Parvatah Boutique King room (With Breakfast)

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Parvatah is not just a typical hotel or a guesthouse, it is our way to pay tribute to the mighty peaks of the Himalayas and the rich cultures and traditions found there. Each & every corner of our property is designed by us and all the stuff is handpicked throughout our unforgettable journeys in the Himalayas. We have put our heart & soul in bringing together this project with the endeavor to create a unique stay experience for all our guests.


Sometimes a hotel is more than just beautiful rooms with comfortable beds. It could be someone’s dreams and that’s what Parvatah is! Adorning the walls of our own baby space with the perfect blend of eclectic and fun without trying too hard we have made sure to give you free-spirited life in no time!

Home is where the heart is and that’s why we wanted to blend all the facilities and comforts of a starred hotel with a pinch of sugar of our own.

Each room in Parvatah is named after a prominent mountain peak, which depicts our love for the people, culture & tradition of that area. The interior & décor is inspired by the magical high altitude areas around the majestic peaks of Everest, Annapurna & Kanchenjunga.

1) Everest: Standing at an astonishing 29,029 feet above sea level, this majestic peak needs no introduction. We relate to Everest so much because it inspires us to reach our maximum. Being situated in Nepal & Tibet, the décor is inspired from there and has the local flavors.

*Our Favorite: The blue storage trunk seat kept under the big window

2) Kanchenjunga: India’s highest peak and pride jewel standing at 28,169 Feet above sea level is located on the borders of Sikkim and Nepal, and it is also visible from some parts of Nagaland and Darjeeling. Called as “Five Treasures of Snow” or the ‘The Sleeping Buddha’ range, the peak is worshipped by the locals and is very close to their heart. The interiors and décor of this room is inspired by the culture and colors of Sikkim and Nagaland.

*Our Favorite: 80 Year old Haveli Doors from our ancestral house restored and used as bed side tables

3) Annapurna: The 10th highest peak in the world standing at 26,545 feet above sea level, Annapurna range lies in the Himalayan nation of Nepal. The name Annapurna also means “Goddess of the Harvest” and is so much in sync with Parvatah as we truly believe in the philosophy of growing our food. The room décor is based on the Nepalese and Tibetan theme.

*Our Favorite: Hand painted ‘Madhubani’ plates sourced from a local artisan hailing from a remote village on the borders of Nepal and Bihar.

Note: We are thankful to all the local artisans and craftsmen who have helped us in making these rooms the way they look. Due to lack of awareness and technology they are not able to promote their art work like other big brands, however, we are glad that we are now showcasing and promoting their hard work and talent through our medium.

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Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India

Parvatah is located in a very quiet and walking friendly zone as we are away from the hustle bustle of the main tourist spots. You can explore the areas around property and meet the locals and if you go a little further then you can enjoy the fresh air of the Bhattu forest. If you are craving for some food then look no further as we have a roof top cafe - Ara Cafe serving some great dishes made under our strict watch to ensure great quality.

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Parvatah, a boutique home in the lap of the Dhauladhars, is our little tribute to the mighty peaks of the Himalayas and the rich culture found here. We have designed every corner of the house, ourselves, using artifacts that were handpicked throughout our unforgettable journeys to the Himalayas, over the years, making each room at Parvatah unique. If nature is your retreat, Parvatah will immediately charm you. It is an abode in a refreshing setting with the presence of all the modern amenities and facilities to ensure the best and most comfortable stay for you. Every area of the house will entice you to take a closer look while everything is well placed for your comfort and views. We are sure; the invigorating surroundings will take you to an altogether different world, full of beautiful views, verdant greenery, and pleasant climate. You will notice, we have put our heart & soul in this house with the endeavor to create a unique stay experience. We keep our guests’ need on top priority and aim to deliver the best experience backed by exemplary services. We believe that the only thing inevitable is - this moment which we have tried our best to make it special. Come join us in our journey and give us a chance to host you and create memories. Welcome to Parvatah, welcome to the Great Himalayas.
Parvatah, a boutique home in the lap of the Dhauladhars, is our little tribute to the mighty peaks of the Himalayas and the rich culture found here. We have designed every corner o…

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