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Tucked in a small Himalayan village, amidst a mango and litchi grove and perched right above the mystical Alaknanda River - The Mandala House is a place to hear the stirrings of the universe. This suite opens up to a spacious terrace that overlooks the river. Floor to ceiling windows have been designed to provide a 180 degree view of the hills and the orchard grove. It has an ensuite bathroom outfitted with rainwater shower heads and are tiled with river rocks sourced right from the Ganga.

The village comprises of just a few families that have been living here for generations. Only a short walk away is the famous confluence where the quiet Alaknanda River merges with the roaring Bhagirathi River to form the Mother Ganga. Temples abound in this land. Each with it's own unique look and historical significance. The temples of Devprayag span thousands of centuries with the oldest standing temple here being built in the 8th century. India's first observatory founded in 1946, is also still standing here. It is a simple place and although at first sight it appears disheveled and unattended to, it houses over six thousand printed books on astronomy, medicine and philosophy. 

You really have to hear, see and smell the village to experience its fullness. Bicycles battle for the right of way with donkeys and cows in the narrow alleyways filled with tea stalls and shops selling spices, incense and woollens. It's a chance to return to life as it once was.

There are hundreds of kilometres of trails and footpaths that run parallel to the river. There are also many passageways that weave through the unbridled forest. 

With just three rooms and two eco-mud cottages, our place is an intimate container that blends modern amenities with artisanal craftsmanship. The space seamlessly blends into the natural surrounding of the area and brims with life from the overhead tree canopies to the magnificent colourful wildlife. There are numerous places both inside and out that provide comfort and solitude for reading, journaling, meditating or just relaxing. Our reading room has a small collection of some of the best sacred texts and contemporary narratives written on spiritual growth. There also exists an ancient shiva temple on the site that has been preserved. The pool is another special experience. Nestled amidst the mango grove, it overlooks the river and lies below a handcrafted waterfall that was built with rocks sourced from the Ganga's shoreline. There is a yoga shala on the property that also overlooks the river which makes a perfect backdrop for an uninterrupted practice.

In keeping with our core value of connection, we see eating together as a sacred event. There is a beautiful communal dining area where meals are served buffet style. This is a great time to meet and connect with fellow seekers. We use fresh, sustainably farmed ingredients that pay homage to local flavours and ancient traditions. Meals are inspired by age old recipes from this land and are all vegetarian.

With a deep commitment to the local community and the artisanal craftsmanship of India, our rooms are filled with traditional woven rugs, hand-carved furniture and cane wicker artefacts that all celebrate the unique culture of the Himalayas. All our toiletries have been made with natural ingredients, many are organically sourced and all are sustainably produced.

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Devprayag, Uttarakhand, India

Walk along the ancient footpaths steeped in history. Offer prayers at the confluence, stroll through the local traditional markets or explore one of the many hidden caves or shrines of the area. Whether you spend your day visiting a nearby ancient temple or stargazing from the oldest observatory in India; you will discover the mysteries of this magical land.

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Tucked in a small Himalayan village, amidst a mango and litchi grove and perched right above the mystical Alaknanda River- this is a place to hear the stirrings of the infinite universe.

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We have an onsite cook and care takers who ensure all your needs are taken care of.
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