Rustic cabin on the mountain.


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Nestled in the mountains of the Eastern Townships, the cabin ( no running water), is a private, sunny space to spend time in the quiet of nature. It is accessible by a 2 min hike up a little wooded path from the parking area. A swimming pond is a short walk away from the cabin. Lovely hiking trails, panoramic viewpoints accessible on the cabin’s doorstep, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. registered with CITQ # 302542

The cabin is located at a higher elevation than most of the houses in the area; hence temperature here is consistently 4 degrees Celsius lower than in Sutton. It is cooler during hot summer and colder longer through the winter and spring.

There is an induction top stove; it is only for a one-pot top stove but it does not prevent cooking up a nice meal.
All pots are compatible with the induction top stove except the coffee maker; use the metal “plate” hanging on the wall above the top stove.
Candles are in a drawer of the table.
Since there is no running water the drinking/washing water has to be brought up from the main house. There is a water faucet in the carport of the main house. It is excellent well water but it has to be boiled before drinking!
There is a sink with a water tank in the kitchen section of the cabin. It is good to drain the bucket underneath the sink when is half full. Otherwise, it is too heavy to lift. In the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen, you will find a garbage pail, sink drain bucket, and small compost container
The indoor bathroom is rustic basics from the time before the invention of plumbing: water from a tank in the kitchen (basin, jug, towels, and face cloth...
There is an outhouse with a view onto the Round Top.
The in-house bathroom has a toilet, for use at night and mostly in winter. Lift the gray bench/lid; after the use, take a scoop of the cedar chips and cover the “stuff” … just one scoop is enough… this method is absolutely brilliant, there is no bad smell. Please empty the pail at the end of your stay into the composting site.
Heating/wood burning stove:
It helps to know how to start the fire although I am 100% sure you know how to do it. I found it helpful to follow the instruction of Morso stoves, in the drawer of the countertop… they are excellent but it seems that following the instruction prevents from smoking up oneself in, we also noticed that keeping doors or windows open while starting the fire helps the stove to draw the air better …
There is kindling wood ready for you, please use it only to start the fire and use the bigger logs to keep the fire going takes a lot of work to cut and split the wood unless you would like to do it yourself for fun:) As you use the firewood please re-stack the wood from outside into the indoor wood-stack railing and indicate the wood for drying with the blue drop icon hanging on the inside of the wood rack (there are 6 of them with the yellow sun side for dry wood and a water drop icon on the other side to indicate wet wood)
You might notice while opening and closing the stove’s door jamb a little… it is a personal characteristic of this stove, it takes 2-3 times to get hang of it
A few guests brought their own starting log made making fire fast and easy At the end of your stay please re-stack the wood from outside into the indoor wood-stack railing.
After dropping off your provisions by the entrance to the cabin path you can leave your car at the parking space which is the area some 50 m back by the driveway.
Garbage and recycling:
Please bring garbage bags. We don't supply garbage bags as we believe that guests refuse is their responsibility, hope you agree :)
Deposit the compost in the assigned spot near the cabin. Do not please put the paper bags in the compost. To empty the drain bucket, find a discreet spot in the bushes below the cabin.
We love and welcome dogs, however, we ask the guests not to allow dogs on the beds. It is difficult and costly to clean the bed coverings from dirt and animal hair. If the friend happens to do the business on the path, there is no need to scoop it into the bag, just deposit the pup in the forest just away from the paths and immediate vicinity of the cabin and BBQ. Since some guests may be allergic we greatly appreciate it if you sweep the dog’s hair thoroughly.
Hiking/ Snowshoeing:
You can begin your hikes from the threshold of the cabin. A short walk down the private road will connect to the system of Mount Sutton and Diable Vert trails. We also have our own trail marked with white/red signs which loop around the property, taking around 3o-45 min.
Also, our land is surrounded by Nature Conservancy and for the benefit of people and animals, we want this area to stay free from drones and any automated recreational devices. Thank you for your understanding.
One more thing, the rental price was always the same for summer and winter. Also, this winter I have to recognize the difference in the heating effort as I am out-sourcing this task to another person. Please, add to your cost of rental $20 per stay for the firewood and its preparation. It can be paid by e-transfer or cash. Thank you for your understanding. I feel it is better for the guests to pay it instead of putting it in the rental price, which in the end would raise the fees paid to Airbnb. The email address is above the toaster.

If you are ready for the challenge of basic living and leaving the cabin in the state you found it, the cabin is all yours :)
Best regards

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Sutton, Québec, Canada

The cabin is located a 15 min drive from Sutton, QC, one of the prettiest villages in the Eastern Townships. Sutton has a variety of restaurants, an SAQ, an IGA, shops, and boutiques. The surrounding area has rural bike paths and a ski hill, Mount Sutton.

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Please send us the approximate time of your arrival. There is no WiFi at the cabin, but if required, WiFi can be used at our house down the path.

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