Upstate Offgrid Scandinavian Inspired Cabin


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Camp Ervay is an off-grid cabin on a 5 acre site surrounded 11,000+ acres of forested state land with access to the Finger Lakes Trail. Our tiny cabin offers a queen sized bed, kitchenette with a two burner propane stove top, folding table and chairs for dining or playing games, rocking chair and a waterless (composting) toilet. Outside you will find a propane powered refrigerator, firepit, chairs, and picnic table. The most unique feature of this cabin is the rooftop observation deck!

The Cabin :
The cabin is a 12x16 single room setup with a small toilet room. The cabin is well insulated and outfitted with a combination of modern and vintage finds some of which have been kept mostly original and others we have modernized to fit the décor. We’ve tried to keep the cabin simple as a reflection of how we’d like you to enjoy your time here. Simply. Relax. Slow down. Forget the busy world you left for a day or two and reconnect with your loved one and enjoy some time in the outdoors!

To help maintain the beauty and quality of the wood indoors we ask that you try to minimize your use of shoes inside and sweep/ wipe up dirt and mud as needed. Any spills on the counters, bedside tables and dining table are also best cleaned immediately so stains are not left behind. Cleaning supplies are provided under the sink for your convenience. Please wash your dishes after use. Please use coasters on the bedside tables.

The floors can be chilly so we recommend bringing some indoor footwear or warm socks while lounging inside.

We are off-grid so power is limited. We provide a Goal Zero Yeti 400 which is a solar charged lithium-ion battery bank for keeping your devices charged. Its capabilities are limited to small electronics such as your phone, laptop, CPAP machines etc. It will not operate a blow dryer or other high wattage electronics, (Please do not attempt). Due to its limited capacity it is best to reserve the lighting for use at night only. There is a 100 watt solar panel that can be used with the Goal Zero so if you find yourself hanging out on a sunny day feel free to set it up outside and make some power!

We also have a separate dedicated solar setup for the water.

The Jotul 602 woodstove is the primary heat source with wood provided. If you are unfamiliar with woodstove operation or aren’t comfortable with them we also provide a Mr. Buddy propane heater. The Mr. Buddy takes two 1lb. propane canisters and offers a quick and easy way to keep warm. You will need to purchase your own propane cylinders for use. They are sold at Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor Supply, Walmart and Target. They are sold in a twin pack. Two cylinders will burn on low for up to 11 hours and approx. 6 hours on high. Do not throw out used/empty propane cylinders. They are to be taken with you and recycled appropriately.

First. Don’t panic! We realize that this might be the first time for many of you using a “composting” or more appropriately termed waterless toilet, but we promise after you’re first time it’s not that scary. Ours is a diverting toilet by Sunmar. It has 2 chambers- one for solids and one for liquids. You must sit for either task, so get comfortable.
The solids chamber is pre-primed with peat moss, after use sprinkle a scoop or two of additional peat on top to cover waste and toilet paper and you’re all set. Please only put toilet paper in solids bin. For any other waste please use the provided trash can.
For the liquids bin we have a spray bottle of white vinegar and water that can be spritzed around the drain and that’s it. If you’re stay is greater than two days it’s possible that the liquids chamber will need to be dumped. It holds 2 gallons and should be checked on day two. To do that just lift the seat off the toilet and you will see the plastic tote in front with a handle. Lift it straight up and take it outside to dump in the weeds. Preferably a little away from the cabin. Then you can spritz it with a little bit of the vinegar spray and place it back in and reset the toilet seat on top.

We provide 1 gallon of drinking water per stay. If you think you will require more, please plan to bring your own.

During the summer and fall months, water for hand washing and dishes is available for use inside the cabin by way of a solar powered pump. During the winter months, the water is disconnected due to freezing temperatures. 5 gallons of well water is provided during the winter months for the purpose of hand washing and dishes.

Indoors there is a 2 burner cooktop. This is an RV style cooktop but works just like your one at home except you have to push the ignitor button to light it. If after a couple of tries it doesn’t light, turn the knob off wait a few seconds and try again. We’ve provided a lighter as well.
Outside is a grate for cooking over a fire. If you’ve never tried it we highly recommend giving it a try. Yes, it takes a little longer but that’s the point. Slow down. You’ll want to have a nice bed of coals piled up under the grate. You can place food directly on it or use tin foil or cook with a pan. Bacon or eggs? Sautéed Veggies? Burgers? Steaks? Whatever you prefer we don’t think you’ll regret it!
If you have your own cast iron feel free to bring it! Otherwise please only use the camp ware (provided in the mesh bag) for over the fire cooking.

We offer complimentary coffee in both caffeinated and decaf. Two brewing options are provided- A French Press and a Chemex Pour over. Both are sized to make 2 good sized cups at once. Both take a little time. Slow down, remember? Both make great cups of coffee.

The Fridge:
The fridge is propane powered and is required to be located outside for venting purposes, but hey it’s still better than dealing with a cooler of ice and wet food!

Last but not least! After all this is one of the main reasons we hope you're here- to spend some time in nature! You will have full use of our 5 acres which consists of mowed areas, wooded areas, a small meadow area (great for outdoor games) and a small pond (in progress) but beyond our boundaries lies a forested nature to your heart's content. The finger lakes trail passes nearby as does the "Bob Cameron Loop". Many people visit the Connecticut Hill area for it's recreational activities. Hiking, mountain biking, bird watching, hunting, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and more. There is plenty to do all year round!

Connecticut Hill Wildlife Game Management Area:
Be aware that "Connecticut Hill" is a large area of all dirt roads and gets remote. Most roads do not have road signs and some are unnamed. Even locals get lost. Always make sure your GPS is working if you plan on adventuring deeper into the area. In winter months many of the roads are seasonal and are therefore not plowed or maintained. It is not recommended that you travel on those roads during that time of year. If you choose to Four-Wheel Drive is a must!

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Newfield, New York, United States

The Cabin is located near the highest point in Tompkins county ensuring you get fully immersed in nature, yet is just minutes from downtown Ithaca, Cayuga Lake, Treman State Park, Buttermilk State Park, Taughannock State Park and Watkins Glen State Park. We are located in the heart of finger lakes wine region which now includes many cideries, breweries and some distilleries. Additonally, our site is home to some interesting local history- in 1855 the "Ervay Quads" were born here. The old stone foundation is just outside the kitchen window along with the original hand dug well! The quads spent some time with P.T. Barnum in NYC.

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We are available by phone through out the duration of your stay and our main house is just a 10 minute drive away should you need us to stop by for any reason.

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