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UHermes yi-Superhost
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This is [LunaTrips GR] [RVs & Campers Road Trip Network], "Eclipse" Hymer Limited

Located in Chania & Athens, it is available for you to camp in the most beautiful and biggest areas of Greece, the paradise of Creta, Peloponnese, Evia and more!

Book and get our guests "secret" Travel Guide, our Luna Networks Discount Card for gastronomy, sport experiences, fuels and many more!

Be a traveller not just a tourist.

Follow our campers network exclusive experience.

Discover your elusive dream..

Eco Luna Beach

We are glad to inform you that by booking our RVs you contribute to our beach cleaning project. A percentage of the amount you pay goes to that cause and there is also a 10€ donation extra through our site!

Luna Tips for Luna Trips - Travel Guide

By booking you will also get our private, strictly for our guests, self-made guide, especially for campers; with secret Luna Tips for Luna Trips in Greece so you are able to follow our suggested routes during your road trip. We are willing to spend all the time needed to design your memorable Luna Trip.

Luna Card

Book now and also get our Luna Card for free, if you are interested in getting a discount to the most unique restaurants that offer authentic gastronomical delights, sports activities, extreme sports lessons such as surfing, kite, paragliding, scuba diving and other amazing experiences, exclusive free entrance to private natural camping zones with free electricity and water or even discount to gas stations.

Luna Challenge

Vacation is all about creating memories – let them be as exciting as possible!
We at Luna Trips have created the Luna Challenge; thus ensuring that we are providing you with a starter to make the most out of your stay with us.

Greece has it all: amazing beaches, serene landscapes, vivid nightlife, cool watersports, delicious gastronomy, you name it! Watch them unravel before your eyes by completing our Luna Challenge.

It is as simple as that: Upload photos to your Instagram or Facebook account of you completing our 6 challenges while wearing your Luna Trips adults tank top and kids hat (free if you participate) and save 5% off the value of your trip – how awesome is that?

The Challenges

1) Gaze a sunset or sunrise
2) Meditate and relax in your own unique way
3) Participate in any kind of sports activity
4) Taste an authentic dish or fruit by the beach
5) Hug your chosen Luna RV
6) Clean a beach

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Feb 11, 2023 - Feb 18, 2023

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Athina, Greece

Starting from CHANIA LUNA BASE the heart of the most secluded area of Crete, you’ll be able to enjoy our experiential ecotourism to the fullest, as you make your way from the pristine village of Milia towards the exotic palm forest of Preveli.

From the pink sand beaches of Balos and Elafonisi on the West, down to the golden brown sand cliffs of Agios Pavlos and Matala’s sculpted caves on the South.

From the Iron Gates of the White Mountains in Samaria Gorge, to the southernmost point of Europe that is Gavdos, a hippie island where even Odysseus was captivated by its beauty.

If our ATHENS LUNA BASE is your starting point, than you will combine stupendous mountain scenery and scenic hikes with deserted, pristine beaches and an incredible wealth of ancient sites like the Peloponnes or Evia. After all, this is where gods and heroes were said to walk the earth and the world’s greatest sporting event was born.

Over Rio’s bridge and cutting through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth Canal.

You will revive theater in its origin place of birth at the ancient theater of Epidavros to the Gibraltar of the East at Monemvasia.

From the exotic waters coast of Elafonisos to the spectacular Diros caves of the western spine of the Mani Peninsula.

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As family we always loved trips. This is what connected us.

As soon as we disembarked on Crete in 2005 for the first time, this island became the shelter we have eagerly been looking for; not only as a place to spend our holidays on, but also as a genuine paradise where everything is possible. However we never abandoned neither our birth city and second Luna base, that of Athens, nor the beautiful Peloponnese and Evia island which still play an important role as the origin of our chilhood’s greatest memories and campers secrets.

After spending more than twenty years in sports management, catamaran sailing and yachting business, providing camping on the sea to adventurous travelers, we combined our love for luxurious compact motorhomes/automobiles and versatile flexible vans. Our RVs experience connected all the dots that represent our favorite destinations in one big road trip circle of partnerships and experiences. All those years we sought hidden spots & places, tried hard to find the best tips locals have to offer and eventually we combined all these campers experiences to our network of discount partners and to the greatest travel guide for campers! That was when the Hermes and his crew, designed Luna Trips RVs & Campers Road Trip Network.

While in this balsamic Moon phase, you need more nurturing time than ever before, alone or with loved ones. It’s time for long luxuriant dives into the sea, tranquil nights reading, listening to music or doing the most natural thing of all: chatting with those you admire, sharing experiences, your deepest fears and your highest dreams, preparing a meal as a token of appreciation to yourself and those around you, spending time in serenity and isolation. This LunaTrips Campers experience is as unique as the logo’s moon eclipse…
As family we always loved trips. This is what connected us.

As soon as we disembarked on Crete in 2005 for the first time, this island became the shelter we have eagerl…

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In order to process your request for a vehicle, you have to attach your driver’s license (and your fellow traveler’s license in case that exists) and passport through air bnb platform or to our email info @ lunatrips . gr. Please take into account that the minimum acceptable driver’s age is 23 years old and, moreover, the driver’s license should be valid for at least 3 consecutive years.

Security Deposit

By booking the van, you commit to us to hold the security deposit through your credit card (via POS) or through PayPal, web banking or cash. In case of car damage, caused by an accident of your responsibility, the third party is fully insured. In any other case, the car insurance covers the costs regardless of the driver’s license type (both European and non-European licenses are included). Upon your check out, we will refund the security deposit in case that no damage took place..

You can pay the security deposit and/or any additional services whenever you want until your check-in date, since it is just a typical procedure. We believe that a credit card hold via POS is more secure and credible for both parties, rather than cash, PayPal or bank transfer.


We’ve made it really simple to help you get the cover you need.
We include standard third party insurance in your daily rate, but do recommend that you consider upgrading your insurance for the following reasons:
• You will be driving an unfamiliar vehicle in a foreign country so please note that road rules and conditions may differ from what you are expecting.
• You will be responsible for any new damage to our van regardless of who is to blame, unless you have upgraded to our “You’re good” policy below.
• Taking full insurance also means that you don’t have to pay more than €500 bond with us.
• And most importantly, buying a full insurance gives you peace of mind when you travel.

Choose from one of our 3 Excess waiver options below prior to hitting the road:

No reduction in liability.
Pay 0€ Per Day
1.500€ Security Deposit Bond frozen on credit card

Reduced liability to 50%
Pay 10€ Per Day
1.000€ Security Deposit Bond frozen on credit card

Free of any liability
Pay 20€ Per Day
500€ Security Deposit Bond frozen on credit card

Discounts (only through our site)

Early Booking 5% (until 28.02)
Two Weeks Booking 5%
Three Weeks Booking 10%
Repeated Client 5%
Luna Challenge 5%
*Maximum possible Discount 10%

Check-in / Check-out

Check-in time: Free 24/7
Check-out time: 12:00 (noon) | failure to do so will be subject to additional charges.

In order to process your request for a vehicle, you have to attach your driver’s license (and your fellow traveler’s license in case that exists) and passpo…

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Ii-Superhost zinamava, zikwizinga eliphezulu ibe eyona nto iphambili kuzo, kukuba iindwendwe zihlale kamnandi.
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