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In the midst of a vibrant forest at the foot of a glorious mountain lies this bygone gem. Step away from the hustle and bustle and experience country lifestyle in this peaceful 150 year old folk house. The rural landscape and starry sky relaxes you in no time. Rent the entire building with parking lot for up to 8 people and 3 small / 2 ordinary cars. It’s perfect for long-term stays. The local grocery stores have bountiful seasonal ingredients and local game meat too.

stands at the foot of the mountains in Chizu town, Tottori Prefecture.
93% of the town is surrounded by forest so the gorgeous greenery spreads as far as the eye can see. The unparalleled glassy sky stretches endlessly above you, so make sure to take some time for stargazing on our local Chizu Cedar wooden deck. The 150 year old house has been renovated to create a comfortable modern retreat. The floor plan has remained unchanged so you have easy access around the property. Simply slide the partitions aside and step out into another world.

There are shops just a stones throw away where you can buy fresh local seasonal ingredients and game. It’s a pleasure to taste the unique flavours and produce from the area.

Tableware such as cooking utensils, plates and also basic seasonings are provided. Old history books tell tales about Tottori and Chizu and local crafts and antique items are free to peruse. Please make good use of the items and cook whatever you like using quality local ingredients.

・Entire house with a maximum capacity of 8 people (This inn is limited to one group per day.)
・There are 4 rooms, you can use and sleep in any of them
- a Japanese-style large room with 12 tatami mats,
- an alcove Japanese-style room with 6 tatami mats,
- a Japanese-style room with 5 tatami mats,
- a wooden floored room
・parking spaces (3small cars or 2 regular cars)
・Kitchen - everything you need for your daily life is included; such as refrigerators, cooking utensils, and plates.
・Free Wi-Fi.
・washing machine
・Bedding: guests prepare their own bedding. Lay down the futons provided on the tatami mats and sleep soundly in a traditional Japanese way

■ Optional
・Fresh, homemade catering from ¥2,500 (tax included) per person (from 2 people)
・Rice cooked over a fire, ¥2,000 (tax inc.) per person (minimum of 2 people)(Cancelled in the case of rain)
・Breakfast ¥1,500 (tax inc.) per person
Meals are made using fresh, local ingredients.
・Agricultural experience
・Rice planting experience (early May), rice harvesting experience (early September)
・Chizu Town History Exploration: Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property Ishitani Residence
* Please message us for bookings and inquires for any of the above optional meals and activities. They will allow you to fully enjoy this area and help you unwind.

Guest access range
◆ Please let us know when you will check-in.
* Please contact us in the case of a late check-in.
◆ If you come by car, we will guide you to the parking lot.
For ease of access please attempt to check in as early as possible. There are few lights on the narrow country road entrance and it could be a little difficult to locate the property.

The host is usually in the main building next door, so if there is anything you need, please let us know.

------- About the new coronavirus countermeasures -------
At Ashita no Ie you rent the whole facility, so the location is secure and you can keep social distance.

We are continuously looking at how to best maintain the health and safety of our customers.
We make sure:
(1) The staff wear masks.
(2) to check the health of our staff (temperature, any symptoms, etc.).
(3) to prepare alcohol for disinfection.
(4) to communicate by email during your stay.
(5) to ventilate for at least 4 hours, and even after the end, the windows are fully opened.

■ Request for check-ins
If any guest exhibits a fever of 37.5 or higher, we kindly ask you to refrain from staying at the hotel.

If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us.
In addition, please contact us if you are looking for a long term stay.

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Chizu, Yazu-gun, Tottori, Japan

■5 minutes by car
National important cultural properties"Ishitani Residence"
Guesthouse & Italian restaurants " Tanoshi"
Indigo dyeing studio "Chizu blue"

■7 minutes by car
Chizu station

■about 15 minutes by car
Natural yeast bakery & Craft beer & Cafe " Talmary"

■about 20 minutes by car
mountain vegetable food "Mitakien"

Transit time
7 minutes by car to Chizu Station
35 minutes by car to Tottori Station
40 minutes by car to Tottori sand dune

You can rent a car at Chizu station.
When you come by train, I can pick you up by car at Chizu station when you check-in and out.(free).
If you need to pick up by a car, please message me when you make a reservation.

It is an old folk house in a village at the foot of the mountain, where rural scenery spreads.
In the summer you can play in the river, which is a 3 minutes walk away.

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こんにちは! 祖父母から受け継いだ築150年の古民家を改装し、自然豊かなふるさと智頭町を皆さんに知っていただける機会になればという想いから、ゲストハウスをオープンしました。 自然とビールが大好き!横浜でWEB制作会社をやりながら行き来しています。 訪れた方にリラックスした時間を過ごしてもらえますよう 出会いを大切に心よりお待ちしています。 英語はご挨拶程度ですがお話するのは大好きです。 どうぞ宜しくお願いします。 Hello!I'm Tomoko. I start the guesthouse"Tomorrow's house" because I would like to tell my town, Chizu-cho, it has beautiful nature. So I renovated a 150-year-old folk house from my grandparents. I love beer! I run web design company in Yokohama and coming and going Yokohama and Tottori. I hope you can relax at my house. I am a beginner with my English language, but I love to talk with guests. I look forward to meeting you.
こんにちは! 祖父母から受け継いだ築150年の古民家を改装し、自然豊かなふるさと智頭町を皆さんに知っていただける機会になればという想いから、ゲストハウスをオープンしました。 自然とビールが大好き!横浜でWEB制作会社をやりながら行き来しています。 訪れた方にリラックスした時間を過ごしてもらえますよう 出会いを大切に心よりお待ちしています。 英語はご挨拶…

Ngexesha lokuhlala kwakho

You can Barbecue in a large garden, and experience harvesting vegetables.
You can visit and buy wild deer meat at the game meat factory. Depending on the season,
you can also experience rice planting and rice harvesting.
If you hope, I serve breakfast, such as rice we(Tomorrow's house) harvest and local vegetables. (It is charged)
If you need breakfast, please message me when you make a reservation.

We have cooking tools and dishes and basic seasonings.
We have shops that are selling delicious local ingredients such as seasonal vegetables and fish,
natural yeast bread, and sake brewing.
Please enjoy the ingredients you want to have.

・ Agriculture experience
・ Rice cooked with firewood
・ Rice planting experience (early May), rice harvesting experience (early September)
・ Exploring the history of Chizu-cho National important cultural properties "Ishitani Residence"
You can Barbecue in a large garden, and experience harvesting vegetables.
You can visit and buy wild deer meat at the game meat factory. Depending on the season,
you ca…

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