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I love elnido cottage

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Simple cottage with

1 double Room, its simple but packed with an amazing experience awaits;
breakfast serve at MaXana restaurant


We also have our own boats to take you around the island, tours A B C & D. (All.our tours included lunch)

We also can arrange airport transit

We also provide motor rentals

All these extra facilities can be booked in advance to avoid disappointment in the day.

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El Nido, MIMAROPA, Philippines

The neighbourhood is actually the centre of the town. next to catholic church of el nido and just few minutes away to the bank and restaurants. The place is surrounded with shops, restaurant and bars.

#Tours and activities in El nido#

#Kuyawyaw falls
3 falls uphill and easy climb
PHP 250 entrance fee.
Try not to use flip flop

#Lio beach
Ideal for down time
Good restaurants
Calm sorrounding beaches
Shopping souvenirs

It's a little Buracay island
Good for swimming
Bar (mad monkey)
Sun bathing
Small restaurant canteen
Relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the island view and blue sea view
And of course a fresh coconut juice
Get to experience the touch of the locals and how laid back the island it self

#Duli beach
Good for surfing
Wild water but safe
Do be careful as the sea floor kind a drop suddenly.
Wear aqua shoes always. Plenty of sharp sharp stones all around.
Again you get to see a glimpse of the local's village as you pass by.
In here you get to see children walking to go to and from school or to the next village

#Tapik tapik
Towards elnido town or nacpan
2 hours drive from elnido town
The drive is very scenic
Every moment of your trip is such a breath taking to see such a stunning mountain and beaches soround the area.
During the drive you will get to see back Packers location, tents and glamping sites

#Maremegmeg beach
In las cabanas
Also called vanilla beach
Zip line PHP 600 2 minutes excitement
Maremegmeg beach resort and the bars along with it is also perfect for chillaxing
Try not to sit on the sun loungers and there's loads of mites or bugs.
Just bring a sarong or towels and lay it on the sandy floor
Perfect place for swimming
Please swim on the right hand side away from maremegmeg tree. It's very stoney beach front. So swim on the right side would be good
Wear aqua shoes if swimming on the left
Everyone goes here for the sunset
Please note 4pm must wear off lotion.

Canopy walk PHP 400pp
Dream catcher PHP 400pp
8 minutes walk
In town
It's great to take a picture to take away with you. Perfect picture taking. The pictures speak for it self on how beautiful elnido is.
Very Safe to climb as you will climb along the mountain with the scaffoldings. The scaffoldings is securing an easy and safe the climb.

#Taraw cliff
10 minutes walk
3 minutes tricycle
Mountain climbing
Rock climbing
Climb is always with a tour guide.
It's really worth doing the climb.
It allows you to forget anything around you as you focused on the climb.
Wear off lotion
Ideal to wear long sleeves and pants
Many mosquito encountered during the climb.
I do not advice if you are not physically and mentally fit. As this needs 100% focus during the climb

#Touring around the whole Island
Motor bikes
The island is circular and if ever get lost just ask if where elnido is.. the locals or anyone is just happy to advise you where to go

These are the familiar places
The towns
Tapik tapik

If you gone further and worried. Just ask where is the fastest route back to elnido
4 to 5 hours relaxing drive with a motor bikes
After 4pm you must always head home. Asnit gets dark pretty fast. It's pitch black I just matter of minutes. 6pm is already dark

Additional fees is
200 ETDF
200 Lagoon entrance
Tour A 1200 +ETDF+lagoon
Tour A & C
highly recommend
If ever you need anything call me on 09611801961
These are my services also if ever you need any help
Private island tour
Motor rentals
Car rental
Van rental
Airport transfer

10 minutes drive to the airport

We also have accomodation in Puerto princessa if ever you need these services

1 bedroom
2 bedroom
35 minutes to the airport (NAIA)
PHP 300 taxi or grab fare

Manila towards Baguio sagada banawi
Accommodation -
house 4 bedroom
Bedrooms are larger than usual with un suite bathroom each unit
With over looking to the endless view of rice fields and mountain views and breath taking green views.
Secluded gardens
Native chicken farming

This place is where you really mixed with the locals and eventually fade in with the locals. See and experience how it's like being with this amazing people who lives a simple and penny less life BUT .... YET HAPPY AND FULL OF LIFE. YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE SMILING FACES THAT GREETS YOU WHERE EVER YOU ARE.

in pangasinan
You will get to go to the mountains to meet the natives

Experience a different life style

See how different your life to their life.

Places to see and to.go

Zip line
Sun flower garden
Quad bikes

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Hi hi, My name is Liza and I'm from UK. I love beaches, water falls, mountain climbing and most of all swimming in the morning and enjoying the beauty of sun rising. Keeping my self fit and healthy is a must in order to enjoy life as we age away.
Hi hi, My name is Liza and I'm from UK. I love beaches, water falls, mountain climbing and most of all swimming in the morning and enjoying the beauty of sun rising. Keeping my sel…
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Im more than happy to assist you 24/7. If you have questions and services required I'm just phone call away or ask the reception

Please come to the reception if you need any assistance at anytime.

If you need help with any services like tours and getting around the town, please feel free to call or message me of come to the reception at the front of our travel and tours
Im more than happy to assist you 24/7. If you have questions and services required I'm just phone call away or ask the reception

Please come to the reception if you ne…
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