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Zingenele ngokufaka ikhowudi emnyango.
USakura yi-Superhost
Ii-Superhost ngababuki zindwendwe abakwizinga eliphezulu nabazimiseleyo ukulungiselela iindwendwe zihlale kamnandi.
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Ukubhukisha ngakunye kuquka ukukhuselwa kwasimahla xa Umbuki Zindwendwe erhoxile, xa indlu ingachananga nezinye iingxaki njengokuba nengxaki yokubhalisa xa ufika.
Enye inkcazelo iguqulelwe ngokuzenzekelayo.
Clean, fully furnished high-rise apartment!
-Located in Kitago/Shiroishi area in Sapporo.
-5 mins by car from JTC Hokkaido duty-free shop
-12 mins by car from JR Shiroishi station.
-2 free parking.
-Free Unlimited Home Wi-Fi is available.
-There are convenient store and supermarket: 6 mins by walk.

【Information on virus measures at our accommodation】
This accommodation facility use clean bedclothes adequately-disinfected at linen supply service.
Electric key pad on the door and light switches among other things are disinfected with alcohol. Also we make sure every time if my staff have health concern or not and they clean the room with disposable plastic gloves.

There are no infection reports for guests who have stayed so far.

Unlike general hotels, many unspecified people will not use our accommodation facility so you can feel safer.


Reinforced Concrete
2-storied wooden building
The room is located on the 1st and 2nd floor.
No elevator
1st floor: 43.74㎡
2nd floor: 43.74㎡

Capacity:8 Guests
Children 6 years old or under are free of charge in my apartment.
※For those children, towels and bedding won't be provided, so bring them by yourself.
If you don't want to prepare your own, count them as adults and pay when you make a reservation.

**Access to places in Sapporo**
To JR Shiroishi station (the nearest station): 12 mins by car.
To convenience stores: 6 mins on foot
To grocery stores: 6 mins on foot
To JTC Hokkaido duty-free shop: 5 mins by car
To Tanuki-koji Arcade: 21 mins by car
To Susukino area: 20 mins by car
To Nijo Market: 20 mins by car
To Sapporo Station: 20 mins by car

2 complementary parking spaces available!
If you need to use, please let me know in advance!

Check In: 15:00
※You're not allowed to check in before 3 pm,
but you can drop off your luggage after 11 am
WITH MY PERMISSION and come back to check in anytime after 3 pm.
Check Out: 10:00
※House Cleaning will start at 10 am sharp.

About Beds
※There are 2 bedrooms, each room has beds showing below:
Double-sized bed × 1 ( 195 cm × 140 cm )
Single-sized bed × 2 ( 195 cm × 97 cm )
There are blankets on the shelf to make your winter night warmer :)
Please use it if you feel cold♪

*Living room*
Coffee table
Home wifi
Air conditioner (cooling / heating)
Cleaning tools

IH stove for 2
Rice cooker
2 kinds of plates for each person
Cups, Glasses
Cutting knife (behind the door under the sink in the kitchen)
Cutting board
Strainer/Mixing bowl
Paper towel
Washing liquid
※ No seasonings

*Bathroom or toilet*
Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Soap
Washing machine (No drying function)/Detergent
Face towel/Bath towel (1 set/ per guest)
Hair dryer
Cotton swabs
Bath detergent
Toilet and bathroom are separated.
Shower and bidet are provided.

Laundry pole
Iron/Ironing board

Toilet is located on each floor
Bathtub is on the 1st floor and shower room is on the 2nd floor

*If you are staying over 2 weeks, please purchase consumable supplies on your own in case of running out of them which I'd prepare for in advance.
☆This accommodation is managed under the relevant laws and regulations.
According to the laws and regulations, I need to ask all of my guests to submit a registration form.
* For the foreign travelers, please submit the passport photo with the registration form together.
(※the page clearly showing the face picture, name, passport number and expiry date but I don't need personal number.)
And after you check in, each guest needs to complete the check-in procedure and take pictures of both oneself and one's passport for an identity verification with the tablet-type device set in the room.
Your personal information is, of course, confidential and I won’t use it for any other reasons.
If I don’t follow the rules, I will get penalties and have to close my listing.

Your understanding and cooperation is truly appreciated.

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札幌市, 北海道, Japan

A quiet area in Sapporo!
12 min by car from JR Shiroishi station. Also, from Sapporo Highway Interchange, it takes only 10 mins!
There are several parks nearby, so you can enjoy walking around with family as well.
JTC Hokkaido Duty-Free Shop, convenience shops and grocery shops nearby.

Most of places can be reached within an hour.
On season: From middle of Dec to middle of Apr
Depends on amount of snows
Fu's snow area

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Hi, I'm Sakura. I live in Sapporo. When I have time, I study French. To practice the pronunciation of French is pretty difficult for me but also fun.

I have been to Paris and Lyon before. It was a great experience for me to communicate with the local people in French.

French which the local people speak and pronounce was beautiful and every single word sounded like music to me. I think French is the most beautiful language in the world.

I hope that I can offer the room where the guests can stay comfortably. Please don't hesitate to ask me about Sapporo and Hokkaido or anything else.



Hi, I'm Sakura. I live in Sapporo. When I have time, I study French. To practice the pronunciation of French is pretty difficult for me but also fun.

I have been to Pari…

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I'll help you as much as I can. Please message me via airbnb message thread : ) Me, my family and my assistant will take care of your message!

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