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New! Open! 千世(CHIYO) ☆ Mysterious Space ☆

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Following Villa Kamakura, a popular inn where reservations cannot be made in Sakanoshita, we have opened the only high-grade inn.
An elegant mansion that accepts only one group per day, where you can monopolize the ocean view of Yuigahama. A table made by Kobiki, who has only a few 2,000-year-old Yakusugi left in Japan, is now a guardian of the house, and is surrounded by calligrapher Rieko Kawabe. The book I wrote for is enclosed.

★ Space sterilization / removes 99.9% of virus by constant spraying of Diend water (natural sterilization solution) (maximum concentration level 6) Space sterilization with Kleberin / The latest antibacterial coating agent using titanium oxide has been applied / entered Thorough sterilization treatment before / complete with alcohol spray ★
The rooms are designed so that the wind from the sea can pass through from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor, and the partition is minimized to create a sense of unity in the space while making the best use of the characteristics of each place. I am. At the center of the architecture, Yakusugi is a space where you can feel the handicrafts of Japan, which is made by modeling and finishing natural objects such as stones, stones, bamboo, cypress, Japanese paper, and tatami mats.
At the entrance, Kurama stone shoes, which are characterized by their red rust color, are installed, which is very useful as a precious stone because high quality products are no longer produced on Mt. Kurama.
The bathtub is a luxurious bathtub made from Japanese cypress from Nagano prefecture, and is assembled from thick solid wood. It has a gentle touch that plastic does not have, and it is comfortable to sit in.

Yakusugi, 2000 years old
Yakusugi on Yakushima, which is a World Heritage Site, is located in the center of the room. Yakusugi has been banned from logging since 1993, and auctions have been banned since 2019, making it no longer available. This is what is said to have been fallen by a typhoon in the latter half of the Edo period, and was obtained by a famous old wood dealer at the last auction. There are only a few people left in Japan, and Kobiki is a traditional job that has excellent "eyes to read trees" to determine how to grind a large tree to get the most beautiful surface, and to perform the best lumbering for that tree. It took two days to grind it with a large saw (Oga / Oga).

Book in Jindai moji
The calligraphy and folding screen drawn around Yakusugi are written by calligrapher Rieko Kawabe. On the first floor, you can read the same waka poems from the top or the bottom, and it is said that your wishes will come true and you will be lucky. The Japanese poem "Nakakiyo and Ononefuri no Minamesame Naminori Fune no O", which was written in the Muromachi period when Japanese culture was finally brewed, is the sound of a wake-up boat on a long night. Tonoyoshi Kana) ”was written in Jindai moji.
For the folding screen on the second floor, "Chiyo" was written using bright blue and dark blue, which use the two expressions of the sea.

Audio equipment (R-Rive)
Reproduces the high-quality, wide-area rich natural sound called "high resolution sound source (high resolution)" recorded in 2015 at power spots in various parts of Japan for 24 hours 365 days a year in Chiyo's indoor space * Spatial sound The system. High resolution can be played back with high quality on a dedicated audio system, and it can be expected to fill the space where people spend more comfortably than conventional CD sound sources, distribution sound sources, and BGM systems. By spending time in the sounds of nature, you can expect to create an atmosphere that acts on the autonomic nerves and brain of the person and leads to communication and thinking while the person is more relaxed. The space of Chiyo, where R-LIVE is located, is filled with natural sounds of rich high-resolution quality that can be heard from nowhere, and is reborn as a comfortable space full of peace.

The sound changes according to the season.
--Aomori Prefecture Shirakami Mountains (3 / 1-5 / 31)
A power spot filled with the energy of a primitive forest, which is registered as a World Natural Heritage Site and has beech trees.
--Nara Prefecture Tenkawa Shrine (6 / 1-8 / 31)
A special shrine with tremendous power in the center of Yamato's three major sacred sites such as "Takano", "Yoshino" and "Kumano".
--Tenkawa Village, Nara Prefecture (9 / 1-11 / 30)
Registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" in 2004, it was the birthplace of Shugendo, which was opened by actors 1300 years ago, and is a sanctuary where many trainees still visit for training.
-Saitama Prefecture Naguri no Mori (12 / 1-2 / end)
A power spot that is said to have become a model for Ghibli's "Princess Mononoke" and "Shishigami no Mori".

* For example, if it is 15:00 on April 1, the sound recorded at Tenkawa Shrine at 15:00 on April 1, 2015 is reproduced.

Carbonated nano bubble cypress bath
Luxurious bathtub using Japanese cypress from Nagano Prefecture The hot water poured into the cypress bathtub, which is made of thick solid material and has a gentle touch that plastic does not have, is comfortable to sit in. It is injected and you can enjoy a carbonated bath. The carbonated nano bubble spring has a cleaning effect that firmly removes dirt from pores and unnecessary sebum, a moisturizing effect that moisturizes the skin and hair with fine fine bubbles, improves blood circulation like a natural hot spring, recovers from fatigue and has a high hot bath effect. There is.

Husler Nest of Switzerland has adopted the Futon element, which was developed according to the Japanese style of sleeping on a mattress. Simply lay it under the mattress to easily achieve your ideal sleeping posture, whether you are lying on your back or sideways. Wood springs and the natural latex that supports them. Its flexibility and elasticity keep your sleeping posture in an ideal state with an exquisite balance that does not sink your hips and shoulders and your waist.
The main mattress is made of horsehair mattress, which is the highest quality natural material and has the ultimate comfort in terms of elasticity, breathability, hygroscopicity, and moisture release, which are difficult to obtain.
The mattress prepared on the 2nd floor uses airweave, which firmly supports the entire body with 8 cm thick air fiber and realizes a comfortable sleep.

Shoe stone removal (Kutsunugiishi)
At present, Kurama stone, which is characterized by its red rust color, which is useful as a valuable stone material because high quality products are no longer produced at Mt. Kurama, is used for shoe removal at the entrance.

Bamboo floor
It was thought that the bamboo fence with a width of 4 cm, which is said to have been used for the bamboo fence of Kenninji Temple in Kyoto, was stretched on the floor so that you could spend the summer in Kamakura comfortably from your feet.

A modern tatami mat that does not use edges from the stairs on the first floor to the second floor, and uses a finely woven tatami mat called Meseki to make the corners of the rush with strong durability. doing.

Fukui Prefecture's traditional craft Echizen Japanese paper is made in the size of a tatami mat and applied to the entire interior of the room. It has the effect of relaxing by gently reflecting and absorbing sound.

In addition, on the porch of the first floor made of cypress, shoji fittings using domestic cedar with beautiful grain of white wood

Bath amenities
The bath amenities were created based on the concept of "Daicho Lemon," which was raised in the sun on the lower and upper islands of Hiroshima Prefecture, which is called "Neroli Island."
Lemon essential oil cultivated in the rich earth has a mellow and gentle scent with no unpleasant taste. Including such lemon essential oil, body wash contains plant extracts such as rosemary leaf extract and Roman chamomile flower extract that condition the skin, and shampoo conditioner contains macombu extract and rough skin that moisturize the skin and hair. Contains plant extracts such as Fuyubodaiju flower extract and Tokinsenka flower extract.

Capsule drink machine
We have a drink machine where you can enjoy not only authentic coffee but also various flavors such as black tea, green tea, and Chinese tea.

Water server
We have a water machine that allows you to freely use delicious water at various temperatures.

Steam Toaster (Balmuda)
We have introduced the moving toaster "BALMUDA" that realizes the best aroma and texture with steam technology and perfect temperature control. There are many delicious bakeries in Kamakura. Please enjoy the moving taste with this toaster.

+++++++++ Other amenities / equipment +++++++++++

The following items are provided.
--Indoor wear
--Face towel and bath towel (1 per person)
--Toothbrush / Cotton / Brush / Shower cap / Body towel / Leather
--Shampoo / Rinse / Body Soap / Cleansing / All-in-one
- Hand towel
--Toilet supplies
- Hair Dryer
- hair iron
--Drum type washing machine with drying function
- laundry pole
- clothes hanger
-Refrigerator / freezer
--Shower room and toilet with washlet
--Air conditioning
--Iron & ironing board
--Blu-ray & DVD player
--Projector (Android TV)
--Projector screen (100 inch / 120 inch)
--Sewing kit
--Beach towel (summer only)

+++++++++++++++ Bedding ++++++++++++++++++

--Two permanent single beds
――6 foldable single beds
--Two horsehair mats
--6 airweave mattresses
--8 comforters
――10 pillows

++++++++++++++ Cookware ++++++++++++++++

--1 microwave oven
--4 gas stoves
--1 toaster
--One rice cooker
--One capsule coffee maker
--One cold / hot water server
――One kitchen knife
-1 bread knife
-1 fruit knife
-1 peeler
-1 cutting board
-1 kitchen scissors
-28cm deep frying pan 1
-One-handed pan 18cm glass pan with lid 1 piece
-Two-handed pan 20cm glass pan with lid 1 piece
-Copper one-handed Bose pot 15cm
-Clay pot No. 8 for 2 people 1 piece
-1 can opener / bottle opener
-1 wine opener
-1 sommelier knife
-1 cooking spoon
-1 ladle
-1 turner
-1 tongs
-Remove lye
-One silicone rubber spatula
-Ball (17/18 / 24cm) 1 each
-Stainless steel colander (22.5 cm) 1 piece
-1 measuring spoon
-Saran Wrap
-Aluminum foil

-8 water glasses
-8 beer glasses
-8 cups and saucers
-8 champagne glasses
-8 white wine glasses
-8 red wine glasses
-10 cups

-10 bowls
-10 bowls
-10 noodle plates
-18 cm flat bowl 10 pieces
-22 cm square plate 10 pieces
-1 Kyusu
-10 double plates

-Chopsticks 8 sets
-8 knives
-8 forks
-8 spoons
-8 soup spoons
-8 teaspoons
-8 Tifolks
-1 butter spreader

-Salad oil
-Soy sauce
-Olive oil

* Other seasonings can be procured at a 24-hour convenience store, which is a 5-minute walk away.

Ezinye izinto ekufuneka uziqaphele
++++++++++++++ Package ++++++++++++++++

We do not accept delivery at the property because there is no space for unmanned luggage storage. If you would like to deliver something, please contact us first.

++++++++++++++ About equipment +++++++++++++++
The property has an approach from the parking lot to the entrance and stairs to the 2nd floor in the building, and no elevator is installed. In particular, the interior is designed with an emphasis on design, and although there are handrails, the slope is a little steep. We kindly ask for your understanding in advance that there are some inconveniences and inconveniences. We are sorry but this property is not suitable for those who have difficulty using the stairs or who need consideration.

++++++++++++++ About parking lots +++++++++++++++
There is a parking lot for small vehicles on the premises. In the case of an ordinary vehicle, it will not fit in the parking space and part of it will stick out on the road. In addition, although it is a living road in front of the property, it is judged that there is no obstacle to the traffic of other cars on the living road even when using the parking lot. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that technology is required, such as adjusting the width when parking, and that there is a high possibility that the space will not fit in a regular car. There are multiple parking lots (municipal, etc.) nearby. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will guide you.
In addition, we are not responsible for any accidents such as accidents when using the parking lot or damage to the car. Thank you for your understanding.

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I-Hotels and Inns Business Act | 神奈川県鎌倉保健所 | 第020203号
Following Villa Kamakura, a popular inn where reservations cannot be made in Sakanoshita, we have opened the only high-grade inn.
An elegant mansion that accepts only one group per day, where you can monopolize the ocean view of Yuigahama. A table made by Kobiki, who has only a few 2,000-year-old Yakusugi left in Japan, is now a guardian of the house, and is surrounded by calligrapher Rieko Kawabe. The book I wr…
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Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Umbuki zindwendwe ngu- Toshi

Ujoyine nge- 2017 July
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鎌倉で『暮らすような旅』を叶えていただきたく、『理想の我が家で寛げる』宿を目指してしています。直接私達がおもてなしするスタイルではありませんが、海の見える鎌倉らしい地で、ご不自由なく鎌倉ライフを満喫していただけるよう24時間365日4カ国語でのオンラインメッセージサポート、最新のテクノロジーを駆使し、清潔且つ充実した設備でワンランク上の民泊体験をご提供しています。 Here in Kamakura, we aim to fulfill your "lifelike journey" and provide a home away from home experience. To achieve this aim, we have a home automation system, clean and complete facilities and up to date devices. Also, the house is located where you can see the beautiful view of the sea. We may not be physically there but we are just a message away. We provide online mail support in four languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) 24/7 to help you with your inquiries. 在镰仓,我们的目标是完成您的“生动的旅程”,并提供一个户外的体验。为了实现这一目标,我们有一个的家庭自动化系统,清洁和完善的设施和最新的设备。 另外,这所房子你可以看到美丽的海景。 我们可能不在那里,但我们提供信息交流。 我们提供四种语言(日语、英语、中文和韩语)的24/7在线邮件支持,帮助您进行查询。 가마쿠라에서『 머무는 여행 』을 즐기실 수 있는『 이상적인 내 집과 같은 공간에서 편히 쉬다 갈 수 있는 』 숙소를 목표로 하고 있습니다. 셀프체크인으로 제가 직접 맞이하여 응대해 드리는 방식은 아닙니다만, 진정한 가마쿠라를 체험하실 수 있는 바다가 보이는 장소에서, 불편함 없이 가마쿠라 라이프를 만끽하실 수 있도록 365일 24시간 4개국어 온 (Hidden by Airbnb) 메시지 서비스를 지원하고 있습니다. 또한 깨끗하고 알찬 최신 설비로 한 단계 위의 숙박환경을 제공해 드리고 있습니다.
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UToshi yi-Superhost
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  • Inombolo yomthetho: I-Hotels and Inns Business Act | 神奈川県鎌倉保健所 | 第020203号
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