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Rogaška Slatina, a destination, unique to the thermal and mineral water Donat Mg, the reason that we have been a popular spa resort for 355 years. The first spring was discovered by the Earl of Zrinjski, while the pharmacies from Vienn took care of the reputation of the spa. We offer drinking Donat Mg and bathing in the spa. Natural beauty, silence of green experience on the bike, this is an emergency energy to realize the desires and goals of returning home. So, choose the Karlie Apartment.

Upon arrival at the Karlie suite, you must submit personal information (ID card or passport) for clearing the tourist tax you pay upon arrival. The tourist tax is €2.5 per day per person. You get a payment receipt.

Additionally, a service cost is added of up to 10 days €30 is paid on arrival, above 10 days €50.


1. COMPLETE PEACE both during the day and at night, as the apartment is located in a closed street and there is no main road or railway nearby.

2. IMMEDIATE CYCLING CONNECTIONS WITH MODERN INFRASTRUCTURE between the urban environment of the Karila Apartment and the urban environment of the Obsotelje.


4. POSSIBILITY OF RENTING ONE DAY CYCLING GUIDE from Rogaška Slatina to Podčetrtek through urban Obsotelje.

5. PEACEFUL TERRACE IN front of KARLIE APARTMENT surrounded by greenery and flowers in spring, summer and autumn.

6. ECO VEGETABLES from the local ECO garden during the season also with the possibility of purchase.

7. WHITE COUVEE HOUSEHOLD WINE also with option to purchase.

And of course, Karlie Apartment is located in a famous spa town with a long tradition, which not only benefits our apartment but also others. The advantages of Rogaška Sletina, where our apartment is, is that Rogaška Slatina is recognizable for its unspoiled nature, natural, mineral and thermal water, known for its glass products Steklarna Rogaška - all connected with modern tourist infrastructure, which gives the destination a splendor, uniqueness. The surrounding attractions are accessible by walking, cycling. You need less than an hour on any of the described target or points of interest. Our apartment Karlie is part of this attractive destination for people who love to explore, are skilled in searching for information and eager to communicate with the locals of destinationar. It is situated near the center of Rogaška Slatina in very peaceful part of well known health resort.

We offer you a lot of experiance wit a bike, which you can borrow, rent from us. You can uncover nearby and faraway local sights with the bike, riding on idyllic cycling routes. Riding through town, beautiful central spa park, which is fameus for its Criystal Hall, recognizable pavilion in the midle.Near the pavilion there is a Pivnica, a glass round building where you can drink a glass of well-known mineral water that treats the digestive tract.

You can cycle amongst green area of vineyards, along the Sotla river balong the border with the Croatian. You can experience it here a nature reserve of aqua birds. Forward to the famous Olimje church, monastery with the third oldest preserved, well decorated pharmacy in Europe after Paris and Dubrovnik. On the way to Olimije you can see the workshop of making an organ which are characteristic of Catholic churchesin, then past the attractive aqua park Aqualuna, to private brewery and a farm with roe deer and cheese, all in Olimije. The numerous trails in the region offers natural and cultural sights of interest that ensure unforgettable hiking axperiences, than through the silence of the forest of Boč, a hill that is high 963m and the locals call it Styria Triglav. Here you can admire the beautiful, the extremely rare flowers, which is called the Pulsatilla. At the foothills of Boč lies the idyllic village of Kostrivnica, from where the mineral water comes from below the depths. On the slopes of the hill, smaller vineyards are scattered, where you can taste different white wines in private small wine cellars. In our wine cellar we produce white wine, white couvee, which is called Karlie and has won several golden awards.

But if you express a desire to visit a larger wine cellar, the Imena village, not far from Olimje, is famous for its famous Imeno wine cellar, known for its wines made from the surrounding vineyards of this wine-growing region. By car or public transport, you can also travel to the more distant place Podsreda, where you can see the Romanesque castle from the period 1100 with many attractions. A much younger castle is also in the nearby Rogatec, after which Rogaška Slatina actually got its name. It is called Strmol, where you can make a lunch in the old castle kitchen, or they can take you through the old Slovenian village and show you how people lived in these places in the past.

But if you just want to swim and pamper yourself in the thermal pool, you can take advantage of it at the Rogaška Thermal Spa, or you can travel 15 km to Terme Olimia with the famous Aqualuna Aqua Park, where you can swim there.

In Obsotel you will be able to gain power for new home-made activities, you can walk on foot, cycling, swimming, relax at cultural and historical sites, experimenting with used wines and boarding with smelly, local and Slovenian dishes, Come to Obsotelje, the Rogaška Slatina Valley and make sure that this really need to choose. I'll see you in the Karlie apartment.

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Rogaška Slatina, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Slovenia

Apartment Karile is located in a private house in a one-way street, where there is a calm of night and day. In the morning you will be woken by bird singing, a rooster wake, and in the evening by crickets. As mentioned before, it is only two to three minutes down the bike lane to reach the center of the health resort with a bicycle, and on foot it takes 15 to 20 minutes to walk, depending on walking speed, along the pavement. In the good company of your loved ones, time is not a benchmark at all, but a great advantage, since the route passes faster with a pleasant chat.

As our Karlie Apartment emphasizes cycling (also walking) and exploring a destination through cycling, let's also say why we recommend it in terms of health and of course accessibility to the places described.

Why is cycling good for our body?

Daily bike riding offers a health benefit. Enjoying the journey, in mind with yourself. Thirty minutes of cycling reduces the risk of various diseases, so it's good to cycle. Research shows that one-hour cycling at a speed of 20 to 25 km per hour consumes about 500 calories. While riding a bicycle, the muscles below the knees are active, the back and front muscles above the knee, the quadriceps and gluteus, the abdominal muscles ... Cycling affects and also protects the heart. You should also take care of exposed skin and other necessary measures to keep your body healthy.

We wish you a happy bike ride and a pleasant exploration of our destination, the destination Obsotelje, where Rogaška Slatina belongs.

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