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I have earned Superhost 6 times in a row. My homestay is approved by the Kerala Government , as a ' Diamond status' (Class A) Homestay . This property is on a ground of nearly 30 cents surrounded by nutmeg, jackfruit, Plantain and many more trees.This is where my parents ,Thankam & John spent the last years of their life. A perfect place to relax and observe village life.There are two other independent villas on the same site - Thankam's Villa and John's Villa.

Similar to old Keralan houses, our house has smaller bedrooms and bathrooms. However, the living room and dining room is wide and spacious. Homes were built in such a way as that's primarily where family congregated.

Foyer/sit out: Red clay tiled floor with seating
Living room: Red clay tiled floor, antique furniture, Traditional subtle back ground music. Energy saving lighting
Dining Room: Red clay tiled floor, 6 seater dining table, Non-plastic crockery & glassware, stainless steel cutlery
Bed room: No air conditioner but airy and well ventilated with windows on two sides, with mosquito proof, red clay tiled floor, curtains for all windows,1 queen size(120 cm ) bed with 4”foam mattress, Bedding 2 sheets, pillow & case, blanket, Bedside shelf, Cloth stand, Twin door wall shelf with cloth hangers ,Two Chairs with a low centre table, Laundry bag, Mirror - 4 feet length, Trash basket, 1 bath towel and 1 hand towel provided per guest
Bathroom: Attached running water available 24 hours ,Water saving taps/shower, Western type WC with toilet paper, etc

Kitchen: Refrigerator, Kitchen sink, Induction cooker, Fully ventilated with windows on three sides ,Clean utensils, Food grade equipment, Containers, wet and dry garbage segregated and disposed, germicidal cleaning of floors.

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Apho uza kuba khona

Chalakudy, Kerala, India

You can explore the village on a bicycle exploring the paddy fields, local temples, bridges, lakes and so on. The traffic is very limited, so you would not have to worry about any dangers.

You could rejuvenate yourself with fresh drinking water and unpolluted fresh air. This place is famous for its natural beauty and bio-diversity.
In this serene agro-village, you can see green coconut trees, nut meg and mango trees.
This agro village gets abundant water from Chalakudy river.You can interact with local people and observe the rural life-Ploughing the land, sowing rice, milking goats, wood cutting, drawing water from the well, climbing trees and learning about various medicinal plants in the village.
Moreover for adventure lovers, there are some trekking spots nearby that you can enjoy, along with living the rural life.

A nearby plantain orchard managed by the local self help groups of women is known for diverse varieties of plantains cultivated

Witness the villager’s Varied occupation
Traditional and modern way of climbing a coconut tree-Coconut plucking, art of weaving coconut leaves, the art of making of brooms using the veins of coconut leaves, Home stead farming can familiarize you with the many crops found in the region and also taste home grown fruits, Fishing with traditional fishing nets.
Interact with a Vasthu Sasthram expert ,Palmist, yoga practioner,Ayurvedic practioner etc.,

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Welcome to my listings! I'm happy that you have found me here. I'm humbled to be a Superhost winner for 17 times in a row (2017 onward). I love history and love to communicate historical facts to the interested. I am a mother of two children-a son and a daughter, both of whom are married and settled abroad. I have a passion for understanding traditional practices and collecting artifacts. I teach social work discipline in a recognised college. I have enjoyed charting out programmes for teams of overseas professors and students visiting our campus. About my homes - 1. TJ’s Home stay is a rural experience dedicated to my parents Thankam & John who spent the last few years of their life in this property. I have preserved all the possible little things used by them which are more than 40 years old. 2. Prinsley's is the urban home that I live in Cochin. We've gradually built that space contemplating how to construct and what goes in every little nook and corner of this home. I am interested in involving guests where ever feasible into the socio-economic activities of the people and thereby acquire valuable village life experience. I like to do things differently but definitely keeping to the needs of the guests. Hoping to have a great time with you....
Welcome to my listings! I'm happy that you have found me here. I'm humbled to be a Superhost winner for 17 times in a row (2017 onward). I love history and love to communicate hist…

Ngexesha lokuhlala kwakho

I would make myself available during your stay. However, I live in Cochin, so my presence would be limited. My neighbors, Viji and Benny, are happy to assist you during the rest of the time.
Authentic Keralan breakfast would also be provided upon a nominal amount. The meals are prepared with organically grown local vegetables and fruits. You can choose what you'd like to have from Viji, our neighbor chef.
I would make myself available during your stay. However, I live in Cochin, so my presence would be limited. My neighbors, Viji and Benny, are happy to assist you during the rest of…

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Ii-Superhost zinamava, zikwizinga eliphezulu ibe eyona nto iphambili kuzo, kukuba iindwendwe zihlale kamnandi.
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