Asahikawa Residence 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms


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☆〜 There is nearby bus stop for bus from Asahikawa station by walk only 230 metres to apartment〜☆

❥Comfortable Apartment with full equipment.
❥This listing there are 3 bedrooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets.
❥Up to 9 persons can stay at this apartment.
❥Free Wi-Fi.
❥You can enjoy cooking light meals with cooking tools in the kitchen.
❥There is a convenience store within walking distance.
❥2 free parking.

1. Overview
◎ Comfortable apartment come with 2 private separate rooms in the same floor (Room number 201 and 202). But the rooms are connected internally.
★ All room is on the 2nd floor
★ Quiet area - great for family.
* Near Suehiro 6 jo 3 chome bus stop《 末広6条3丁目 》. Bus stop for bus from Asahikawa station. Guest can walk about 230 metres to apartment.
☆ There is a convenience store within walking distance.
◎ [Winter] There are heater inside house.
◎ Guest have to walk up stair to 2nd floor.

2. Apartment information
◎ This listing there are 3 bedrooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets.

☆ 1st room【Room number 201】. There are 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
★ 1st bedroom there are 1 queen bed and 2 sofa. This room is in the centre of room. But this room there is no door.
★ 2nd bedroom there are 3 single bed
★ 3rd bedroom is Japan Tatami room style. In this room can lay 3 futon/mattress. But normally we do not set floor mattress at this room. If you would like to use mattress in this room. Please request our staff before 48 hours in advance.

☆ 2nd room【Room number 202】. There are 1 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 1 bathroom and 1 toilet.
★ 4th bedroom there are 1 queen bed and 1 single bed.
☆ Living room there is 2 small sofa.
☆ Dining room there is dining table come with 8 seats.
☆ Kitchen room there are basic kitchenware and basic tableware.

So in total you will get 2 queen bed, 4 single beds and 3 futon/mattress.

3. Luxury Amenities
◎ Hair dryer.
★ Clothes hanger.
◎ Washer machine and dryer machine.
★ Free home wifi.
◎ TV flat screen.
★ Towel, shampoo, soap and conditioner.
◎ Equipped kitchen for you to cook a light meal.
★ Glass, bowl, dish, spoon, pan and pot.
◎ Stove, microwave, refrigerator, kettle and etc.
★ Irons and iron board.

It is a space where you can not experience in a narrow hotel in Japan.

Long stay possible.

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Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan

☆ Our place nearby convenience store ☆
- 450 metres from 7-Eleven セブン-イレブン 旭川末広5条店.

☆ Our place nearby supermarket, drug store and grocery store ☆
- 650 metres from Tsuruha Drug ツルハドラッグ 末広5条店 Drug store. [Open from 9AM–10PM].
- 900 metres from Kopu Shunkoten コープさっぽろ 春光店 Supermarket. [Open from 9AM–10PM].
- 950 metres from スーパーチェーンふじ 末広5条店 Supermarket. [Open from 9AM–9PM].
- 1.3 k.m. from Best Price ベストプライス六合店 Supermarket. [Open from 9AM–9:30PM].
-2.4 k.m. from MEGA Don Quijote Discount store. [Open from 9AM–2AM].

☆ Our place nearby restaurant ☆
- 500 metres from ごまそば鶴㐂 末広店 Soba noodle shop. [Open from 11AM–8:30PM].
- 550 metres from 雷電鮨 Sushi restaurant.
- 550 metres from 塩ホルモン栗の木本店 Yakiniku restaurant. [Open from 5PM–11:30PM] [Close at Wednesday].
- 650 metres from 味乃やまびこ春光店 Ramen restaurant. [Open from 11AM–8PM] [Close at Wednesday].
- 700 metres from カルビ1ばんの三笠やきとり金次郎 Yakitori restaurant. [Open from 5PM–9:30PM] [Close at Tuesday].
- 750 metres from 宅配ピザテン.フォー旭川末広店 Fast food restaurant. [Open from 11AM–10PM].
- 800 metres from 塩ホルモンきくどん Yakiniku restaurant. [Open from 5PM–10:30PM] [Close at Monday].

☆ Our place nearby another interest place ☆
- 180 metres from Megasuma メガスマ Second hand store. [Open from 10AM–7PM].
- 500 metres from Shell 出光昭和シェル 環状末広SS / モダ石油㈱ Gas station. [Open from 4AM–12AM].
- 2.6 k.m. from Chinese herbal medicine hot water Asahikawa health Land. [Open for 24 hours].

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FAMILY VACATION IN JAPAN Why travel with Air Global agency Travel Japan? Personalized itinerary including experience designed by our experienced travel consultant Carefully selecte…

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You can always contact us through Airbnb messages during your stay. We will support you as necessary. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns…

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