just want to hang out, I'd love to! Just let me know!

Also, I cook a good bit, so the kitchen can sometimes be a little cluttered. And my dogs track in dirt that I sometimes am not able to clean up immediately. Please excuse my messy kitchen, and also feel free to use it.

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Powder Springs, Georgia, United States

Usually very quiet and peaceful.

Umbuki zindwendwe ngu- Rebecca

Ujoyine nge- 2018 July
  • Izimvo eziyi-315
  • I-Superhost
PLEASE READ PROFILE AND LISTING INFO BEFORE BOOKING!!! Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm a super chill person and I get along with everyone. It is becoming obvious that people don't read my profile before booking, and then they complain about things that are noted in my profile. Therefore, I've decided to make it even more clear. I've been an Air BNB host for about 3 years, and I've met lots of awesome people. As long as you read everything before booking and understand, we're all gonna have a great time :) I live in the home and have 3 rooms listed. THERE WILL BE OTHER PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE. I work full time and while I do my best to keep the place clean and tidy, it will never be perfect. If you're looking for luxury, this isn't the place for you (hence the low price). Some points that you should be aware of before booking with me: - I do not accept cash payments. At all. Period. Don't ask. All stays must be booked through Air BNB. Lengthy stays are discounted through the app. I don't offer any other discounts. - Check in time is 4PM or later, and check-out time is 1PM or earlier. If you need these times to be slightly earlier or later, I might be able to accommodate you by an hour or so, but this isn't always possible. If you need a much earlier check-in time, it probably won't work out, as I have guests in the rooms almost every night. - NO smoking ANYTHING in the house. You are welcome to smoke on the screened back porch where there are chairs and ash trays. - I live in the basement with my 2 dogs. Due to social distancing and Air BNB's guidelines, you probably won't see us much unless you request it (feel free to request it. I'd be happy to meet you!), or its in passing. I'm happy to arrange a time to meet if it makes you more comfortable. - Please don't open the basement door. That is my personal space, and guests are not allowed there. My dogs are very friendly, but they don't like that (nor do I). They don't bite, but they'll bark, cause a scene, and scare the crap out of all of us, and we don't want that. I highly recommend texting me if you need something or have an issue, but knocking is fine if its more urgent. - I can almost guarantee that if you stay at my house, you will see dog prints on the kitchen floor. They go out 4-5 times a day, it rains, and I'm busy. I mop it regularly, but 4-5 times a day is a bit much. If its raining, I tend to just leave them until the ground is dry again. - I tend to cook a good bit. You're welcome to cook as well, and use any dishes/cookware you find in the kitchen. You can leave the dirty ones in the sink, and I'll wash them. Having said that, there may be a few dishes in the sink from time to time. I work, and my guests cook while I'm at work. I get home late, and don't want to be banging dishes around at 1AM while you're sleeping, so sometimes the dishes sit there for a few hours. - With myself and others cooking, the house has been known to smell like food. - I do home improvement projects in my free time. These usually can't be completed in one day, so its common for me to leave materials and supplies in the corner of the dining room for easier access. - There WILL be other guests in the house while you're here. Room 1 and 2 share a bathroom, and all 3 of the rooms are close together and share walls. Hence the low prices. - Please be aware that other people are in the house, and they may have a different sleep schedule than yours. A reasonable amount of noise is to be expected, but if I can hear your entire conversation from downstairs at 2AM, I'm going to have to knock on your door and then we all get to feel awkward. Let's not do that. - Guests do not have access to a washer and dryer. - Guests are allowed to bring ONE vehicle per room. If you have 2 cars, you'll need to make other arrangements for your second vehicle. In your welcome message, I will send you parking instructions. These are not negotiable. Parking for room 1 is on the street, Room 2 is in the driveway, and Room 3 is behind the house, where I also park. You'll need to leave room for me to also park there. This system works very well when it is observed. If you park somewhere other than your spot, it will inconvenience everyone else in the house and you are still going to have to move your vehicle to where it's supposed to be parked. If you don't like the parking arrangements for the room, please consider booking one of my other rooms with different parking arrangements. With all of that said and understood, I'm happy to host/meet you!
PLEASE READ PROFILE AND LISTING INFO BEFORE BOOKING!!! Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm a super chill person and I get along with everyone. It is becoming obvious that people don't read my pro…
URebecca yi-Superhost
Ii-Superhost zinamava, zikwizinga eliphezulu ibe eyona nto iphambili kuzo, kukuba iindwendwe zihlale kamnandi.
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