A Restful Garden Retreat: 20min to ATL


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Quiet, Cozy, Organic
This cozy A-Frame cabin nestled in a lovely ecological garden, is just the minimalist romantic staycation you’ve been looking for. Though only 20 mins away from the city of Atlanta, The unique A-frame structure, double hammocks and outdoor living area (artfully curated with a fire pit and solar fairy lights), make this a truly unique and relaxing break away from our busy lives. An experience sure to please nature enthusiasts, adventurous travelers and city dwellers alike.

Those needing many details please read further below. But for the few that are in a hurry, these are some key points to know! :)

The A-Frame features:
A very comfortable queen bed (perfect size for two) that is dressed with cozy linens that are certified to have been made without any harmful chemicals or softening synthetics.
Reading and writing materials, if your creative juices are flowing.
A kitchen cart with portable burner and kettle for preparing teas and coffee.
A small bistro table to enjoy breakfast and other lighter arrangements.
A wrap around deck for sitting and capturing a variety of garden views.
Two comfortable adjacent hammocks shaded by lush garden greenery for relaxing conversation, reading or rest.
A fire pit area
Candles and twinkling string lights to set a relaxing ambiance, coupled with essential oils to ensure a peaceful nights rest.
Quite the couples retreat.
Please feel free to bring anything else you may need to make your stay on our homestead more homey and pleasant for you.

Think camping, but with homestyle benefits😊

One of the best aspects of this property is that it allows you the opportunity to experience true off-grid living without sacrificing many of the comforts of normal life. Air, Natural lighting, and Rainwater catchment are the 3 important principles that have been integrated into the Farmstay design, making it easy to feel connected to nature, not apart from it.

The beauty of The A-Frame is in the details. I spent the better part of 4 months personally constructing the building, as well as decorating both the inside and out. My goal was to create a customized and secluded space for your restful occasion that felt personal and deliberate. The window curtain, candles placement, hanging lights, tin roof, platform bed, and benches were all DIY projects that I specifically created to enhance your experience.


As inviting as the The A-Frame is, there are inevitable 'challenges' that come with staying in an off-grid environment. My goal is for you to enjoy nature in a deliberately slow, authentic and yet comfortable way, and in order for you to fully do so, you should be aware of the following things:

The water used throughout the cabins are harvested from the rain falling on the roof and surrounding containers, it is not treated; therefore, the water is not potable. If needed, I will gladly provide you with fresh drinking water during your stay.

The power used to control the string and path lights are generated by sunlight and is stored in a battery. Once the battery runs out of power it has to recharge. If it is overcast and or rainy for an extended period of time (though this doesn't usually happen) the lights may not have enough power to run and remain off. But, the windows allow for plenty of light during the day and the firepit and candles make for a perfect ambiance during the evening.

Both the shower and toilet are off grid facilities......We utilize a compost toilet in the bathroom and harvest rainwater for a relaxing natural shower. Both facilities were ecologically designed with nature in mind, in an effort to curb our contributions to the current environmentally destructive sanitation practices. At Vesta Brook Acres we convert all "waste" into beneficial amendments that aid us in our attempts to regenerate the land.

As a southern state, Georgia is hot and humid during summer months, so one should always expect some showers! Realize that though it can be quite inconvenient, the rain is greatly utilized on this land, not merely for your shower, sink and handwashing station, but is vital for the entire garden ecosystem. Notice how naturally warm it is. Try not to think of rain as a trip ruiner but instead an asset to be enjoyed!

Yes There are bugs, but luckily this isn't the Amazon. In fact, for such a subtropical climate you will be surprised at how few bugs there actually are. Quite frankly, for the sake of the garden ecosystem i wish there were more. that being said, the main things you may see during your stay are bees, fruit flies (due to rotting vegetation) wasps, ants, butterflies and mosquitoes. Bug repellent can be provided, but it never hurts to bring your own, especially if you are allergic and/or prefer a specific brand. Mosquitoes can be quite the nuisance in the south , but luckily, the cabins have mosquito netting that drapes down to protect you while inside sleeping.

Living off-grid in a suburban ecological garden surrounded by unkempt nature brings about its own set of noises. At night you can be serenaded by the sweet sound of frogs, cicadas, crickets, grasshoppers, and katydids. Rustling and crackling branches usually mean the owls and or other nocturnal wildlife (raccoons, etc) are actively looking for their daily meal. They are harmless and will runoff as soon as they sense your presence, or see and hear any startling sounds or lights. If you are quiet and lucky, you may catch a casual glimpse of a beautiful owl near your cabin!

All of these aspects and more are what makes this place so unique and, with the right mindset, they’ll only enhance your overall experience.

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Morrow, Georgia, United States

Safe, quiet and established suburban community.

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I am a first generational organic grower, who centers my ecological work around exploiting all of my acquired stewardship knowledge, to inspire, educate, and empower all, on the importance of sustainable food systems for healthy healing lifestyles.
I am a first generational organic grower, who centers my ecological work around exploiting all of my acquired stewardship knowledge, to inspire, educate, and empower all, on the im…

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I spend most all my time gardening and/or reading, so feel free to socialize with me anytime you see me around . Outside of that, I will respect your privacy and not interfere with your stay.

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