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UVicki yi-Superhost
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**Jordan Creek is typically BOOKED!
My home is very, very rural. It is very quiet and quite peaceful. It is an artsy house, visually pleasing and aesthetically coordinated. At night you can see a LOT of stars, because there is no light pollution nearby. Motion sensor lights and solar lights will help you find your way upon arrival (if after dark). It gets very dark when cloudy—Flashlight provided for those nights. If it’s clear, however, make sure to look up at the sky. It’s spectacular!

The whole house is filled with my brother’s artwork. He died a few years ago, but he was a professional artist and his work is remarkable. Because of the artwork and the many, many books you will find there (feel free to read anything that interests you), it feels like an artists’ retreat or writer’s cottage ... and it is.

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Feb 1, 2023 - Feb 8, 2023

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Soldier, Iowa, United States

2 other homes exist on the property. One is another air B&B, the other is occupied by family members who will not bother you but may be available to help if you need assistance. “Live and let live” is a simple way to relate our families general philosophy. They can help you if you need something, but will give you privacy otherwise.

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I grow and sell Aronia Berries (check out the Aronia Berry bushes as you pull in the second driveway. Just look to the right) to a natural food retailer in the Midwest. I have been self-employed, growing berries to sell wholesale for about five years now. I am also a substitute teacher in Sioux Falls, SD, where my boyfriend and daughter and grandson reside. I spend a significant amount of time in Sioux Falls, hence the decision to make my home available to Air B & B guests.

In 2017, I finished my Master’s at USD in Interdisciplinary Studies, only to find it remained difficult, if not impossible entirely, to obtain professional employment near where my home is located. Most of my coursework was in English, hence the large collection of books in my home. I also studied General Art, specifically photography, graphic design and teaching/leadership.

I have been employed on the Denison Campus of Western Iowa Tech most recently, as “Family Literacy Coordinator”.

I love music and have (a few years ago) sung with a trio professionally. I’ve been learning to play the ukelele, but just got beautiful petite Martin for Christmas- the sound is sweet , sweet, sweet in comparison.- My boyfriend is also very musical and we hope to record some original songs if we ever figure out the technology!!!

I also like to draw and have worked on creating a series of painted wooden chairs, some of which you will find (for sale-prices marked) in my home. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any of them.

Basically, I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. Interested in way too many things!

I hope you enjoy staying in my home. I have loved it thoroughly when I have been able to be there. I built it, with my dad’s help, as well as some other temporary labor hired, without a mortgage, paying cash for everything as It progressed, and salvaging some pieces of it for cost efficiency. It was a long process (about 5 years actually), sometimes painful, but it is now a done deal. Even though it has been difficult to find employment nearby and I have had to live elsewhere the last couple of years because of this, I do have this home to make available for others to stay in and I have a home where I can someday retire. I have found it is best for the house to be lived in. It is easier to keep things working and in good shape when it is occupied. I recently added a water filtration system to filter the well water (which was not pleasant) as well as a water softener. The radiant floor heat, when on, makes it a very cozy place to be and I am happy to be able to share it with others for our mutual benefit. It’s not fancy, but it’s sound, tight, and I think, inspiring. I hope you feel the same.
I grow and sell Aronia Berries (check out the Aronia Berry bushes as you pull in the second driveway. Just look to the right) to a natural food retailer in the Midwest. I have been…

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Most likely, I will not be in the area during your stay at my home. I am always available to solve any problems or answer questions you might have by calling 605-951-3300. My parents and my sister both have houses on the same property and will help with anything that needs immediate attention, but will stay out of your way otherwise and give you all the privacy you need. Feel free to roam the property and it is completely up to you if you want to socialize with my sister or my parents, if you happen to run into them while doing so. If that’s not you’re thing, they will respect your privacy and engage only to the point of being polite.
Most likely, I will not be in the area during your stay at my home. I am always available to solve any problems or answer questions you might have by calling 605-951-3300. My pare…

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