Basic AC Room In Kumarakom, 80 Meters From Lake.


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Kumarakom, Kerala, Basic AC Room with 100 Sq. Feet each, for 2 Persons, Rooms are just 80 meters away from Lake Vembanad. Each Room has Ac, Fan, Cable TV, and attached bathroom with running hot and cold water, Porch with chairs & teapoy, facing the parking area or footpath.

Good For Relaxation & Long Stay also experience Lake Vembanad & Sunset.

Facilities: Restaurant, Barbecue, Walkers Path, Organic Farm, Lake Vembanad & Sunset.

We provide cruising in Houseboat, Shikara & Speedboat.

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Kumarakom, Kerala, India


This Property is within one and a half acres of Land in Kumarakom, Kottayam Dist, Kerala State. The western side of the property is facing, fascinating Lake Vembanad which is the main attraction of this property and also Kumarakom, the maximum length and the breadth of the lake is visible from the lakeside of Kumarakom only, as the Arabian Sea is on the west of Kumarakom. There is always a very good breeze and waves in the lake, which is more on the Kumarakom side than other places. You can experience the beautiful Sun Set from Kumarakom. The morning on the Kumarakom Lakeside is very pleasant, as the trees on the lakeside provide very good shade and also the breeze from the southeast or the northeast, and in the evening we will enjoy the sun from the west because of the breeze from the west and the fascinating waves on the Kumarakom lakeside. Always the temperature on the lakeside will be 2 to 5 degrees lesser than most of the other places. Lakeside of Kumarakom is having pollution-free fresh air and there is more oxygen in the air, therefore when you stay on the lakeside cottage you will be more refreshed and energetic, moreover, Yoga will be more effective from the lakeside cottages by concentrating at the Sun Set.

Kumarakom is soothing and enjoyable, Experience, Beautiful Vembanad Lake, Houseboats, Shikara Boats, Sunset, Unique fishing method namely Vellavali, Village life and Responsible Tourism Activities in Kumarakom. Kumarakom is well known for its backwaters, three sides of Kumarakom are surrounded by Lake Vembanad, and also Meenachil river is flowing through Kumarakom to Vembanad Lake. Lobsters and Pearl Spot Fish ( Karimeen) from Vembanad Lake are very tasty.

Backwater cruising in House Boats, Motor Boats, Speed Boats, and Country Boats are unique experiences in Kumarakom. Ferry Service to Muhamma, Visit to Birds Sanctuary, Sightseeing in Kumarakom, boat trip to Pathiramanal are different experiences. Kumarakom is Well connected by Roads, from Kottayam, Alappuzha, Vaikom, Ernakulam/Kochi, and also by water transportation. There is direct access to Alappuzha by water and road. Agricultural Research Centre, three very famous Boat Clubs, three famous Boat Races in and around Kumarakom are other attractions.
Sight Seeing From The Lake Side of Kumarakom.

Beautiful Sunsets can be experienced from the lakeside of Kumarakom, Watch the houseboats, motorboats, speed boats, country boats and fishermen’s boats sail past. Unique scenery, throughout the day, and also the breeze and the waves of the beautiful lake. Joyous sights of the sunset, stars, moonset. Watch the beautiful sight of the lights and fireworks on the western side of the lake and the stars in the sky during the night. Enjoy the rainy season by experiencing the rain coming from far away and also the breeze and the waves of the lake, nature’s live sound and light show of thunder and lightning at night. Vellavaley–fishermen catching the pearl spot fish by the bare hand.

Pathiramanal Island ( Midnight Land )

Pathiramanal is a beautiful island in Vembanad Lake it lies on the border of Kumarakom. There is only 30 minutes journey in a Motor Boat and only 10 minutes journey by a Speed boat from Kumarakom to Pathiremanal, and from Alappuzha, it will take more than 2 hours to reach Pathiramanal by motorboat and 45 minutes in a speed boat. The Island originally was having 68 Hectares (168 Acres), There is a legendary story regarding the creation of this island, One famous Brahmin who possessed supernatural powers was traveling through Vembanad lake in a country Boat. During the trip, the Brahmin wanted to pass urine, but passing urine in the lake water was considered a sin. So with his supernatural power, he created an island called pathiramanal ( Midnight- sand) in the lake. The undisturbed atmosphere of the island provides the favored breeding ground for various Birds. This island has its own unique flora with rare plants like crocodile apple, various climbers, mangroves, medicinal plants, etc.

Kumarakom Birds Sanctuary

There are 180 species of birds are found in the Kumarakom bird sanctuary, the story of the bird sanctuary begins in the year 1847 when Mr Alfred George Baker started developing a vast area of Vembanad Lakeshore at Kumarakom. He planted Mangrove bushes and created a green belt on the lakeshore to protect his land and crops..He also kept an area of about ten acres of land with mangroves to accommodate local as well as migratory birds coming from far-off regions. No one was allowed to enter the area to disturb the birds. A permanent Bird sanctuary was thus formed which may be the first of its kind in the country. Later construction works of Resorts and Hotels over these areas disturbed the birds. Now the trees in front of the Taj hotel, KTDC entrance, and the forest Office are the breeding area of Darters, Little Cormorants, Indian shags, and Pond Herons.

Thanneermukkham Salt Water Barrage

This is only 12 kms. away from Kumarakom by road, and it is on the northwest of Kumarakom, only 15 minutes in a Speed Boat, one and half hour in a Houseboat or in a Motor Boat. Its length is 1400 meters and has 93 shutters. These shutters were fitted to control the entry of saline water from the Arabian Sea to the southern part of the barrage to facilitate two crops of paddy in a year. The original decision was to keep the shutters of the barrier open for the period from 31st March to 15th December (9 months) every year after the harvest of the Punja crop. The major objective of this project was to prevent the intrusion of salinity to the lake Vembanad during summer to enable a second paddy crop every year.Mr John Abraham Illikkakam wrote in Malayalam Manorama daily articles, vehemently criticising the project. He said that the project would upset the balance of nature and prevent tidal flow causing water pollution and health problems.

Fish Sanctuary

The northeastern side of the lake Vembanad near to the bird sanctuary, in Kumarakom, a protected fish sanctuary for pearl spot fish ( Karimeen),(Etroplus suratensis)the first of its kind in India, was established in Open Vembanad Lake, on an experimental basis. A variety of nest and reef substrates were deposited on the floor of the lake to provide artificial nesting surfaces for karimeen. Half split coconut shells, large boulders of laterite blocks, specially designed cement concrete tetrapods, and piles of coconut trees were used as part and reefs simulating breeding habitats for fish in this open lake sanctuary. But now it is not maintained.

Driftwood Museum

Bay Island Driftwood Museum, which is on the northern side of Kumarakom and close to Birds sanctuary, is a thrilling experience for the explorers, since 2001. It is owned, designed, established, and operated by a woman artist, a retired school teacher Smt.Raji.Punnoose. It displays a beautiful blend of nature’s creativity and rarely seen objects. She painstakingly recovered these rare objects from the Andaman Seas, The artifacts created and sustained by the sea waves for millennia weighing many tons big and small collected improvised are exhibited over here. The Government of Kerala awarded its prestigious most innovative tourism project award in 2004. The museum provides a unique learning experience of immense natural heritage and scientific value. These are wonderful pieces of art of Mother Nature, collected while floating on the shores in the Bay of Bengal near Andaman & Nicobar Islands, aged millions of years, seasoned in the ocean for centuries and molded as sculptures through hydrodynamic processes by the sea waves.

Regional Agricultural Research Station, Kumarakom

The Coconut Research Station, Kumarakom was established in the year 1947 to cater to the research needs of coconut in the reclaimed alluvial soils of Kuttanad. 24 hectares of land required for establishing the station was obtained from the R.B.A. Baker. This was upgraded to the status of a Regional Agricultural Research Station in 1982. The total geographical area of the farm attached to the RARS is 45 hectares’.

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We hail from an Ancient Christian Family in Kumarakom, Iam a B.Com graduate from Kerala University and had the LL.B., Degree from Bombay University, worked at Bombay, Sultanate of Oman & in Kuwait. My experiences in and outside India was the driving force for starting up the hospitality business in our own property, 1.5 acres of our ancestral land, on the bank of the famous Vembanad Lake at Kumarakom, Kerala, India around 21 years back. We were the first and the only local family to start and maintain the hospitality business (Tourism Industry) in Kumarakom. My wife Susan looks after the reservation and also the management Illikkalam Lakeside cottages. We are mainly focusing for the relaxation of the guest, safe, tasty, fresh food and beverages with basic amenities such as few recreations,fishing facilities etc.. This is the most economical property on the side of the lake at Kumarakom.
We hail from an Ancient Christian Family in Kumarakom, Iam a B.Com graduate from Kerala University and had the LL.B., Degree from Bombay University, worked at Bombay, Sultanate of…

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