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This small building built about 30 years ago is the first generation house made with new construction materials in our country.

The house of that generation is losing popularity and is beginning to disappear.

This house was also getting old and planned to demolish.

However, this house is what my grandmother built at the end of her life.

When I heard the story of demolition, I was very sad.

I fixed this small, old house. And successfully passed the current standards set by country.

【About infectious disease preventive measures】
Our inn is implementing measures based on the infection spread prevention guidelines.
A non-contact alcohol disinfection dispenser is installed at the entrance.
The customer's hand soap and detergent dispenser used at our inn are non-contact type. You can use it without touching it directly.
We are thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting bathtubs and footbaths. The hot spring bath used at our inn has been inspected and licensed by Aira Public Health Center, and a public bath authorization has been obtained.
We prepare disposable masks, disposable paper cups, and paper plates.
If you run out of your masks, please don't hesitate to use them.
Our inn thoroughly cleans the building. We hope that you will have a relaxing time in a hygienic environment.







【About construction in the neighborhood】
Recently, construction work is underway nearby at night.
You may like to have earplugs if you mind the sound.

【About hot spring】
Because Kirishima is a hot spring resort, natural hot springs come out from the bath faucet.
The ingredients are mainly sodium / bicarbonate, it is effective for stress symptoms, circulatory disorders, and many other diseases.
Because it is a natural hot spring, temperature control is impossible. Please add water if necessary. And please be careful of burns.

【About type】
It is resident type. So I'm living in this house.
If you have something to ask, please do not hesitate to ask me :)
And there is another guest room. so you must share Kitchen, toilet, hallway, entrance.
Please note.

【About "Fusuma"】
The door of the room is a traditional Japanese sliding door called “Fusuma”.
The door is made of paper.
Therefore, I recommend that you prepare earplugs when you sleep if you are concerned about footsteps walking in the hall of the shared space.

【About bedding】
There is no bed. Like traditional Japanese houses, lay down a Futon(bedding in Japan) on a Tatami(General floor in Japan).
Futon is a Japanese "single long" size.
futon matress: 100cm×210cm
coverlet futon: 150cm×210cm
blanket: 140cm×200cm
pillow: 43cm×63cm
So it's a bit small. Please note.

【About footbath】
I am making footbath in the garden. To tell the truth, I have run out of money once during the construction of this house. As a result, we are currently constructing a footbath in the garden, even though we started managing guest houses. We may inconvenience you a little on the construction day.
If you are concerned please contact me in advance.

【About door lock】
The door of the room is Fusuma. It is used ancient times in Japan, there is no lock.
So the door has only simple lock.
※ Automatic digital door lock is attached to the entrance of the building.

【About neighborhood】
There are many convenience stores nearby. There is a small bicycle in my room. Please use it freely when going shopping nearby. So please tell me when you need it.

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Kirishima-shi, Kagoshima-ken, Japan

Kirishima is not only a hot spring resort but also a hub. In the north there is a beautiful mountain range where Japan's oldest god 's weapon sleeps, and there is a shrine with a long history with that god.
To the south are the sea where the dolphins swim and the active volcano floating in the sea, there is also a Samurai mansion designated as a world heritage site.
There are Satsuma Peninsula in the west and Osumi Peninsula in the east, everywhere is relaxing and there is rich nature. If you are tired of living in the city, why do not you take a leisurely hot spring here?

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Hello, I am Tomoyuki. I live in Kagoshima, Japan. I started Ainbnb host in November 2018. First of all, I really want to thank you. My country has encountered a lot of big sad disasters in the past. And many people died. Hanshin, Niigata, Tohoku, Hokkaido. . The list of examples is endless. Every time, thanks to warm support from people all over the world, how saved our country was. To this help, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much. I began to be interested in other countries from such a relationship between the world and Japan. However, in the present situation I am having trouble traveling. The area where we live now is also having problems. My town is the place where a warrior who became a model of LAST SAMURAI was born, there is rich nature, there is one of the three biggest mysteries in Japan, It is the top class safety in my country, delicious drink and food. It is a wonderful area, but the countryside in Japan is steadily losing its vitality. And despite lots of charm, the population of this area is decreasing gradually. I repaired the house my grandmother built at the end of her life and started living. And I started activities to provide vacant rooms to people visiting Kagoshima. I am not a professional to fix the house. However, I managed to pass standards set by Japan somehow. I am looking forward to seeing you at this house. I am sorry if my poor English is wrong. Best regards. Tomoyuki
Hello, I am Tomoyuki. I live in Kagoshima, Japan. I started Ainbnb host in November 2018. First of all, I really want to thank you. My country has encountered a lot of big sad disa…

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It is a resident type. Because I am in the same building, please ask me if you have any troubles :)

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